WWE Finally Adding Realism, Is Seth Rollins Reckless?, Jericho Confronts Lesnar, Orton And Wyatt

In light of the segment between The Miz and Daniel Bryan last night on Talking Smack, coupled with the finish to Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, do you think WWE is trying to add a sense of realism back to the product?

I’ll start with the segment from Talking Smack between The Miz and Daniel Bryan and hit on the finish to Orton vs. Lesnar [at SummerSlam] in the latter part of this answer. First, The Miz cut the best promo of his career last night. I was bombarded with tweets and emails, asking what just happened. You can check out the segment in the video embedded above. I know a lot of people do not see The Miz as anything more than a midcard talent but I’m not one of them. I think he’s worked extremely hard and is more than capable of more than just holding a midcard belt. The segment with Daniel Bryan was done to make Talking Smack more of a “must-see” show and considering the entertainment value of that one segment, I would say it was very effective.

As for the finish to Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton, this is something that Triple H and Vince McMahon were at odds about. Vince ended up getting his way (doesn’t he always?) but even Chris Jericho got fired up backstage. We’re running an exclusive online right now that reports on Vince’s surprising reaction to the finish and all of the insider details to it. You can read that article here in our Members content.

Does this mean WWE is “back on track” and will start producing more entertaining content? That’s probably being a little too generous but it’s good to see. I’m always pleased with the youth movement and extremely bummed about the injury to Finn Balor.

What are your thoughts on all the injuries that keep happening to talent while in the ring with Seth Rollins?

Sting (neck), John Cena (nose) and Finn Balor (shoulder) have all suffered serious injuries while working with Seth Rollins. As bad as Balor’s was, the other two could have been life-threatening. I am a writer, not a wrestler, so rather than me saying it, I’m going to quote Bret Hart from an interview that he did with House Money Studios :

“You watch Seth Rollins who they’ve pushed as this huge mega, mega push. I watched him a few months ago, and you can watch it back on YouTube but he knees John Cena in the face. Just knees him in the face so hard, so recklessly, so dangerously, you can easily kill somebody with a knee like that in the face.”

“It’s a testimony to John Cena that a) he finished the match and b) that he didn’t get a shotgun and shoot Rollins when he came through the curtain.”

Now that Hart, whom I consider the best technical in-ring worker of all time has said it, I’m going to simply say that I agree with him. Rollins needs to slow it down and stop being so reckless. I didn’t say anything [negative about Seth Rollins] after the injuries to Sting and Cena, but now we have to address the elephant in the room. It’s not that Seth is a bad worker; he’s actually really good. But when you’re out there injuring people every time out, serious adjustments need to be made. People want to talk about outlawing the Buckle Bomb but Adam Pearce, who now works for WWE, stated once on one of my personal Facebook page that no move just be banned but wrestlers should be taught to execute them correctly. If that's what he says, who am I to advocate for a move to be banned? I'm a writer, not a wrestler, but Rollins has to clean it up.

What are your thoughts on Chris Jericho confronting Brock Lesnar after Summerslam?

I thought it was awesome! But it sounds like Chris Jericho got worked. Don’t get me wrong, Randy was legitimately injured (he took 10 staples to the head), but Vince McMahon wrote that ending and it was essentially part of a compromise with Triple H. By the sound of it, things got miscommunicated in the back and Chris didn’t like it. Brock already gets a lot of heat from the boys because he makes more than everyone, while working less than everyone. Dean Ambrose revealed to Steve Austin that Lesnar was lazy in the planning for their match at Wrestlemania 32 this year. It just is what it is with Brock. You have a massive guy that’s going to go out there and showcase power and strength. It rubs a lot of people the wrong way but as long as he draws, he has a job.

Do you think Bray Wyatt will go over in feud with Randy Orton?

Vince McMahon is really high up on Randy Orton right now so I have to pick him the favorite to go over. Bray Wyatt is somewhat lost again so we’ll see what happens.

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  • Jay El Bee

    You forgot about the fourth guy Rollins injured, himself. Also does anyone else find it funny that the Black Out/Curb Stomp was supposedly banned because they were worried it could injure people and yet he’s injured more people without it than he ever did with it.

    • Robert

      Rollins getting hurt is a fluke injury that can happen to any athlete.

      • David Carey

        Apart from the Miz 😉

    • Gary Robert

      It was banned because Vince didn’t like the idea of kids emulating that move, not because of injury concern over it, from what I remember. His own knee injury had nothing to do with him being reckless. Either do any of these other injuries. Its the move. He’s not performing the move any differently than its meant to be performed. One 55+ year old man hurt his neck from the whiplash of it and Balor/Rollins chose to do a high risk move against a lightly padded steel fence…sometimes things happen and they both knew that risk and chose to do it regardless.

  • Yves Heinrich

    Has anyone notice at 2:19 that the WWE logo on the belt is almost completely wrecked from the belt? So all WWE titles are pretty much fake or the material they use to build the titles are not cheap?

    • Dave Barton

      Do you mean the side plate? I had to play it back & pause it a few times, but that’s two wrestlers in front of the logo. Kind of a standing leg bar.

      • Yves Heinrich

        Yeah, the side plate that has the WWE logo, it’s half broken. I thought the real WWE belts have quality, and judging by the Intercontinental belt, it doesn’t look like that…

  • Mandy

    Before I did not want to agree with Bret but after Balor was injured it really is a cause for concern. Rollins really needs to be more careful in the ring, these were no small injuries. Sting has retired and Balor is out with a severe shoulder injury. I’m a huge Rollins fan but he cannot afford to be reckless again.

    Miz promo with Bryan was AWESOME! Seriously his best promo yet, the way he got so fired up you could take him seriously and know he was speaking from the heart. We need more of this side to The Miz, he’s a really good worker and its true he has never been injured. It will be interesting to see who he feuds with next.

  • Avalanchian

    I really wish Bray Wyatt would have simply told Orton that only a God can slay the beast.

  • Lady Penguin

    There is something not quite right about this whole ‘Summerslam ending was a work’ thing. I mean, I get that it was very likely Brock was meant to end the match brutalising Randy to a disqualification or even knockout, but the way he did it was downright dangerous.
    Jericho was right to be angry. If it was a accident that he was split open then Brock or Vince could have just said so and perhaps shown some concern, but saying ‘it was a work’…? Well how much of it?
    At a time when they’re being sued for head injuries it seems ridiculous that something like this was planned in advance so I’d hope that Vince is just covering up for Brock’s recklessness. They should be warning people to stay away from these moves. I watched many a match with deliberate bloody endings back in the day but at least with the old concealed razor trick it was somewhat controlled. Why anybody still wants to get in the ring with Brock Lesnar is beyond me.