WWE Claims Mr. McMahon Suffered A "Broken Pelvis" Due To Brock Lesnar's Attack

WWE is running an injury angle with Mr. McMahon, claiming that he suffered a "broken pelvis" after receiving an F5 from the returning Brock Lesnar on this week's Raw. Footage of the Chairman being stretchered out of the arena, accompanied by WWE doctors and Stephanie McMahon, is available here.

Click here to view full results from this week's Raw, including Lesnar's return.

  • Michael

    Really selling it, HHH will be on either Raw next week or at elimination chamber to challenge Brock to a fight to avenge his father in law. I guess the new Dangerous Alliance in the making old members Austin, Rude, Zybysko, Arn Anderson, and Bobby Eaton. New members Brock, Punk, and the Shield all now managed by Paul Heyman.

  • it was a great sell. Vince did land pretty hard and awkward. Wouldn’t be surprised if he actually got hurt in some way

  • PainOfDemise

    I was praying the whole time when Lensar came out that they were not going to do the whole broken arm angle again. Thank god they didn’t.

  • Evon Reese

    At least it’s a different story line. Rock vs Punk has been disappointing and boring. Please don’t let cry baby get the title back at Elimination Chamber. I don’t want to listen to another year of cry, cry, cry.

  • lee

    It looks like WM will be pretty boring with Rock v Cena 2 and Triple H v Brock 2

  • Out steps Vince and in steps HHH.