WWE Exec On UFC - "It's A Lot Of Guys, It's A Lot Of Cigars And A Lot Of Smoke"

UFC fighter Chasel Sonnen recently said no one on the WWE roster can count to eight, while discussing Vince McMahon challenging Dana White to a fight. WWE Chief Financial Officer George Barrios revealed his thoughts on the UFC audience at the 25th Annual ROTH Conference.

Barrios, who admitted he's been to a UFC event, said:

"It's a lot of guys, it's a lot of cigars, and a lot of smoke,"

He contrasted that WWE's audience is similar to Disney on Ice events with grandparents, parents and kids. Barrios touted WWE's age distribution and diversity of the audience.

  • Dave L

    wasn’t WWE made off the same “guys, cigars and smoke”? Way to forget where you came from Barrios!

  • Pro Wrestling was in the beginning

  • PFElton

    WWE with the same fanbase as Disney on Ice. Lmao.


  • jdl

    Anyone claiming that the WWE and pro wrestling was built on the same original audience that UFC now pulls in, you’re missing the point.