WWE Looks At CM Punk & Daniel Bryan Climbing The Ranks; Rima Fakih Advertised For New Reality Series On FOX

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- WWE has an article over on dot com looking at CM Punk and Daniel Bryan climbing the ranks through the indies to make it to their main event match at WWE Over the Limit for the WWE Championship. Wrestling News World reader Fernando sent in the link as you can read the piece by clicking here.

- It wasn't all bad news for Rima Fakih today as she is advertised for FOX's new celebrity dating show called "The Choice." The series premieres on Thursday, June 8th on FOX. You can read the full press release at this link.

  • WNW Fan

    I really did like Rima on Tough Enough but wow how society's changed. Nowadays you get a DUI and someone will give you a spot on a reality show. I was always taught to obey the law. I know Rima's a celeb and celeb's are always put on a pedestal but in times now when someone messes up instead of real punishment your rewarded. Makes you second guess the whole "crime doesn't pay" thing. Sad. Yes, I know she might have gotten the deal with the show before the DUI but look at the message that's sent to our young people today. They'll think "if I break the law I'll be so cool". Just my opinion.