WWE Makes Official Announcement Regarding The Resignation Of John Laurinaitis

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- WWE has made an official announcement regarding John Laurinaitis stepping down from his role as Senior Vice President of Talent Relations. I'm not sure why an announcement was made now considering that Triple H has been running Talent Relations for the last several weeks, however, you can read it below:

From WWE.com:

Effective immediately, John Laurinaitis is resigning from his position as Senior Vice President of Talent Operations. Following his very public firing at June’s No Way Out, Laurinaitis continued to work behind-the-scenes in his corporate role. After eight years of service in talent relations, he’s “burned out” and now hopes to concentrate on what he knows best: putting together matches and working with WWE talent as a producer.

  • Logan_Walker

    as you said richard why post this now ? are they planning a storyline for this weeks raw ? to bring him back

    • Anand

      Noooooooo. Please keep Big Johnny away from TV 🙁

  • John

    Oh god no he can’t organize a piss up in a brewery

  • scott seefong

    and new gm of smackdown…

  • Patrick Peralta


  • Khris

    Usually when your burned out with a job you find something else to do somewhere else so how did he resign with the wwe?

    • Guy Landau

      He is "burned out" of Talent Relations. A producer's job is very different, and actually really fun.

  • BigMike

    from what I understand here in Cincinnati tyhe main event was supposed to be Cena Vs Show and Ace in a handicapped match as it was part of something"contractually obligated " or something stupid like that .So it makes sense this message about his "resignation"

  • Kevin

    Scott, I so hope you're wrong. Please don't let them do something as stupid as bring Johnny back as GM of Smackdown. If they do that, I may just have to stop watching Smackdown.

  • bjj

    Kevin, so will I quit watching WWE, if they bring Johnny back. I'm so disgusted with all the silly things that's been going on in WWE, anyway. I may just stop watching it all together…..I really like Teddy Long or HHH as gm. They're the best………..