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NWA Powerrr Ep. 17

A new NWA Powerrr intro song kicks off episode 17 of NWA Powerrr and then we get the LIVE shot of another hot crowd at the GPB Studios.

Joe Galli welcomes us all to the show and then calls out Tim Storm. “Mama Storm” chants bellow through the GPB Studios. Galli informs the crowd that next week Storm has a match verse Thomas Latimer. Tim Storm cuts a passionate promo about how he still wants to be considered for a title shot in the heavyweight division. Storm goes on to say “If you're goal is to prove yourself, you have to prove yourself against the best. Tom Latimer is a machine, and I asked for this match."

Galli then goes on to confront Storm about the rumors of him retiring. Storm shoots down these rumors by stating he values every second he gets to compete in the ring in front of his family, the fans.

Latimer comes out and reminds Storm that he will never get another world title match because of the stipulation he made with Aldis. Latimer continues to put down Storm & then Joe Galli says that “Momma Storm” is here, but it is just some stooge pretending to be “Momma Storm”. This segment ends with Storm walking out disrespected.

Matt Cross versus Caleb Konley

Ricky Starks joins Stu Bennett and Joe Galli on commentary or the Matt Cross verse Caleb Konley match. Both wrestlers are shot out of a canon and are getting to show off their ability. Bennett and Starks are both putting over the athletic ability of Cross and Konley. Cross gets the first upper hand by the way of a head scissor and corner elbow strike. After a near fall, Konley hits Cross with an enziguri, followed up by a running basement dropkick.

Konley tries to slow the match down by locking Cross in a submission. Konley hits Cross with a 1-2 punch of a leg sweep and a senton. After another near fall, Cross hits Konley with an aggressive lariat and then another. The next combinations of moves are high paced and intense. Cross lands a handspring back elbow and then a cross body. Konley fights back with school boy-super kick transition. Another near fall by Konley after a DDT. Konley goes for a discus elbow, but Cross reverses it and hits a cutter. Cross heads to the top rope & hits a beautiful shooting star press.

1-2-3. Cross wins by pin fall.

Aldis/Scurll closed door meeting

We get a video package of the closed door meeting between Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll. Aldis says that if Marty has to refund everyone in the crowd if he loses to Aldis at the Crockett Cup.

Now we see a video of Aldis saying that he has not gotten a response from Marty and he wonders why. He is wondering if Marty is doubting himself. Aldis does not say Marty has to accept the challenge, he can come back with a counter offer. Aldis says he wants an answer from Marty at ROH’s Free Enterprise in Baltimore on 2.9.

Video Package on Eddie Kingston/Pope

After a video package of Eddie Kingston’s history with Pope, we see Pope and the Dawsons at the interview desk with Dave Marquez. Pope says that the Dawsons capitalized on an opportunity, which is more than Kingston & Homicide did when Pope got them a tag title match. Pope goes on to bash both Kingston and Homicide.

Eddie Kingston comes out saying he came to the GBP studios today ready for a street fight, but instead was going to be a good boy. Kingston cut a passionate promo about homicide. He said "That man build New York City. He made stars." Kingston goes on to say that if it was not for Homicide, he would have killed himself. Then Kingston brings out two men to help him verse the Dawsons & Pope. These two men are the Bouncers from Ring of Honor, they clear out the Dawsons and Kingston is starts calling the Pope into the ring. Pope and the Dawsons leave to a showering of boos.

May Valentine’s Diary

May Valentine is done like a YouTube VLOG. She talks about Royce Isaacs being the love of her life, how she is too busy for just about everything & reminds us that Royce has been losing matches, but he is actually quite sensitive.

Trevor Murdoch v. Aron Stevens for the NWA National Championship

Murdoch gets Shooter Stevens in a headlock after a tie-up, but Stevens fights back. Stevens continues to come at Murdoch, but his drilled with a right hand. Both wrestlers try to feel each other out again. Murdoch hits Stevens with not 1, not 2, but 3 hard body slams. Stevens rolls to the outside and tries to get away, but Murdoch is quick to follow. Question Mark tries to get involved and protect Stevens. No contact his made by the Question Mark, but the referee ejects the Question Mark from ringside.

The ejection of the Question Mark causes enough of a distraction to allow Stevens to hit a baseball slide and then mash Murdoch’s head off the apron.

Murdoch keeps coming at Stevens, but is continually thrown out of the ring in one way or another. The best part of this match is Stevens keeps calling for the time. He keeps asking to know how much time is left in the match. Stevens unloads a flurry of punches onto Murdoch and then hits him with a senton. Stevens goes for the cover, but Murdoch is able to get a shoulder up.

After another round of Stevens throwing Murdoch out of the ring, David Marquez says there is only two minutes remaining in the match. Murdoch is fired up by this news and hits Stevens with two lariats & follows those up with ten punches to the face. Murdoch goes for the cover after a full-nelson slam, but Stevens kicks out and pokes Murdoch in the eye. Murdoch locks in a sleeper, Stevens fights out and hits a big boot, but it is too late. Time is up.  Murdoch hits his finisher and pins Stevens anyways.

Match ends in a time-limit draw. And still the NWA National Champion, Aaron Stevens.

Zicky Dice Challenge

We see a video of Zicky Dice challenge the viewers to subscribe to the NWA. He says that if the NWA gets 100,000 more subscribers, he will do something outlandish.

Two-Minute Update with Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney, the newest member of the NWA broadcast team, informs us about the Lucky 7 title rule for Ricky Starks & that Melina has gone to NWA officials & has declared herself the next contender for the women’s title.

James Storm/Eli Drake v. Jocephus/Mims

A great reaction for Storm and Drake as they take on the newly re-instated Jocephus and Mims. Storm and Drake are controlling the onset of the match by means of some great tandem offense. Mims finally gets tagged in and has his head almost taken off by a lariat. After some offense by Mims, Drake hits his signature elbow drop & tags in Storm for their finisher.

1-2-3 James Storm/Eli Drake win by pin fall.

Thunder Rosa v. Allysin Kay for the NWA Women’s Championship

Hold for hold at the start of the match. Each lady trying to get the upper hand on the other. Rosa & Kay trade waist locks. Kay uses her power to her advantage, but Rosa breaks free. Both women show off their ground game. Rosa eventually gets a cross face locked in, but Kay fights her way out of it.

Both ladies are back on their feet and are trash talking each other. Rosa & Kay start shoving each other’s face, with Rosa getting the first upper hand by landing a snap mare and a PK. The same spot is repeated, but with Kay getting the upper hand. After a near fall by Kay, Rosa regroups on the outside. 

Rosa uses the rope to hit an arm breaker to get back into the ring. Rosa starts to shift her focus to Kay’s arm, just like she did at Hard Times. Rosa gets Kay in the corner and unleashes some Undertaker style strikes, first with her fists and then with her feet. Kay gets out of the corner with an up kick and lands an echoing chop.

Rosa gets Kay in a Fuji Arm Bar after a counter & then transitions into another submission, bending the arms back. Kay looks to be in a lot of pain. She manages to hang on long enough to get a foot on the rope. Both wrestlers get to their feet trade running forearms. “The match is turning into a demolition derby”-Joe Galli.

Rosa and Kay exchange a flurry of punches in the middle of the ring and tire each other out, but then both of them come back with another flurry of punches. Both wrestlers go for a running boot and knock each other down. GBP studios is full hot right now.

After a Kay goes to attack Rosa in the corner, but Rosa escapes and hit double-knees to the chest of Kay. Marti Belle makes her way to ringside. Kay and Rosa look confused and do not want Marti there. Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox come out now to even the sides. Belle goes over to sit by Melina, while Vox & Steelz stand at the other side of Joe Galli. All of this distraction leads to Rosa trying to roll up Kay for the win. Kay kicks out and hits a running knee, which is followed up by a jackhammer. Kay goes for another move, but Rosa reverses it into a stunner. Rosa pops up and hits Kay with a release German suplex. Kay gets up. Rosa hits a Gory special & Kay gets up. Rosa now executes a Tommy Dreamer Death Valley Driver, but Kay gets back up. Rosa catches Kay with a school boy and leans back for extra leverage.

1-2-3 And still your NWA Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa

Crowd chants “you don’t need them!” as Rosa heads backstage looking mad at both Melina and Marti Belle.

Until Next Week.

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