WWE Claims Zack Ryder Is "Seriously Injured"; Next Week's US Title Match Possibly Canceled

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The official WWE website has posted an article claiming that Kane's attack on Zack Ryder on this week's Raw left Ryder "seriously injured." Ryder reportedly suffered no structural damage, but is undergoing further evaluation in the next week.

Although it was previously announced that Ryder would defend his United States Championship on next week's Raw, the article says that it is "unlikely" that Ryder will be able to defend it.

Stay with Wrestling News World, as more details surrounding this angle become available. Click here to view the full article.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I don't want Ryder droping the title or giving it up to Swagger a guy who has been on a loseing streak.

    They should give Ryder the 30 days time limit to defend the title that gives enough time to sell the injury.

  • Matt

    I didn't know a 5 foot chokeslam on to pads could do so much damage, lol

    • tim

      wasn't on pads,kane chokeslammed him on wooden pallets! u can see what ryder is layin on when kane knocked out cena with his glove.so wheather a pad was under it or not that is going to hurt no matter what!!

      • Mrpopandlock

        It was on pads cos when it happened Ryder bounced back up into view. He then moved and layed down on broken pallets for the vena segment. Sorry to dash anyone’s illusion. I ain’t picking holes either just one of those live tv things that happens unfortunately

  • Mrpopandlock

    Just hoping they don’t make him drop the title next week to swagger. After valiantly defending it when “injured”

  • BigMike

    I see Johnny Ace stripping him of the title due to his "injuries"

  • Matt Scott

    Ooooh are WWE gonna remember the optional 30 day clause!?

  • Doug

    Maybe it's my imagination, but I swear I saw Ryder BOUNCE after Kane's choke slam! It was almost as if he hit a stack of mattresses.

    • Zach

      Wasn’t your imagination haha his head popped right back up after he hit.

  • pipebomb

    you can see the stack of blue mats under the pallet

  • Wwe4L76


  • T-boy

    WWE probably aren’t going to remember the 30 day clause or defending in 30 days clause. Remember Evan Bourne’s suspension, airboom didn’t get stripped of the tag titles.

  • Bruce

    Please let me choke slam you onto a stack of wooden pallets and then let me know how you feel!!