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Happy Wednesday as tonight is the go home show for AEW Revolution but before that takes place here is some quick headlines.

Here is today’s daily news:

The real reason for Samoa Joe relinquishing the NXT Championship:

At NXT TakeOver 36 last year during SummerSlam weekend former WWE superstar Samoa Joe defeated former WWE star Karrion Kross to win the NXT Championship. Shortly after his win WWE decided to rebrand NXT into NXT 2.0.

Right before the rebranding became official Samoa Joe announced that he had to relinquish the NXT Title. He told fans in a prerecorded video that it was due to injuries but recently on the Busted Open Radio show Joe reveled that the real reason for dropping the title was due to him testing positive for COVID. Here is what Joe said on the matter:

“I popped for COVID. You know, at the time, it was over the weekend. My wife was making stew and I couldn’t smell it. She said, ‘Wow, doesn’t that smell great?’ I went, ‘No’ and then I tested positive I think on Saturday and by then, Vince (McMahon) had really wanted to go in a different direction with NXT and he really wanted to have the new opening of NXT 2.0 kind of be with a bang and I agreed with him. I said, ‘Listen, if that’s the case, then you know, this is probably what’s best for what your vision is for what you want for this product’

“I kind of went behind the scenes and I just started working with talent on a real one-to-one basis, pulling guys individually in open gyms, working with them and just focusing on a lot of the — these really new, tremendous prospects that we brought in and people were like really, really hungry to learn, really, really excited about this new-found opportunity and it was really invigorating for me.

“I think you (Tommy Dreamer) can speak to that. Whenever you’re working with young talent that are hungry and really, really want to succeed on a very, very high level, it kind of amps up your own spirit a little bit so I was really delving into that heavily and working with Matt Bloom on really revising things and training techniques and kind of evaluating what we were doing already and seeing if we could do it better and yeah, that was pretty much the end of my tenure at WWE is really what I was absorbed in.”

NXT wrestler stretchered out last night

Last night’s edition of WWE NXT 2.0 saw the former and short lived tandem of Lash Legend and Amari Miller square off. Legend would pick up the win but during a commercial break after the match fans in attendance noted that Miller was checked on my WWE medical staff and stretchered out. She took to Twitter last and said that she suffered a concussion. 

TM-61 were scheduled to win Dusty Classic

Former WWE and current NJPW star Shane Haste fka Shane Throne sat down with Two Man Power Trip where he spoke about him and his former partner Nick Miller were penciled in to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic back in 2016 before plans changed. Here is what he said on the show:

We were told we were winning that Dusty Classic, until that day, I knew we weren’t. We had been working with AOP at all the house shows and I knew they were the ones they were putting all the effort behind. They are good dudes, I liked working (with them). They finally paid it back in the next Dusty Classic. They are good guys. They were good to us and appreciative of the work we did together, but they had the cool entrance, the music, and the manager and all these things. ‘I’m pretty sure we’re not winning.’ They pull us aside and go, ‘You’re not the main event anymore, you’re the opening match, you’ve lost a bit of time, and they are going over.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, we knew.’ The writing was on the wall.”

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