WWE Money In The Bank Results (7/14/12) - Dolph Ziggler & John Cena Win MITB Contracts; Sheamus & CM Punk Retain Titles

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Tag Team Match
- The Prime Time Players w/Abraham Washington vs. Primo & Epico w/Rosa Mendes

The entrances:

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston make their way out dressed in suits to join the announcer's at their position.

AW makes his way out and introduces the future WWE World Tag Team Champions. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil, the Primetime Players.

Primo and Epico are out next with Rosa Mendes in tow.

The start:

The bell rings and Titus and Epico kick things off. AW's mic is still on for some reason. Epico ducks a dropkick and hits a flying forearm before hitting a nasty chop and tagging in Primo. Primo and Epico hit dual dropkicks but it's not enough for a three count. Titus backs Primo into his own corner and tags out to Young.

Mid-match notes:

Young comes in and beats on Primo in the corner, but he's whipped in to opposite corner and he falls victim to a headscissors. Epico tags in and hits a hurricanrana that sends Young from the ring before Primo hits a suicide dive. Epico low-bridges Titus before diving over the top rope on top of his opponents. Epico sends Young into the ring and hits a slighshot splash for a two count.

You makes the tag and Titus come in, sending Epico to the mat before shoving him out of the ring hard. Titus heads to the outside and picks up Epico, running and slamming him into the ring post. Titus sends Epico back into the ring and stomps away at him. He hits a weird rip-cord styles slam before tagging out to Young, and front suplexing Young on top of Epico. Young pills Epico out of the ring apron and holds on to Epico while AW uses a pick to comb out Young's fro. Titus tags in and stretches Epico up against the ring post, pulling back hard. Titus picks Epico up and hits a backbreaker before holding on and hitting a fall away slam.

Titus busts out a couple of dance moves in the ring to mock Rosa. This allows Epico to catch Titus with a big kick to the face. Titus makes the tag, but so does Epico. Primo comes in and blasts Young with rights before hitting a nice spinning back elbow. Young runs into a big boot before Primo executes a springboard brain chop. A crazy combo leading to a springboard mariposa gets Primo another two count.

The finish:

Primo hits Young with a dropkick to the back that sends him into the ropes. Primo launches himself, coming down on the back of Young's head. Primo goes for a springboard maneuver, but Young catches him with a codebreaker. Primo rolls up Young and steals the three count.

Winners: Primo and Epico

AW says it doesn't matter because they're still the number one contenders. They turn their attention to Kofi and Truth. The Players get in the champs faces, but AW says the moeny isn't right. Truth throws water in AW's face. AW looks hot, but he's held back by his team. Kofi and Truth hold their titles high while the Prime Time Players make their way to the back.

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  • Code

    Super Cena Won….FAIL

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      Entered for the first time and won. What are the odds? Duh

  • EddieB

    Not sure Cena was suppose to win? Was it an accident the brief case came off? I love Jericho but yet again he lost another PPV. Tell me why he came back after all that hype just to turn in to a jobber! I hope Bob Backlund comes back full time now after this Cena love fest!

  • Benjs

    Dz next champ
    Db and punk feud gunna continue I like this
    I’d love to see punk vs db wrestlemainia maybe a huge lader match
    Sham yeah yeah he sucks
    Ry-burg I like him can’t wait to see him in an actual storyline
    Cena no surprise nothing new I would of preferred Chris but honestly no surprise cena hasn’t been champ for a whole but nothing new

  • mark freeman

    Was Cena supposed to win? He had a kinda shell shocked look on his face afterwards, plus the ppv was over 15 minutes early – I know he would of won anyway, its Cena plus it leads to the Rock fighting for the title which he promised us he would do when he returns. And if I was Jericho I would be tearing someone a new one backstage, that case snapped too easily only 5 minutes after he had swung over the ring on it. After the clasp snapped I just thought back to Jericho and then to Owen Hart, I know it was nothing like the Owen situation, but no clasp in the WWE should ever break.

    • jon

      The face that cena made when the case broke was all it took for me to start doubting that it was meant to happen. Cena just isn't that good of an actor. He looked legitimately shocked.

    • proud

      100% backing you up there mate

    • Immy

      Yeah I thought he’d botched the ending.

    • Sythian

      The clasp didn’t break, the handle of the briefcase snapped off, also jericho was holding higher up on the chain so as to avoid something like that with the case snapping. I do see your point though with Owen Hart, but this was a little different.

  • Max

    christian should have won he was great

  • Alagranchet

    Was it me or did I hear Jerry Lawler say its a F****N giant ladder , when show was pulling the ladder from under the ring?

    • Keagan

      Ya I herd it to.

    • Kleck

      No, I just looked at that specfic part because I thought he said it to. He said freaking

  • Ryan

    time for some investigative reporting, Richard, to see if Cena was actually supposed to have won tonight! I agree with you, though, I think he was probably scripted to win, but you could tell he was surprised when the clasp broke.

  • Sean

    what a fail of a ppv.. Ziggler most exciting match of the night. Of course Cena is the main event. You know Vince keeps pushing this no one man is above the WWE crap… But Cena is the Main event of EVERY PPV this month after the WWE championship. Way to go Vince, you made the house you built, meaningless

  • graham hodis

    Another drab ppv and cena wins to close the show. Past two ppvs have been very average. Lets hope summerslam is much better otherwise i can see a lot of wwe fans not buying ppvs anymore

  • ryan

    the crock isnt winning no title he is such a loser!

  • Chuck

    It seemed like everyone botched a move in the 1st MItb ladder match.. Maybe too many ppl or maybe they were nervous. I predict rock wins title and Cena cashes in on him at wrestlemania!!

  • John dickson

    Rock beats cm punk for title on 1000th episode of raw , cena cashes in on same night beats the rock , which leads to a wrestlemania rematch.

  • Voice of Wrestling

    not going to lie but CM punk and D brys match could be match of the year, also Tyson Kidd and Damien Sandow both really impressed me, but the perfectionist Dolph was the obvious outcome which he deserves , but Lord Botchi could of injured someone last night at the way he was wrestling tbh, and John Cena looked like a botch and a half he looked so surprised and so did Jericho who I think should of won, lets see what happens tonight people.

  • Austin

    Typical Super Cena. Now we know anything that involves John Cena must be in the main event.

  • I watched the ppv at a sports bar. Everyone was waiting for SinCara to botch. When he did, the place went wild! It was hilarious.

    • Mr.Kevo

      Nah man Sin Cara didn't botch that spot Ziggler just slipped. I thought he did too at first but I re watched it.

    • Razmos01

      Ziggler botched the move thats why Sin Cara kicked out at him in anger, Ziggler slipped and Sin Cara actually managed to manuveur so both could take a decent enough bump to prevent injury