WWE Announces Flo Rida For Wrestlemania XXVIII

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WWE announced on tonight's Raw Supershow that Flo Rida will perform live as The Rock comes to ringside for his match against John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

Cena confirmed last week he'll enter to "Invincible" by Machine Gun Kelly.

Wrestlemania XXVIII will take place in two weeks, on Sunday, April 1, 2012, from the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.

  • Andrew

    Wohhhhh sometimes I get a good feeling!

  • Aj

    Why can’t they just enter to their normal theme music!?

    • AJG316

      Because then it would be to boring, to normal. And that is not what WRESTLEMANIA is all about.

  • Rob S.

    These musical acts will just take time away from matches they expect us to care about and pay a lot of money to see. I don't need Flo Rida or MGK, I'd rather hear their normal entrance music to be honest.

  • Travis

    Would much rather hear their normal themes. How can The Rock make his entrance without “If yeah smell.”

  • Stoney

    I miss the days of Motorhead, Limp Bizkit, Saliva and POD performing at wrestlemania