WWE Money In The Bank Results (7/14/12) - Dolph Ziggler & John Cena Win MITB Contracts; Sheamus & CM Punk Retain Titles

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No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship
Special Guest Referee: AJ Lee
- CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

We get a video package that I've seen a couple of times, but still think might be one of the best video packages WWE has produced in a good long while. This means that our streak of having a non-title match close the show will stay intact (unless there's some sort of MITB shenanigans).

AJ is shown backstage with Matt Striker. Striker says many are concerned about her performance tonight. AJ says she's taking her responsibilities seriously and she's in full control. Just because CM Punk broke her heart in front of the entire world, and made her act out in rage and slap him doesn't mean she won't be fair. Bryan was her first love, and you always have a special place in your heart for someone even if they lied to you and used you. She doesn't know if she wants to hug and kiss them, or rip out their... She says the match is next and she has to go. She walks off toward the entranceway.

The entrances:

AJ is the first person to make their way to the ring. She skips, and she looks pretty darn good in her little referee outfit. I'm really excited to see what role she'll play in tonight's match.

Daniel Bryan is the first competitor to make his way out to the ring, and he's got on some sort of crazy weird overcoat.

Bryan kisses AJ's hand as his music cuts out.

CM Punk is out next, and the champion gets a great reaction from the crowd.

We get formal ring introductions for both men from Justin Roberts, and we're ready to kick off this match.

The start:

The bell rings and both men begin circling each other. Bryan goes for a kick and he and Punk tie up in the ropes. Bryan blasts Punk with a couple of kicks, but he's caught with a dragon screw leg whip. Punk kicks at Bryan's back before tossing him from the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Punk follows and chops Bryan against the barricade before backing him into the ring apron. Bryan is able to reverse a whip into the barricade and he chops away at Punk before sending him back into the ring and dropping a big knee on his face. Bryan stretches back Punk's arm and stomps down on his elbow. Bryan kicks Punk's back and chest before trying for an arm breaker. Punk rolls up Bryan for nothing. Punk knees Bryan in the corner before whipping him across the ring.

Bryan turns things around in the corner and rips away at Punk's face before chopping his chest. We get a chop battle, then a kick battle before Punk blasts Bryan with a European uppercut. Punk picks up Bryan and hits a backbreaker before he heads up to the top rope. Punk tries for a leg drop, but Bryan moves and Punk crashes to the mat. Bryan kicks at Punks chest and back, wearing him out. Bryan backs up and soccer ball kicks Punk in the ribs before going for a pin and getting a one count. Bryan locks in a rear chin lock, continuing to rip at Punk's face.

Punk fights out of it but eats a shoulder block. Punk responds with a dropkick that sends Bryan to the outside and he follows with a suicide dive through the ropes. Punk fights Bryan up toward the entranceway. Bryan tries for a suplex on the floor, but Punk blocks it and slams Bryan down chest first on the barricade. Punk drags Bryan back toward the ring, bringing him in. Bryan shoves Punk and Punk flies into AJ knocking her from the apron out to the floor.

Punk goes to check on AJ. Bryan attacks Punk from behind and throws him into the ring steps. Bryan checks on AJ, and she's walked to the back by one of the trainers. Bryan continues to wear Punk down with nasty kicks to the chest. Bryan heads to the ring apron and launches himself off toward Punk with a flying knee to the head.

Bryan front suplexes Punk on the ring steps before peppering him with even more kicks to the chest. Bryan whips Punk into the barricade hard, but when he charges in, he's backdropped into the timekeeper's area. Punk hits Bryan with a big knee before he crotches him on the barricade. Punk heads to another barricade and uses it as a springboard for a big clothesline that sends both men back to the ringside area.

The crowd wants tables, so Punk reaches under the apron for one. Bryan assaults Punk and slams him down hard on the arena floor. Bryan goes under the table and he gets his hands on a kendo stick. Bryan slams it on the floor and screams yes. He goes for a shot but Punk moves out of the way. Bryan goes for another shot but still misses. Punk rolls into the ring and calls for Bryan to come in after him. He holds Bryan at bar with kicks, but Bryan hits him through the ropes. Punk ducks a shot and kicks Bryan. He gets his hands on the kendo stick, but Bryan kicks him. Bryan backdrops Punk to the apron and Punk springboards back in but Bryan catches him with a kendo stick shot to the ribs for a two count.

Bryan uses the stick to blast Punk with shots to the back. I counted at least twelve shots to the back and shoulder. Bryan holds the stick high and winds up, hitting another big shot to Punk's back. Bryan rolls Punk over and goes for the pin but Punk kicks out at two. Bryan backs Punk into the corner and grinds at his face with his forearm. Bryan kicks Punk in the chest and thighs before dragging him out to the middle of the ring for a snap suplex.

Bryan heads to the top rope and goes for a flying head butt, but Punk is able to move at the last second and Bryan crashes to the mat. Punk kicks Bryan's chest, and Bryan responds. The two trade kicks, then forearms, and Punk gets the advantage with a huge back heel kick and a neckbreaker. Bryan kicks out at two. Punk clamps on a front face lock and knees Bryan before sending him into the corner and hitting the high knee. Punk tries for the bull dog, but Bryan shoves him off. Bryan misses a kick and Punk hits a powerslam for two.

Punk calls for the G2S and he shoulders Bryan but Bryan fights out. Punk shoulders Bryan again, but Bryan reverses into a roll up for a two count. Bryan kicks Punk in the back of the head to lay him out. Bryan goes back to the kendo stick, using it to bash Punk's back. Bryan goes for the Mexican surfboard, yanking Punk back and supporting him. Punk gets out of the hold and reaches for the kendo stick, using it to punish Bryan with repeated strikes. Punk goes for the pin, but Bryan kicks out at two.

Punk heads to the top, but Bryan stops him in his tracks. Bryan heads up after Punk and he hits a giant superplex. AJ marches her way back out to the ring and she sends the other ref out, assuring him that she's OK to work the rest of the match. AJ smiles at both men before skipping around in a circle.

AJ heads to the outside and goes under the ring, grabbing a chair. She heads back into the ring with the chair in hand. Bryan reaches out a hand toward her. She puts the chair down in the middle of the ring. Both men scramble and Bryan comes up with it, blasting Punk across the back with four consecutive shots. Bryan goes for the pin but only gets two.

Bryan appeals to AJ, asking her to count correctly. Bryan is rolled up for a two count. Bryan looks at AJ and says this is for her before he starts kicking Punk furiously in the chest. Bryan takes him into the corner not stopping with kick after kick. AJ looks a bit upset. Bryan backs up and charges in but Punk leaps out of the corner with a big clothesline. Punk grabs the chair and uses it to help him stand. He winds up and hits Bryan across the back three times before wedging it between the middle and top rope.

AJ stands in front of the chair before Punk can whip Bryan in. Punk goes toward her and she moves. Bryan charges in with a dropkick that sends Punk crashing into the chair in the corner. AJ looks conflicted. Bryan crawls toward the kendo stick, but AJ puts her foot on it and smiles down at Bryan, laughing. Bryan tries to reason with AJ, and turns around into a huge kick to the side of the head. Punk grabs a chair and uses it to hold behind Bryan for a big slam. Punk heads to the top and comes off with an elbow drop, but Bryan moves and Punk's elbow crashes into the chair. Bryan goes for the Yes! lock, using the kendo stick for more leverage.

AJ watches closely. Punk is able to fight his way out of it, slingshotting Bryan into the corner. Punk shoulders Bryan and hits the Go To Sleep, but Punk falls away from Bryan. Punk crawls into the cover, but Bryan is able to kick out at two.

Punk crawls out of the ring, heading out to grab the table he pulled from under the ring earlier. Punk takes the table and brings it into the ring. Punk sets the table up near the corner of the ring. Punk places Bryan on the table and he hits Bryan with a couple of shots to the chest. Punk heads up to the top rope and he calls for another elbow drop, but Bryan crotches Punk and stops him. Bryan hits Punk with a series of right hands and a big kick to the chest before he goes up after Punk.

The finish:

Punk counters and crotches Bryan on the top rope. Punk heads up after Bryan and hits him with some elbows to the neck and chest before hitting a huge belly to back superplex through the table. Punk covers Bryan and he gets the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

AJ hands over the title to Punk after looking a bit conflicted, and Punk heads up in to corner to celebrate. AJ looks kind of upset watching Punk celebrate with his championship. AJ looks at Bryan who's still in the wreckage of the table. Punk walks by AJ and she stares him down.

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  • Code

    Super Cena Won….FAIL

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      Entered for the first time and won. What are the odds? Duh

  • EddieB

    Not sure Cena was suppose to win? Was it an accident the brief case came off? I love Jericho but yet again he lost another PPV. Tell me why he came back after all that hype just to turn in to a jobber! I hope Bob Backlund comes back full time now after this Cena love fest!

  • Benjs

    Dz next champ
    Db and punk feud gunna continue I like this
    I’d love to see punk vs db wrestlemainia maybe a huge lader match
    Sham yeah yeah he sucks
    Ry-burg I like him can’t wait to see him in an actual storyline
    Cena no surprise nothing new I would of preferred Chris but honestly no surprise cena hasn’t been champ for a whole but nothing new

  • mark freeman

    Was Cena supposed to win? He had a kinda shell shocked look on his face afterwards, plus the ppv was over 15 minutes early – I know he would of won anyway, its Cena plus it leads to the Rock fighting for the title which he promised us he would do when he returns. And if I was Jericho I would be tearing someone a new one backstage, that case snapped too easily only 5 minutes after he had swung over the ring on it. After the clasp snapped I just thought back to Jericho and then to Owen Hart, I know it was nothing like the Owen situation, but no clasp in the WWE should ever break.

    • jon

      The face that cena made when the case broke was all it took for me to start doubting that it was meant to happen. Cena just isn't that good of an actor. He looked legitimately shocked.

    • proud

      100% backing you up there mate

    • Immy

      Yeah I thought he’d botched the ending.

    • Sythian

      The clasp didn’t break, the handle of the briefcase snapped off, also jericho was holding higher up on the chain so as to avoid something like that with the case snapping. I do see your point though with Owen Hart, but this was a little different.

  • Max

    christian should have won he was great

  • Alagranchet

    Was it me or did I hear Jerry Lawler say its a F****N giant ladder , when show was pulling the ladder from under the ring?

    • Keagan

      Ya I herd it to.

    • Kleck

      No, I just looked at that specfic part because I thought he said it to. He said freaking

  • Ryan

    time for some investigative reporting, Richard, to see if Cena was actually supposed to have won tonight! I agree with you, though, I think he was probably scripted to win, but you could tell he was surprised when the clasp broke.

  • Sean

    what a fail of a ppv.. Ziggler most exciting match of the night. Of course Cena is the main event. You know Vince keeps pushing this no one man is above the WWE crap… But Cena is the Main event of EVERY PPV this month after the WWE championship. Way to go Vince, you made the house you built, meaningless

  • graham hodis

    Another drab ppv and cena wins to close the show. Past two ppvs have been very average. Lets hope summerslam is much better otherwise i can see a lot of wwe fans not buying ppvs anymore

  • ryan

    the crock isnt winning no title he is such a loser!

  • Chuck

    It seemed like everyone botched a move in the 1st MItb ladder match.. Maybe too many ppl or maybe they were nervous. I predict rock wins title and Cena cashes in on him at wrestlemania!!

  • John dickson

    Rock beats cm punk for title on 1000th episode of raw , cena cashes in on same night beats the rock , which leads to a wrestlemania rematch.

  • Voice of Wrestling

    not going to lie but CM punk and D brys match could be match of the year, also Tyson Kidd and Damien Sandow both really impressed me, but the perfectionist Dolph was the obvious outcome which he deserves , but Lord Botchi could of injured someone last night at the way he was wrestling tbh, and John Cena looked like a botch and a half he looked so surprised and so did Jericho who I think should of won, lets see what happens tonight people.

  • Austin

    Typical Super Cena. Now we know anything that involves John Cena must be in the main event.

  • I watched the ppv at a sports bar. Everyone was waiting for SinCara to botch. When he did, the place went wild! It was hilarious.

    • Mr.Kevo

      Nah man Sin Cara didn't botch that spot Ziggler just slipped. I thought he did too at first but I re watched it.

    • Razmos01

      Ziggler botched the move thats why Sin Cara kicked out at him in anger, Ziggler slipped and Sin Cara actually managed to manuveur so both could take a decent enough bump to prevent injury