WWE Extreme Rules Results (5/19/13) - Believe In The Shield, Brock Lesnar Wins

Singles Match
- Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. Chris Jericho

The entrances:

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Chris Jericho's music hits, and Y2J is on his way down to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. We get a recap of Fandango's debut match at WrestleMania where he scored a win over Jericho, then a quick update from Monday night where the two men had a dance-off that ended in violence (this might be the best sentence I've ever typed).

Fandango is out next, accompanied by Summer Rae. Some of the members in the crowd are trying their darndest to get a Fandango-ing happening, but it's not really catching on. Jericho is not impressed by Fandango's entrance, feigning sleep in the corner.

The start:

The bell rings and both men begin circling each other. This crowd is solidly behind Jericho. They lock up and Jericho backs Fandango into the corner and breaks cleanly. They do it again, but Jericho slaps Fandango, and gets a shove in return. Fandango takes Jericho down with a shoulder block, but eats a dropkick, then a back elbow from Y2J. Fandango drops out to the floor, and Jericho is quick to follow. He chases him around, and back into the ring, hitting the dancer with another elbow, then hitting a baseball slide to send him back to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Jericho heads to the top and leaps to the outside, wiping Fandango out with a body press, then posing on the announcer's table. Jericho sends Fandango back into the ring, but Fandango recovers quickly and stomps at Jericho's chest and head. Jericho catches Fandango with a couple of stiff kicks out of nowhere, sending him to the outside. Fandango crawls back into the ring, and catches Jericho with a boot that's good for a two count. Fandango ties Jericho up in the ropes and hits him with a couple of forearms to the back of the head before dropping to the outside to catch him with a kick to the face for another two count. Fandango locks in a rear chin lock.

Jericho fights to his feet and tries for a roll up, but misses it, setting up another two count for Fandango. Fandango heads out to the apron and comes in with a slingshot leg drop for another near fall. Fandango traps Jericho in another rear chin lock and Jericho fights to his feet, dropping Fandango with a back body drop. Jericho fights up to his feet in the corner and avoids a splash. He hits Fandango with a couple of shoulder blocks, but ends up tossed to the apron. Jericho heads to the top turnbuckle and leaps off with an axe handle smash before hitting a running bulldog. Jericho tries for the Walls, but Fandango kicks him away.

Jericho heads to the top and hits a cross body, but Fandango rolls through for two. Fandango hits a big kick for another two count and is frustrated. He kicks away at Jericho and heads to the top rope. He leaps off with a leg drop, but Jericho moves and hits the lionsault. Y2J goes for the pin but Fandango kicks out at two. Jericho hits Fandango with a couple of nasty chops in the corner. Fandango tries for a roll up, but Jericho reverses into the Walls of Jericho. Fandango is screaming, but he reaches the ropes.

The finish:

Fandango hits Jericho in the back of the head and Jericho drops. Fandango heads to the top and leaps off, but Jericho catches him with the Code Breaker and pins the newcomer for three.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Josh Mathews is backstage with Sheamus. He asks how he'll be able to drag Mark Henry around the ring, touch all four corners, and win his strap match tonight? Sheamus repeats pretty much everything Josh just said before saying that he hits back. He says at Extreme Rules, the World's Strongest Man will find out exactly what happens when the Celtic Warrior goes Extreme.

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  • Jericho-1 Fandango-1. Rubber Match at Payback

  • The Ignored Monster

    Ambrose vs Kingston= Brilliant

  • Orion

    Thats a load of crap. Mark Henry impeded the progress of Sheamus when he caught him and moved away from the corner.

    • Wwes logic different rules in every strap match

  • Orion

    So far Extreme Rules has been a good PPV. The only things I dont like is the fact that the US Title match did not have any extreme rule (it was still a great match), and the finish to the Sheamus v Mark Henry match.

  • Ambrose vs Kingston should have been a bit longer. It was a good match. I enjoyed the crossface chickenwing. Ambrose won thats the most important thing, Great Match

  • Scott

    Del Rio vs Swagger was a snorefest! Ziggler being out really hurt that match! Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose are definitely making up for it though!

  • Nice to see they had The Shield go over clean on both matches.

  • Was that kayfabe between John cena and ryback? I’m not sure at this point.

  • Chris

    So since Ryback walked away and Cena had to be carted off, technically speaking doesn’t that make Ryback champ?

    • BlazeKing

      They both didn’t get up after the designated time. Whoever gets up first after that doesn’t mean squat.

      • Xavier


      • Hannibal Lector

        Wrong. No one was counted.

    • Youd think so since cena still hadnt stood up so it would be like 180 count at least bet itll be rybacks argument on monday though

      • JJ

        Good god you r so annoying.every post is some random jibberish by you

        • Xavier


        • How so? Also if you dont like what i say ignore it simple not my problem

      • Xavier

        Extreme Rules has been booked better then WrestleMania these past couple of years.

        • Smart Mark

          LOL Cena mark strikes again

          • Xavier

            And the dumbass strikes again as well ^^

    • Xavier

      Nope, the rules are you gotta make it up by 10. Those have been the rules forever.

  • Danny_Boy

    Really solid PPV. Cena/Ryback was match of the night. Only match that was bad was Swagger/ADR. RIP Jack “OVERRATED” Swagger

  • So happy ryback isnt champion.

  • Smart Mark

    Signs of a Orton heel turn maybe? The punt was mainly his heel maneuver

    • he’ll never ever turn heel again….

  • Xavier

    Terrible PPV

    • Cubed56

      You said that ER was booked better then WM before, now your saying it was a terrible PPV? So I guess I’m curios if this was better then WM, yet terrible to you, what was WM?

      • Xavier

        WM was easily below average, borderline ridiculous even. If it wasn’t for Cena/Rock II it wouldnt have been as big a draw as it was.

      • Xavier

        I did say it was great PPV. Look at the color of the font bro. I think that “Smart Mark” dude is using my name & posting random stupid crap.

        • Smart Mark

          Why would u bring my name into this out of all people? If i have a problem with your comments then i reply to them and address you first hand. I don’t need to use your name to post “random stupid crap”. You do a pretty good job of that by yourself.

          • Xavier

            Because I know it’s you that’s how, you’ve been trolling me for the past couple months. So cut the bullshit.

          • Smart Mark

            lol and how exactly do u know its me? Theres alot of people on here that think your a troll so it could be anyone kiddo.

          • Smart Mark

            Just to clarify it was me signing in under your name, im a sad silly man and have nothing better to do with my time, im not a smart mark…..im a stupid mark 🙁

        • Cubed56

          Well for one the font color is the same on both posts, but no worries bro, I just wanted you to clarify cause it was a contradictory statement. Personally we’ve had some good back and forths on here, so I figured you mistyped or something fishy was going on, like I said no worries bro.

          • Xavier

            Yeah it was something “fishy”. I’m not sure if anyone else has had that problem with people signing in under their username and posting random stuff. But I’m pretty sure it’s that smart mark guy. he’s been trolling me for the past couple of the months, don’t know what his problem is with me too be honest

          • Snap

            I’ve noticed at least one post under my name a while back which I know I didn’t write. Unfortunately, it seems Disqus can only protect the email address but not the name.

  • Craig

    Perfect way to right cena off tv for a while so he can fix he’s Achilles and just some r&r and also did anyone else notice that cena didnt headline that’s a first in a while!!!

    • Billy Lyons

      Cena’s achilles is fine. Cena isn’t going anywhere. And when you say that Cena hasn’t headlined a PPV in a while you mean a while as in this past February at Extreme Rules or this past January at the Rumble? He didn’t headline neither of those PPVs

      • Craig

        Sorry my bad I forgot about that but he prob gonna have a rest for a while but pretty solid ppv good way for them to keep vena champ and make ryback still a beast! Wwe maybe getting better?

      • Eric

        You mean Elimination Chamber?

      • Stoney

        He headlined nearly every PPV last year.
        2 were wwe title matches and the others were just Cenas feud of the month

  • 1molly23

    Thank goodnessth Thwagger didn’t win.

  • HHH….. 🙁

  • [email protected] 56


  • Stoney

    Love how the shield are being booked strong.
    If only did this with the nexus

  • Shashi Suryawanshi

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