WWE’s Laziness Exposed, General Manager Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee Returning?, Sister Abigail & SummerSlam Main Event

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What are your thoughts on WWE ripping off TNA Wrestling’s “Final Deletion” gimmick with The New Day/Wyatt Family segment on this week’s Raw?

I thought it was lame. I knew this was the road was going down by having The Wyatt Family invite The New Day to their “compound” but this is a part of the wrestling business that I wish would just go away. I understand everyone copies everyone and that we can think of countless examples where TNA has copied WWE and vice versa but why is it so hard to come up with original ideas? And let’s also not forget it’s not like The Final Deletion was this revolutionary concept. It worked because it drew interest and it teetered the line between awesome and awful but it’s something that can’t be overdone. WWE decided they would just go ahead and do it less than a week after TNA did it. If anything else, I think it proves just how desperate WWE is to fill three hours of content for Raw. Literally, they’ll take anything to fill the show even if it’s a blatant ripoff of something another company hyped and promoted less than a week prior. Consider it a rib, consider it a shot at TNA but most people liked the segment if one goes by votes on YouTube. Matt Hardy even seemed to take it in stride. I just want to see the WWE creative team be creative and rather than waste time replicating something that has already been done, find ways to engage their audience and develop their characters. The brand extension will be fully reenacted next week and I believe the WWE product is going to come off watered down.

Have you heard about WWE possibly spoiling that Daniel Bryan is going to be the new Smackdown General Manager?

There was a buzz on social media last night that during WWE’s official Raw recap that they included the headline, “The ‘Yes!’ Movement takes over SmackDown Live!” before changing it. As with anything on social media, I will advise caution. It is certainly possible that WWE makes Daniel Bryan the General Manager of Smackdown because he’s under contract and they’ve been looking for things for him to do but I just can’t confirm that at press time. Bryan wanted out of his WWE contract but is now the host of the new Cruiserweight Classic. WWE will look for things for Bryan to do for as long as he is under contract. I personally feel he’s extremely entertaining so more Bryan is a good thing but I believe I speak for the majority when I say we all miss him in the ring.

Are the rumors true that AJ Lee is returning to WWE next year?

As far as I know those rumors hold no validity and AJ Lee is not returning to WWE. Because it is WWE we never say never but exercise caution with such rumors. AJ is releasing a new autobiography titled, Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules on April 4, 2017.

Why bother promoting Brock Lesnar’s opponent for SummerSlam before Randy Orton’s return?

WWE announced Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton last week so that it would coincide with Brock’s fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. We noted on numerous occasions the announcement was made for obvious promotional purposes and UFC ran the match promo on their pay-per-view. If you missed it on Raw, Orton will appear at WWE Battleground, where they’ll begin the build for the program in The Highlight Reel segment hosted by Chris Jericho.

Will Bray Wyatt ever introduce us to Sister Abigail?

There have been discussions for at least a year about possibly bringing in a woman to play the role of Sister Abigail with Bray Wyatt. However, the compound segment on last night’s Raw doesn’t give me much hope for Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has so much talent but it just feels like WWE has no idea how to utilize him beyond the creepy cult leader. Don’t get me wrong, the gimmick works but there has been little to no progression in four years. They tried to separate The Wyatt Family and it flopped and last night it just felt like Vince instructed the writers to script them in the TNA ripoff segment. Character development and progression are crucial, especially at a time when WWE needs more guys reaching for the brass ring. McMahon likes to blame the talent but I blame him and his writers for refusing to advance characters.

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  • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

    Yeah. The compound segment wasn’t bad at all. It was just a rip off. I didn’t watch the whole final deletion because it was just bad to me. But lucha underground does things like final deletion all the time. Not as long or drawn out but definitely in the same ball park.

  • imranbecks

    I’ve never even seen TNA before and I never intend to so I had no idea that the Wyatt family compound segment was a rip off.

    • Joseph James

      I just happened to stumble on TNA while flipping channels almost 10 years ago. My immediate reaction was: “Holy crap, is that Sting!? Wrestling!?” It became unwatchable for me pretty much right after he left. It was already on the downslope before then though.

  • David F

    This is why I have serious doubts about brand extension and additional pay per views. If WWE has trouble filling content for just three hour RAW, I doubt they will keep us invested with Smackdown going live and RAW and Smackdown having their own PPVS. The brand extension will be a bigger flop than the XFL

    • Let’s also keep in mind WWE had a brand extension before with brand specific PPVs and it flopped. This was when Raw was still a manageable two hour show and the roster was deeper. I knew it was going to flop then and I just don’t see a different outcome this time around. If they insist on two shows airing live on cable TV, I would seriously explore taking the NXT brand to Smackdown’s slot although that would create a lot of other problems, including taking popular live programming OFF of the WWE Network.

      • David F

        back then there was Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, HBK, Taker was working more dates, and Hogan part time was able to carry both brands. There is just not enough star power to do this. at least WWE should change announcing teams and have Mauro and Graves do RAW and have Cole, Byron and King do Smackdown with JBL being heel RAW GM.

        • stephen mccord

          Heel jbl in charge will always get my vote. Mauro and graves could be the next great commentary team.

      • Snap

        Not only that, but just like they have devalued the IC and US championships, WWE has made it abundantly clear that SmackDown is the unimportant “B” show and even last night hammered in that RAW was the “flagship” show. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that SmackDown doesn’t have the same viewership as RAW despite being on the same channel.

        If they go into this brand extension with that same mentality in place and do the talent/title jumping which they did before, this incarnation will be as much of a joke as the original one.

  • kyleferretti

    I still feel its a missed opportunity with a lack of a surprise Orton return. IT always generate the best pops.

  • EarnestJohn

    TNA is pure SH#T, the final deletion was an insult to any intelligent wrestling fan, the WWE didn’t really copy anything because at least the Wyatt bit was actually good and not an embarrassment to the wrestling community.

  • Ray

    I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that everyone is bashing the brand split before it even gets off the ground but I am. I know, they tried it once before and it flopped big time… the HUGE difference this time is Smackdown is now LIVE people! So if you think it’s the same situation as last time, you’re wrong. The fact that Smackdown will be live is a HUGE difference in how it’s going to be viewed. If you don’t think that Smackdown ratings aren’t going to jump big time with this, you’re crazy. That alone will give WWE the confidence to put more stock in it.
    As far as there not being as many big name Draws as there were last time, the big Draws during last time split were Austin, Rock, Kurt Angle, Undertaker and Hogan. After that, it took a huge drip in popularity. Also; Austin was limited with injuries, Rock was in and out, Undertaker was limited (though not as limited as now) and Hogan was 58… so…
    Right now we have John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Undertaker-kinda, along with new rising stars like Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Roman “Love-em-or-Hate-em” Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Ziggler, Owens, Cesaro… not to mention the talk of possibly bringing back Angle, the Hardyz, Goldberg (if you care about him), and who knows who else.
    All I’m saying is, I think people are being way to pessimistic. Exspecially when you add in the fact that there was NO WWE Network back then. Since the network came out, WWE doesn’t give a flying beep about raitings… so no reason to pull back the reigns and freak if RAW dips, just as long as the Network subscriptions stay strong. Just saying… I understand peoples concerns and points but I think everyone is being way too pessimistic.

  • Avalanchian

    Yup Wyatt has lots of talent but they seem to just be stuck in the mud with his character. It’s never advancing and it’s never even fearful.I want a sadistic Wyatt but maybe ratings don’t allow for it or whatever. Can’t scare the little kids.