Horrible WWE Injury?, Post-SummerSlam Updates, Dudleyz Breaking Up?, McGregor vs. Diaz III Not Happening (For Now)

- Tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw will feature the fallout from SummerSlam. No matches or segment have been announced but WWE is teasing followup between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, how Sasha Banks will bounce back, how Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon will react to the actions of Brock Lesnar, The New Day and more. Make plans to join our WWE Raw “Open Thread” at 8 PM ET here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com featuring streaming live results and your discussion.

- The last we heard, Brock Lesnar is not scheduled for tonight’s Raw in Brooklyn.

- We’re currently working on a load of backstage news from WWE SummerSlam. We are still offering our $4.95/month (Special Rate) WNW Premium package that will be going away very soon. If you’re interested in taking advantage, head on over to the SIGNUP PAGE or RENEWAL PAGE and select it while you still can!

- WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor suffered a shoulder injury in his match against Seth Rollins The severity of the injury is currently not known but apparently surgery isn’t off the table. Balor appeared this morning on Good Morning America with his new title belt, as WWE looks to establish him as a major star (the spot that was originally intended for Roman Reigns). Balor revealed on GMA he celebrated with his parents and ate chicken curry.

- Sasha Banks is dealing with nagging injuries including a back issue. This is why she was booked to go under to Charlotte at SummerSlam and is getting some time off the road. As CJ noted, Banks is not being advertised until the WWE live event on September 23, 2016.

- Randy Orton required 10 staples to his head to close the laceration he suffered to his forehead in his match with Brock Lesnar. Here’s a photo. You can watch him receive medical attention in the video embedded below:

- 15,974 was the announced attendance of WWE SummerSlam last night from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The show just edged out out NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II the night before, which did 15,671.

- Seth Rollins didn’t appreciate the crowd chants about the new WWE Universal Championship during the title match against Finn Balor. He tweeted this:

- Dennis Haskins and Maria Menounos were at WWE SummerSlam and spotted backstage.

- After WWE SummerSlam went off the air, Randy Orton was helped up by Shane McMahon. The fans booed after rejecting the finish of Brock Lesnar going over and then laying out Orton and Shane.

- If you need another look at the WWE Universal Championship belt, we have it for you here:

WWE Universal Championship

- After The Dudley Boyz going their separate directions? We’ve heard (and reported) rumors of pushing Bubba Ray Dudley as a heel in singles competition but check out these tweets:

- Below are the fight purses for UFC 202. Make note that Conor McGregor received more in disclosed payroll than Brock Lesnar, who made $2.5 million at UFC 200:

* Conor McGregor: $3 million (no win bonus)
* Nate Diaz: $2 million
* Anthony Johnson: $270,000 (includes $135,000 win bonus)
* Glover Teixeira: $65,000
* Donald Cerrone: $170,000 (includes $85,000 win bonus)
* Rick Story: $41,000
* Mike Perry: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
* Hyun Gyu Lim: $18,000
* Tim Means: $62,000 (includes $31,000 win bonus)
* Sabah Homasi: $12,000
* Cody Garbrandt: $54,000 (includes $27,000 win bonus)
* Takeya Mizugaki: $39,000
* Raquel Pennington: $46,000 (includes $23,000 win bonus)
* Elizabeth Phillips: $12,000
* Artem Lobov: $26,000 (includes $13,000 win bonus)
* Chris Avila: $10,000
* Cortney Casey: $40,000 (includes $20,000 win bonus)
* Randa Markos: $14,000
* Lorenz Larkin: $78,000 (includes $39,000 win bonus)
* Neil Magny: $47,000
* Colby Covington: $42,000 (includes $21,000 win bonus)
* Max Griffin: $10,000
* Marvin Vettori: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
* Alberto Uda: $10,000

- UFC President Dana White says they’re definitely not doing a third Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor bout right now. White wants Conor to defend the UFC Featherweight Championship, saying that he either has to defend the title or relinquish it.

- Conor McGregor posted the following on Instagram about his second fight against Nate Diaz:

Great fight, much respect. I'll take a heavyweight next.

A photo posted by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

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  • AMDunn21

    Personally I think the new championship is awful and was just plain lazy, let’s make it exactly the same but with more red but I’m sure it’ll grow on me eventually. As for Lesnar he looked like he was genuinely trying to hurt Orton at times during their match like when he threw him through the announce table and the two elbows at the finish. I just hope Orton’s daughter wasn’t watching that whether it was scripted or not

    • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

      I agree about Lesnar. I think he forgot that he was in WWE a couple of times. If that’s the case then it’s dangerous . Very dangerous

  • Joe

    Seth needs to stop doing that corner powerbomb, though I heard it was when he powerbombed Finn against the barricade. Either way the move seems dangerous.

    • Zack

      I agree it should have been retired after it injured sting

      • Patrick

        I agree every time he does that move someone gets injuryed. he needs to stop doing it.

        • Gary Robert

          every time he does it? Sting = every time.

          • Dave Barton

            When Sting was injured by it, I figured “Ok, 30+ years in the business, he’s probably just too old & banged up to take the punishment.” But now Finn…yeah, he’s been wrestling for 16 years, but maybe the move is either too dangerous for Seth to use OR guys have to learn how to take it better.

            Rollins certainly didn’t invent the move, btw. I remember Kurt Angle using the buckle-bomb later in his WWE career.

            Damn, I’m having flashbacks to when AJ’s opponents were getting hurt from the Styles Clash, years after he started using it. Hey, maybe it’s just coincidence that Seth has hurt 2 people with it…he’s used it successfully many times before.

          • Gary Robert

            I’d say its more than move than Seth although again you’re talking about two injuries, one to an older man who shouldn’t be in the ring taking big bumps and another to a guy who had the move done out on the steel fence outside the ring. Not a lot of give out there. But, the issue here is you’re in an age as well as at a big four PPV where they’re trying to pull out all the stops on big moves and performance. Its not as if Seth did it on his own. These guys get together and compose these match-ups and agree on move sets etc etc

    • AMDunn21

      Dangerous to himself too seeing as it was the sunset flip setup to it that blew his knee out last year

  • amaanakter

    I agree it should be stopped, I just hope that the injury isn’t bad and doesn’t require surgery this is a horrible time for this to happen!

  • Stoney

    WWE should brought back the Big Gold belt, and the original women’s championship

  • Patrick

    Didn’t Sasha Banks return from injury? if so why did she return so soon get a mini push only to take more time off to heal from nagging injuries…. it seems to me she should have stayed home untill completely healed.

  • Zack

    I am really hoping Balor doesn’t need to be out for any extended period of time. It would be horrible timing

    • -|AZ|-

      I wish this would’ve been the case ( T_T )

  • sam

    Seth needs to understand that as fans..since wwe was not bringing back the World Title..WWE creative could have really done something special for this “Universal Title” and they completely dropped the ball on this.

  • Gary Robert

    Oh the silly outrage over the new belt. It’s red. So what.

  • kingdook24

    WWE need to understand the Curb Stomp is not the problem. It’s that damn turnbuckle powerbomb. Jeez… Did they not learn from his match with Sting? That’s the move that needs to be banned. First, Sasha goes down, now this?!

    My head hurts.

    • Gary Robert

      Yes, that one time Sting the 50+ year old got hurt so ban the move.
      That’s sarcasm.
      I do agree he needs the Curb Stomp back. Anything really other than HHH’s pedigree. The only way the pedigree should still be around is if he’s going to feud with HHH over it and he unveils a brand new finisher to end the feud in the final match with HHH (if it happens). Just using it for no reason is silly and, to me, not a worthy finisher for a guy of his athleticism.

  • David F

    WWE needs to do what is best for business and that is to release Brock. He is complete waste of money. The ending of Orton v Lesnar was awful too and Vince should not be booking the shows anymore period. The order of Summerslam card was booty. Styles needs to close out WM 33 he deserves it

    • Joseph James

      He needs to put somebody over before he leaves.

  • Gary Robert

    Raise your hand if you’re a goofy dope who actually thinks Lesnar went off script. I also need your names and addresses so I can stop by and slap you sillier than you already are. C’mon people!!

  • Sergeant_Im

    They should have just brought back the old title belts.

    • Eddie

      I totally agree with you on this one, Sergeant. I say let’s start by giving the W.W.E. Tag Team Championship a much-needed and long overdue extreme makeover. The titles that The New Day have now look like a pair of oversized pennies! 😀

  • Splat

    Cena,Sting and now Finn? Grumpy old Bret Hart might have been right about Seth.

  • Mandy

    The universal belt is ugly but I get Seth’s point, it was disrespectful of the fans to focus more on the belt’s design than the two guys who were fighting for it.

    I feel so bad for Balor, I was hoping the injury was not as serious as feared but now he is out for six months. It is an awful way to start off your title reign when you are forced to give it up just a day after winning.

    While it was obvious what the finish of the Brock v/s Randy match would be, I do feel Brock did very little protecting Randy first with the announce table and then the shots to the head. Vince needs to realize that while Brock brings in money when he appears it should not be at the cost of other wrestlers safety.

  • Naushad Aslam

    Cena,Sting and now Finn? OUR good old Bret Hart might have been right about Seth Rollins.

  • Unknown

    it seems like Rollins injuries people on purpose when they get a push instead of him getting the push. now watch next week he will be the new champ and being pushed

  • Joseph James

    Wasn’t on the thread last night when I found out about Balor. What a disaster. I’m sure everybody wants to bag on Seth since his powerbomb has once again caused an injury, but Finn deserves a little blame for this too. He probably wouldn’t have gotten hurt as bad if he hadn’t reached back to catch himself. The hell are they doing that move on the barricade for anyways?