Sunday Afternoon News Update (5/3) - WrestleMania 36 Does Huge Numbers in India, The Revival Reveal Where They Got Inspiration For New Names and Marty Scurll Talks ROH Booking Strategy

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Here to bring you all of the news you may have missed, earlier today in the world of Pro Wrestling, here is your Sunday afternoon update from WNW!

- When speaking with Indian media company, Hindustan Times, WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre revealed that WrestleMania 36 was watched by over 25 million people in India. McIntyre would delve into how globally enormous the WWE is and you can check out the full interview, below!

- When asked by a fan, last night, Cash Wheeler (formerly Dash Wilder of The Revival) if their name was a homage to legendary WWF tag-team, Demolition, Cash responded with the following...

- It's been confirmed to WNW that newly minted ROH Head Booker, Marty Scurll said that if it makes creative sense, he'll book himself to be ROH World Champion.

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