WWE Money In The Bank Results (6/29/14) - New WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Cole checks in with the expert panel. Renee Young introduces Booker T, Alex Riley, and Christian. Renee asks Booker how important tonight is. Booker says he was impressed by the Uso's tonight. And Money in the Bank will be a big moment tonight. Riley says MITB can change someone's life. Christian says superstars will have to improvise. Riley sees Bray Wyatt winning tonight. Booker talks about Roman Reigns, but picks Randy Orton. And Christian goes with Randy Orton as well.

We get a cool video package that highlights some of the neat statistics about the Money in the Bank match (number of people who went on to win the title, number of superstars competing in the match), that's very similar to the Royal Rumble statistic video.

Damien Sandow is out next dressed as Paul Revere. He talks some smack about the Rose buds, then makes fun of the crowd for a bit. Sandow says if he had known Boston would end up like this, Revere wouldn't have warned anyone of anything. Except that Boston will always live in the shadow of New York. Sandow gets a good bit of heat as the Rosebuds come out to the top of the ramp and leaps Adam Rose to the ring.

Adam Rose tells Sandow to turn that frown upside down, because Boston's a town to party. He tells Sandow to be a Rosebud, not to be a lemon.

Singles Match
Damien Sandow vs. Adam Rose

Sandow charges Rose, but he's backdropped to the outside. The Rosebuds laugh at Sandow. Sandow gets back into the ring, and hits Rose with a couple of rights, backing him into the corner. Sandow gets caught by Rose, who sends Sandow to the outside. Sandow pulls Rose out to the apron and hits a series of clubbing blows, pulling Rose out to the floor.

Sandow brings things back into the ring and clamps Rose into a rear chin lock. Rose fights up and out of the hold, but falls to a back elbow. Sandow hits a knee drop, then another. Sandow screams that the elbow is coming, then drops an elbow on Rose's chest. Sandow goes right back to the rear chin lock. Rose fights out of the hold, but gets a knee to the gut. Rose gets his feet up in the corner, then hits a couple of running forearms. Rose scores with a couple of right hands that knock Sandow to the mat.

Rose hits a shoulder block in the corner, then stoms Sandow down. Rose crosses the ring, then runs right into a big clothesline from Sandow. Sandow hits a full nelson slam, but it's only good enough for two. Sandow stomps at Rose, then tries for a moonsault, but Rose moves. Rose drives Sandow face first into the mat, and gets the three count.

Winner: Adam Rose

Following the match, all of the Rosebuds get into the ring and everyone dances to celebrate Rose's victory, while JBL complains about the entourage.

Cole sends it to a video package where all the Money in the Bank participants get to talk for a bit. Rollins says he'll shock the world tonight. Plan A, he wins the contract, plan B, he wins the contract. RVD says he'll be the winner. Kofi says he'll fly higher than before. Everyone else will be in trouble in paradise. Ziggler says he's been to the top. He won the title, tonight, lightning strikes twice. Zeb Colter talks about some of the history of Boston, then says Swagger will make history tonight.

The briefcase is shown hanging over the ring, and Lillian Garcia explains the rules of the Money in the Bank match.

Seth Rollins is the first man to make his way out to the ring.

RVD is out next, and Mr. Monday Night gets a nice reaction from the fans on his way into the arena.

Jack Swagger is out third, of course accompanied by Zeb Colter.

Dolph Ziggler is out fourth, and the show-off gets a warm welcome from the fans in the crowd.

Kofi Kingston is out next, and Kofi seems like he has some supporters.

Dean Ambrose is out last, and he comes to the ring tossing punches.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Kofi Kingston vs. RVD vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger

Ambrose charges in and goes right after Rollins, fighting with him to the timekeeper's area. In the ring, Kofi sends Swagger out to the floor, then hits a springboard forearm to RVD. Kofi goes for a ladder and Swagger pushes him away. Kofi climbs the ladder and leaps off with a double axe handle to RVD. Kofi kicks Swagger in the side of the head, then does the boom drop to Swagger, who's laid out on a ladder. Kofi picks up a ladder and uses it to knock Swagger out to the floor.

Kofi sets up the ladder under the case. He begins climbing, but Ambrose is in. Ambrose tips the ladder over, and Kofi hits the top rope, then springboards off to the floor to take out Ziggler and Swagger. Rollins and Ambrose both try to go for the case, but Ambrose slams Rollins' head into the ladder, then slams him to the mat.

Ambrose props up a ladder in the corner. Ambrose teases a suplex on the ladder, but he and Rollins trade position. Ambrose butterflies Rollins' arms, then suplexes him back into the ladder in the corner. Ambrose sets up the ladder under the case again, but Swagger pulls him off. Ambrose tries to go up again, but Swagger pulls him down. RVD, Kofi and Ziggler fight to get up the ladder, Kofi and Ziggler makes it to the top, but Swagger pulls them down. Ambrose clotheslines Swagger over the top. Kofi and Ziggler clothesline Ambrose over the top. Kofi and Ziggler race up the ladder, then fight their way down. Rollins grabs another ladder and smashes it into Kofi and Ambrose. RVD dropkicks the ladder into Rollins' face. RVD hits a couple of clotheslines and a big kick before monkey flipping Rollins out of the corner.

RVD sets up another ladder in the corner, whipping Rollins into it, then hitting a spinning back kick to Rollins. RVD lays the ladder across the bottom rope in the corner, then slams Rollins on top of it. RVD hits Rolling Thunder on Rollins on top of the ladder, and Rollins rolls the the outside. RVD hits a springboard dropkick that sends Ambrose to the outside. Van Dam kicks Ambrose, then Swagger. RVD heads to the top and hits Swagger with the five star frog splash.

RVD sets up the ladder and gets a hand on the case. Kofi heads up on the other side and knocks RVD off. Swagger knocks over the ladder, but RVD and Kofi slam it into Swagger's face. Kofi kicks RVD, then sends him to the apron. RVD fights back, heading to the top rope, but he's stopped by Kofi. Kofi tries for the superplex, but Swagger hits Kofi from behind with a ladder. Swagger buries the ladder in Kofi's midsection, then sets up the ladder in the corner, in front of Van Dam.

Swagger climbs the ladder, then pulls Van Dam up on the other side. Swagger goes for a superplex from the ladder, but RVD fights him off and Swagger falls to the mat. RVD stands at the top of the ladder, but Rollins comes in from behind. Rollins trades blows with RVD at the top of the ladder. RVD tries for a superplex off the ladder, and Swagger's in, getting RVD in powerbomb position. Rollins breaks away, and Swagger powerbombs RVD off of the ladder and to the mat.

Ambrose and Rollins climb to the top of the ladder, and Ambrose is able to connect, hitting the superplex from the top of the ladder to knock Rollins loopy for a bit.

Ambrose looks up to the case, grabbing a ladder. Ziggler dropkicks the ladder into Ambrose's face. Swagger slingshots Ziggler into the ladder, still being held by Ambrose. Swagger hip tosses Kingston across the ring, then picks up a ladder and slams it down on Kofi. Swagger hits the Swagger bomb out of the corner, crushing the ladder down on top of Kofi.

Swagger grabs the ladder and drags it to the middle of the ring. Swagger is up, and RVD climbs the other side. RVD and Swagger trade strikes. Rollins and Ambrose pull Swagger and RVD down, then climb either side of the ladder. Rollins and Ambrose trade rights, and Rollins falls to the mat. Ambrose is pulled down by Swagger, but counters it into a DDT.

Rollins pulls himself up the ladder, but Ambrose tips it over, running into the ladder shoulder first. The ref and trainer are in to check on Ambrose. Ambrose pushes everyone away, but it looks like he's being ushered to the back by refs and trainers.

Rollins sees Ambrose leaving, and begins climbing the ladder. RVD is up on the other side, and he kicks Rollins and slams his head into the top of the ladder. Kofi sets a ladder across the ropes and a rung of the ladder, climbing on the same side as RVD. RVD falls from the ladder, getting his leg caught in the rungs. Kingston and Rollins fight at the top of the ladder. Kofi backdrops Rollins into the ladder draped across the top rope. Ziggler pulls Kofi down and slams him head first into the ladder. Kofi tries for the SOS, but Ziggler counters into a big DDT.

Ziggler hits Swagger with a cross body and a series of rights before splashing him in the corner. Ziggler hits RVD with a dropkick and a rocker dropper. Ziggler superkicks a ladder into Swagger's chest. Ziggler picks up a ladder, but misses Kofi with it. Kofi misses trouble in paradise, but Ziggler follows with the Zig Zag on the ladder.

Ziggler sets up the ladder beneath the case. Ziggler climbs, but Swagger is in. Swagger locks Ziggler in the ankle lock while he's on the ladder. Ziggler continues to try to climb the ladder. Ziggler kicks Swagger away.

Ziggler is almost at the top of the ladder. Ziggler has his hand on the case. Rollins is in and whacks Ziggler with a chair, knocking him off the ladder. Rollins hits Ziggler again, sending him to the floor. Rollins climbs the ladder, but Ambrose comes running down from the back. Ambrose hits Rollins with a chair repeatedly.

Ambrose tosses Rollins to the floor, then begins climbing the ladder. Ambrose makes it to the top and gets a hand on the case, but he's interrupted as Kane's pyro and music hit. Kane runs down to the ring, and Ambrose tries to kick him away. Kane pulls Ambrose down and hits a chokeslam. Kane picks Ambrose up and hits a tombstone to plant Ambrose in the middle of the ring.

Rollins gets back in the ring and climbs the ladder while Kane holds the ladder steady, Rollins pulls down the case and holds it high.

Winner and Mr. Money in the Bank: Seth Rollins

Rollins smiles and hugs the briefcase before making his way toward the back. He's interrupted on his way to the back by the music of Triple H. Hunter and Stephanie walk out and hold Rollins' hand high.

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  • ldb

    I know this is the longest shot in the dark ever, but what if since all three former shield members are in these matches they got the title, and the contract, and told hunter to adapt that….. Won’t happen but WHAT IF?

    • GODSENT68

      This has been my theory since Rollins asked for Dean to be added to the match as well. It’d be an AWESOME swerve

  • Andrew

    who do you guys have winning tonight?

    • ldb

      I pick Seth, and Cena, Rusev, Goldstar realistically thinking..

    • Brandon

      Ambrose, Goldust/Stardust, Rusev, hopefully Wyatt

  • Andrew

    shocker ziggler is getting a great reaction smh push him!

    • David F

      WWE give the fans what they want! people in back had to listen to awesome pop for Ziggler. The fans will create another push for Ziggler mark my words

  • Brandon

    Let’s go Ambrose!!

  • ldb

    Really Kane is still the Coporate Kane just with the mask on. Come on.

  • Xavier

    Probably the best MITB match I’ve seen since 2006

    • ldb

      I agree that was an amazing match.

  • rschell21

    Crazy idea here what if and I’m saying what if they split the belts and of course cena is getting the wwe belt and somehow roman falls with the other belt and Rollins cashes in at battleground and takes the belt which sets up a summerslam match between the 2 for the world title but in the coming weeks to the match Ambrose keeps interfering and he ge added to the Match and we get a shield triple threat match at summerslam

  • ldb

    Where is Big Show? Man havent seen the big man in what seems like forever.

  • Xavier

    Good PPV so far

  • Xavier

    Holy crap that was a sick RKO, major props too Orton for that one

  • Xavier

    Cena/Lesnar here we come

  • Scott

    So unexcited about Cena as champ

    • Trapdoor

      Am kind of interested in seeing what The Authority do, now though. (Other than bring Brock out) o.O

  • Splat

    Weak finish to a weak main event. The MITB match was so much better…

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    The RKO was sick!!! Cena’s winning is the most logical thing to do right now. Neither Cesaro, Wyatt nor Reigns deserves to hold the title at time like this and stopped their momentum although seeing “The Champ Is Here…” yada yada for almost 10 years is kinda boring…

  • Cory Schneider

    Happy to say that after barely being able to watch the last two ppvs, I had no problems with WWE network tonight.

  • AndEver

    And Cena wins again. How freaking boring! How many times are they going to do this? If Cena were to watch himself, I think he’d be sick and tired of himself. It’s not that he sucks, it’s that he’s cheesy, and that we know exactly what we’re in for:
    “The champ is here!”
    “Overcome the odds.”
    “I never back down.”
    “You can take me down, but I always get back up.”
    Etc etc etc

    • troll

      Oh yea, start complaining about Cena… That will obviously make u look like a “know all” guy around here…

      Pissed off with guys whose only job is to curse Cena. C’mon it was cool until some time back. Cena hasn’t been anywhere in title picture for months, now he wins and the complaints begin.. Should he retire to stop your whining?? Just stop watching WWE if it disturbs you so much. Period.

  • jacksoncfc1888

    so exited about cena being champ

  • monty

    the right guy won the titles, it didn’t make sense for anyone else to win right now. at summerslam faces Brock and hopefully DB can come back by than too

  • kingdook24

    Obviously, the safe picks were to go with Cena or Orton, since as of Summerslam of last year – maybe even longer, The Authority have had the WWE WHC involved in some capacity in their storylines. So this already eliminates Cesaro, Sheamus & Wyatt. Kane is the Authority’s bodyguard so he didn’t even NEED to be in this match – he could have just interfered like he did in the first MITB match. I feel Kane would’ve had MORE of a purpose if he had indeed took the chance with everyone down to go for the straps himself.

    ADR – of course not. Never had a chance in winning this.

    That leaves only Cena, Orton & Reigns. Obviously, as I pointed out, either one of these three men had the best chance to win simply to keep the title in the Authority’s storyline which will inevitably lead back to Daniel Bryan. And now that Cena holds the straps, Cena can further defend Bryan until he’s back and hopefully… HOPEFULLY… we can finally get that rematch of Cena/Bryan II at, respectfully, once again… Summerslam.

  • Slade

    THE CHAMP IS HERE!!! Although I had a feeling this would happen I was still on the edge of my seat a few times. I was rooting for Cena, Sheamus and Roman, the only three guys worthy to hold the belts–in my mind. I’m not sure how it’s going to play out from here…I just hope that Bitch Lesnar does NOT get his grubby little hands on the belts before Bryan gets them back…he’d have to power wash and sanitize both belts if they were around Lesnar and Heyman for any length of time.
    Wish the contract match ended differently though, hate seeing sell-out Rollins with that briefcase…but maybe he’ll cash it in and blow his chance like Sandow did. One can only hope…

    • JAE

      Or like Cena did.

      • Slade

        Jealous much? In any event…I happen to like seeing blowhards, sell outs and just plain worthless wrestlers like Rollins, Lesnar and Sandow fall flat on their faces. Makes me smile to see them end up with just two things: Jack and Shit.

  • Ben

    This is getting beyond ridiculous!! Cena wins the title for the 15th time! I understand they wanted to give the title to an established star now that Bryan is out, but come on now. WWE seem to forget that there are other superstars beside Cena in their company. Give them a chance too Jesus. I understand what WWE is trying to do: they make every superstar in the championship match take a serious bump on the ladders, while Cena took no bumps at all. They’ll make sure all their superstars get injured, except for their beloved golden boy. For once, WWE, be a fair company and make Cena LOSE for a change. Is that so hard for you? Becuase let’s face, Cena’s time in the WWE on top is over. It’s time to make room for others to take over. Hell, if this is not convincing for you enough, even his hometown fans booed him for God’s sake! WWE, wake up!

    • Patrick

      Money means more for WWE then logic of giving another person a chance as Champion. as long as his merch sells they will go back to him as champ when need be.

  • Guest

    Well no more wwe network for me after SS. You guys can say what u want about Cena being the guy that had to win. If wwe wants ppl to get wwe network u have to give them something other then Cena winning, some excitement, something different. There was nothing about last night that made me say I need wwe network.

  • King James

    Rowan, Harper and The Usos stole the show. Amazing match!

  • Trapdoor

    The (MITB) Briefcase Ladder match was insanely awesome. Hats off to all involved & good luck on your recovery(s). (No-one walked out of that ok).