WWE '13 Commercial, CW Network Upset Over Ryder's Finisher, The Miz Talks Hazing In WWE

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- The official commercial for WWE '13 is embedded in the video below:

- Some network executives at the CW Network were upset over Zack Ryder using the Rough Rider finisher on WWE Saturday Morning Slam. By large, the network is happy with the show toned down for the PG-oriented audience.

- The Miz was on local radio in Oklahoma City on Monday and discussed hazing during the beginning of his WWE run. He noted that John "Bradshaw" Layfield was very hard on him but now shakes his hand when he sees him.

  • H.M.

    What exactly was the problem with the Rough Ryder?

    I don't want to sound insensitive to the kids but I honestly despise Saturday Morning Slam.

    • Sam Andersen

      You aren’t the only one.

    • Marc P

      No moves targeted to the head and neck region.

      • I always thought he wrapped the leg over the chest.

  • Cm punk looks more jacked than usual.

  • Ken

    But… but… the Rough Ryder is Zack Ryder's finisher! That's what he uses. It's who he is.
    In this day and age the only thing that really differentiates between talent is their finishers, otherwise they're pretty interchangeable. Take away a man's finisher and, well, what is he?
    Strip your identity away and who are you? I don't know who I'd be if I weren't who I am. I'd be… well, I'd be someone else… AND I DON'T WANT TO BE SOMEONE ELSE!!!
    I'm me…

    Anyway, this has to suck for poor Zack. After a brief flare of relevance he's effectively booted from top level WWE shows, and now he's not even suitable for a Saturday morning kids' show, and his entire gimmick is nothing but kids' show. What's left for the man now?

  • Tna

    Bit of a bane reference at the start of the vid from cm punk

  • _JIM_

    What exactly is wrong with Ryder’s finisher? Other than it being kind of lame I don’t see what the problem is. CW does understand that they signed up for a wrestling show right?

  • hurrigame

    The CW is upset over Ryder's finisher? Really? REALLY? Yet they've aired shows like The Vampire Diaries, which have far worse content on them. If THIS is how they really feel, then they can do as the old WWE slogan said and "get the F out." Hypocrites.

  • chelu671

    CW Saturday Morning Slam enforces that no moves that target the head are allowed. Zack Ryder’s Broski Boot & Rough Ryder target the head for most part. Thats what the CW execs. are mad about. Look at the last 2 or 3 episodes, no superstar their finisher.

  • Funk fanf

    They don’t like the condom reference for kids

    • Bishop

      He should rename it the “Bareback”…that’s more PC as CW is against safe sex and all

  • Jere

    Its funny how Punk is on the cover but yet it doesn’t show him in the game trailer