WWE Night Of Champions Results (9/16/12) - Two Title Changes; CM Punk Retains

The Prime Time Players are backstage, complaining to Eve about what happened with AJ on Monday. Eve runs off and she finds Kaitlyn, who seems to have been attacked. Kaitlyn appears to not be able to walk, and Eve says she'll get her match, but not tonight. She needs medical attention. Eve and one of the trainers help Kaitlyn walk off.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
- Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane

The entrances:

We get a video package about the team that the Prime Time Players hate, and I personally love, Daniel Bryan and Kane, and what led to them getting a title shot tonight. Daniel Bryan is the first man to make his way out into the arena. He's awesome, somehow fuming and calming himself down at the same time. Bryan is easily the most entertaining thing in WWE right now, at least in this humble blogger's opinion.

Kane's pyro hits, and the big man makes his way out to join his partner in the ring.

Truth and Kofi are out next, and the champions get a fairly warm reaction from the crowd.

The start:

Bryan and Kane argue about who will start the match. Kane wins and begins with Kofi. Kofi kicks away at Kane's leg, and Kane sends Kofi over the top rope. Kofi skins the cat and hits Kane with a big dropkick.

Mid-match notes:

He tags in Truth who goes for a cross body but it caught by Kane. Kofi hits a dropkick to Truth's back to take down Kane. Kane is able to fight back, bringing things over to make the tag to Bryan. Bryan kicks at Truth, screaming no the whole time. Bryan sends Truth across the ring, but runs into an arm drag. Truth is able to make the tag, and Kofi comes in with a big cross body for a two count.

Quick tags as Truth comes back in and hits a dancing leg drop for another two count. Truth blasts Bryan with a big right hand. Kane makes the blind tag and comes in with a big clothesline to take out Truth. Bryan likes what he sees. Kane beats on Truth in the corner, burying rights and legs in his gut before kicking away at him. Kane makes the tag and the two work as a team for the first time in the match. Bryan kicks away at Truth's chest repeatedly before hitting a running low dropkick. Bryan goes for the pin but only gets two.

Kane makes the tag and Bryan sets up Truth for a low dropkick from the big man. Truth tries to fight back, but Kane sends him into the corner and hits a big clothesline. Bryan tags in and Kane tries to send Bryan into the corner for a dropkick to Truth. Bryan misses and Truth falls from the ring. Kane helps Bryan up, but Bryan shoves him, mad at the error. Shoving from both men ensues, and Bryan pushes Kane's face. Bryan tells Kane to wait, and says they have to wait, saying they need to hug it out. Bryan implores Kane to hug, and the two men embrace, to a huge pop.

Truth is able to sneak over for a tag and Kingston comes in with a series of kicks and strikes to take out Bryan. Kofi connects with the boom drop, but Kane pulls Bryan from the ring. Kingston takes out Kane with a baseball slide, then takes out Bryan with a front flip over the top rope to the floor. Kofi sends Bryan into the ring, and follows with a springboard, but Bryan catches him with the No lock. Truth breaks it up, but Kane pulls Truth out to the floor.

The finish:

Bryan hits Kofi with a corner dropkick, and Kane tags himself in. Kane heads to the top and Bryan argues with him. Kofi tries for a top rope hurricanrana, but Bryan hangs on to Kane to stop him from falling. Kane hits Bryan, so Bryan runs into Kane with a big forearm and pushes him from the top, onto Kofi. Kane gets the pin, and the three.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Daniel Bryan and Kane

Following the match, Kane and Bryan get in each others faces, both men screaming that they, individually, are the tag team champions. Kane goes for his pyro, and Bryan flinches, but it's just a second late going off.

Booker T and Teddy Long are shown watching a monitor backstage. Eve comes in and says that Kaitlyn wont be able to compete tonight per doctor's orders. Teddy Long says that the champ has to defend her title. Booker says that Eve beat Kaitlyn, so she's qualified for #1 contender, so this is a little reward. Eve thanks Booker, and Teddy looks on disappointedly.

WWE United States Championship Match
- Antonio Cesaro (c) w/Aksana vs. Santino Marella

The entrances:

Antonio Cesaro makes his way out to the ring first, with Aksana in tow. Cesaro doesn't look too happy as he makes his way into the ring. Aksana grabs the mic and has Antonio say the word unfair in English, Italian, German, Swiss, and French. Antonio says he considers this match unfair. He continues to complain, but is interrupted by Zack Ryder's music.

The start:

The bell rings and we get a lock up with Cesaro takes Ryder down to the mat right away. Antonio locks in a front face lock, but Ryder escapes and hits an arm drag. Cesaro comes back with a side headlock, before hitting a big shoulderblock. Antonio runs into a big flapjack from Ryder which is good enough for a two count. Cesaro comes back with snake eyes. Cesaro stomps away at Ryder before locking in a rear chin lock. Ryder is able to fight out of the hold, but he falls victim to a giant clothesline and another two count.

Mid-match notes:

Cesaro deadlifts Ryder before tossing him across the ring and smothering him in the ropes. Cesaro stomps down on Ryder's misection, getting another two count. Cesaro hits a suplex, but still can't keep Ryder down. Cesaro locks in a cravat, but Ryder breaker it and the two trade right hands. Cesaro hits the pop up European uppercut, and it's amazing, but it only keeps Ryder down for two, Cesaro stomps away at Ryder in the corner. Cesaro looks like he's going for a neckbreaker, but just holds Ryder on his back. Ryder fights out and slams Cesaro face first into the canvas. Ryder is able to come up with a clothesline and a roll up for two. He hits Cesaro with knees to the face and a dropkick from the middle rope for another two count.

The finish:

Ryder counters a suplex into a neckbreaker for another two count. Cesaro rolls out to the apron and slams Ryder's head into the turnbuckle. He heads to the top, but he's stopped by Ryder. Ryder heads up after him and hits a top rope hurricanrana. Ryder goes for the broski boot, but Aksana pulls Cesaro from the ring. Cesaro heads back in, hits a European uppercut, and the neutralizer to put Ryder down for a three count.

Winner and STILL WWE US Champion: Antonio Cesaro

Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga are shown backstage. Ricardo walks in without his neck brace, and both are mad at him for not wearing it. Otunga chastises him, and calls him stupid before he and Del Rio walk off and Ricardo puts the brace back on.

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  • Jeff Ono

    Hooray, Super Punk beats Cena again! Give me a break. Are you Cena Haters happy? Punk's boring monotonous victories are no different than what you hated about Cena always winning. Punk-Rock will not sell PPV buys (at least not on Punk's part). Boring.

    • Giovanni

      your right, plus if Punk can win in Chi-Town why can't Cena win Beantown

      • Gary

        Cena can't even get a pop from his own home town which is sad and truly shows his relationship with he fans at this point. He should be turned Heel, regardless of merchandise sales (heels still sell, from what I know). And yes, Jeff…Punk definitely should have won. Aligning him with Heyman and then giving him a loss would have made no sense creatively…plus part of this story line now is the championship reign and they're going to run with that. On a final note I would 100% rather see Punk vs. Rock than another poor match between Rock & Cena. I also think Punk should WIN that match. Use Rock to actually elevate "The Best In The World."

        • izblack

          Punk/Rock won’t be a good match at all. Rock has one 1 on 1 match in 7 years and Punk won’t be able too carry him the way Cena did.

    • H.M.

      Don't start posting comments out of joy until you let the whole show unfold bud.

    • Mark

      We hate Cena, ruined WWE for the past 4-6 years, Gimmick chance maybe, yeah, REALLY, REALLY!!! And stop selling on your arse, or learn to sell period!!!!!!!

      • Butch!

        Hate Cena? He changed the WWE since he arrived.. Making a debut beating Kurt Angle (who was at the peak at the time) & you telling me he ruins WWE? You suck.. Cena is a wrestler with ambition who made his dreams a reality, much better than what Punk is.. Cena will get his time again, so to all you Cena-Haters? EFF OFF!!

      • Hate Cena? He changed the WWE since he arrived.. Making a debut beating Kurt Angle (who was at the peak at the time) & you telling me he ruins WWE? You suck.. Cena is a wrestler with ambition who made his dreams a reality, much better than what Punk is.. so to all you Cena-Haters? EFF OFF!!

    • Mr. E

      U mad bro?

    • Bault16

      I got think your a wrestling fan..

      • Bault16


    • Big D

      Yes. Very.

    • Austin

      Horray the most boring guy in the WWE wins again he should hav lost it at extreme rules or even royal rumble

      • izblack


    • dlink

      Come on "Jeff Ono", don't you mean Super Cena! Cena is always winning over other competitors….what good is that?! Cena (as much as I hate to say it) is already over, he's the face of the company (unfortunately). What does Cena gain by winning? What does Cena gain by going over other talent?

      What is he proving…really?! WWE will hurt themselves (which they do consistently) by continuing to allow Cena to win every match (which they have and they're now suffering because of that). They tried putting him over so much that, they put him over too much (more than they needed too). We understand that he's the face but you have to lose to.

      How does the WWE begin to get over other main event talent? You can't have Cena winning all the time because, if you do that then he's not putting over anyone else and then in essence WWE is not left with any main time players. Do you understand this concept?!

    • Liam Payne

      Cena loses far to often now, he’s hated for winning or loses, not being funny but he does need a heel turn, ‘ ruthless aggression ‘ got him to where he is, not rising above hate.. One of his biggest fans, hate seeing his boring character, anyone agree?

  • Giovanni

    Wwe creative knows how to ruin a possible match of the year just trips can have da moty, and i mean post-mania

    • bryan

      Form coherent sentences.

  • Mike

    Orton beating Ziggler, give me a break.

  • MonstaHeel450

    Somebody call the cops….. KAITLYN GOT ROBBED!!! (sigh) Who didnt see this comin, right, Eve? Stealin a page from Tonya/Nancy huh? Once again, no push for u, Kaits. And they wonder why the Divas match had a "ghost town reaction" (with crickets). Lets see what happens on Raw.

    • Bault16

      Who cares?

  • Mark

    Once in a lifetime kinda gave the game away, Cena v Rock was ‘Once in a lifetime’ we dont need to go tho that again!! Punk v Rock will be amazing, punks in the best shape of his life against a washed up veteran!!! Still respect Rocky, but time to put Punk over, unlike Ortan STILL refuses to do with with Ziggles tonight!!!

    • Danny_Boy

      And unlike Punk who refuses tooo put anybody else over as well.

      • Gary

        Punk is the champion, genius. The Champion doesn't put over up-and-comers. Matter of fact, he doesn't even face them. Who should be "put over?" Cena? Maybe you don't know what the term means. It means taking a loss to elevate someone else. That simply can't happen as part of this story line because he won't face the type of guys who need a push b/c those guys are simply not in the main event picture.

        • IZBLACK

          Who has Punk ever elevated in the six years he's been in the WWE?

  • Joe

    Man wwe screwed up a great match I’m mean really at least if punk was to walk out of Boston as champion they should have had him pin cena or if cena was to win they could have left it as it was

    • Bault16

      They probably want to do a rematch… Simple logic.

    • izblack

      That funny you say that b/c when someone like HHH or Cena was champ you were probably one of those snarks that was crying about how they never put anybody over, I can smell Punk fan from you from a mile away. Punk hasn’t elevated anyone since he came too the E in 06. And if he has please by all means who?

      • Steve C

        How could punk elevate anyone when he was held down for soooooo long?? Not even a year as punk being a top guy and people moan where as cena has been on the top and main eventing for over 6years!! Wwe title always should be main event not the “face of the company”! The way cena always main events is making punk lose even when winning!!

  • Joey

    I thought this was a good PPV. Better than Summerslam. Great matches from Orton/Ziggler, IC title four-way, and of course Cena and Punk put on a PHENOMONAL match, like always. Complain about the ending all you want, but if it gives another match like that, I'm all for it! The only thing I have to complain about is the logic in the Sheamus/Del Rio match… so you make the storyline about making the Brogue Kick ILLEGAL, but you make it legal anyways? Pointless. Irregardless, it was a good match with some close nearfalls and I loved Sheamus teasing submission. They made Orton tap, so Sheamus tapping didn't seem that impossible to comprehend for me. Loved the backstage comedy from Kane and D-Bryan, these two are golden and I can't wait to see what they do each week while their predicaments (especially now as champs) become more and more comedic. Like I said, great PPV, and I look forward to (most) of these storylines down the road.

  • Joey

    I also think that Punk adding the Rock Bottom to his repertoire pretty much confirms at some point down the road, he will face Rocky and is Punk's and the writer's way of winking at the audience that it will happen.

    • Gary

      I also think aligning him with Heyman gives them a great story line chance for a match against Lesnar further down the road. You can have Lesnar angry that Heyman isn't concentrating on Him and rather splitting his duties, leading to a match between both guys.

  • MonstaHeel450

    Once again Kaitlyn gets robbed of a push…. and they wonder why this Divas match had a huge 'ghosttown reaction'. Thanx, Eve. Good to steal a page from the Tonya/Nancy saga 20 years ago. See how long this reign lasts…

  • nails

    Cena vs Punk was a fantastic match!

  • Jman72485

    Theyre going at the Punk heel turn the wrong way. I like him as a face and his heel turn before, when he came out dressed as Jeff hardy. He he seems like hes trying to play a classic heel but is trying way too hard and the fans won’t let him turn. He should go face again if not a tweener…

    • Bault16

      Ou should be a creative writer

      • Gary

        Hey Bault. He's right. The fans chant his name almost regardless of what he does and where he is. CM Punk chants in Boston last night were louder than any Cena fans. He should be a tweener similar to StoneCold

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Here is my question so let’s say Punk beats Cena at hiac next month.. Than what happens?? Is he going to face Cena till rumble?

    • Joey

      Given what they've done with ADR and Sheamus, most likely.

    • mckendo

      Lesnar will come back at HIAC and we will see the formation of Lensar, Punk, and Heyman.. just a prediction

  • John

    I think that the tag division is deffinately getting stronger and im liking what I see, food for Bryan and Kane

  • So sad how obvious these results were. Maybe its time to bring Cena back to the “Ruthless Aggression” era, and away from acting like the Rock. He is muscular and the lightest touch makes him dizzy, then poof he is all better. MOVE ON!!!
    Heel or Face, Punk is not The future, he is Boring.

    • Gary

      You're right. He's not good on the mic or int he ring…lol

      Or, he's probably the best guy they have on the mic and one of the best in the ring. Every match he is in, against whoever, is worth watching. I don't miss a promo or match of his b/c they're easily a level above everyone else right now.

      • izblack

        Pinkos not the best guy they gave on the mic nor is he even close too being the best the ring. All of Punk’s promos the past year have been him crying & bitching about getting no respect. It’s the same shit every week from him. And best in the ring? That’s laughable, Cena, Jericho, HHH, Bryan have carried that dude inside the ring. You notice whenever Punk is put in the ring with someone like Miz or ADR his matches tend too suck, well that’s because Punk doesn’t know how too carry lesser talent inside the ring. Punk needs great opponents in the ring with him too help him look great.

  • Chicago MADE

    Hey JACK, you don’t speak for all us WWE fans CMpunk is better on the mic and in the ring than anybody I’ve seen in a while, and you wanna call him boring?

  • mjledesma

    Where Big Show?

  • Brentos22

    The point of Orton going over Ziggler is???


    i am not a Cena fan, but i’m tired of people saying they want a Cena character change. as boring as he is, he will probably never ever change. ever. as a cash cow, goody goody Cena is way too much of a safe bet. as long as he stays the same, children will pay for his merch and to see him in “5-move miracle matches.” he will always be good for WWE PR with the charity bit. it will never change. get used to it. i mean, you know what they say: “wish in one hand, sh*t in the other one…”

  • -|AZ|-

    Super Cena Vs Super Punk was the highlight of this PPV
    Punk using Rock Bottom!!! "Really? Really? Really?" Indicates who'll be the WWE champ by Rumble '13
    BTW, That makes it Punk 2 Cena 0 (considering only the almost 'clean' victories) which I think is about to catch the eye of VKM very soon…

    About the WHC match, I was hoping that after Booker T made the Brogue Kick 'legal' he would tell Sheamus "Can you KICK dat SUCKA(ADR)" 😛

    Loved to see the pre-show return of DiBiase and the push given to Ryder (which, if I'm not mistaken, makes his battle royal win count to 4!!!) I'm pretty sure he'll win the US title in HIAC

    And about Team Anger Management winning the tag team c'ship… "YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!" I'm really looking forward to this storyline on the coming RAWs n SDs

  • Mitch

    Just saying, did anybody see orton give a fan the bird? I’m almost surtain he did.

  • Mitch

    Wait I was right he did, I just saw he apologized on twitter before I even wrote that, haha.

  • Mark

    What needs to happen is Punk beat Rock at Royal Rumble due to interference by Brock Lesnar… Brock vs. Rock at Mania. It keeps the Title off a part-time talent, pushes a money maker match at Mania with the possibility of either going over, etc.

  • AntGilroy

    All you guys are crazy!!! And I’d rather you stop watching wrestling so I don’t have to hear you complain about who the champions are and how they win!! It’s so annoying. The punk cena match was the best match of the night!!! Punk was doing moves he doesn’t normally do cena was doing moves he doesn’t normally do it was awesome!! The crowd was cheer this is awesome!! Towards the end of the match!!! Stop the complaining!! The probably with wrestling now a days is you idiot “so called fans” can’t go without a ppv where a new champion is crowned!! It should be punk vs the rock! Punk is the man! He is a Paul heyman guy! He is the best in the world!!!

    • adam

      I completely agree. I'm tired of everyone on here complaining. Last year everyone wanted punk as champ and now because he turns heel on tv nobody likes him. Everyone complains about cena and he puts on an amazing match and people still are going to complain about him. Now everyone is complaining about an ending to a match. COME ON people think story line wise. This will lead to an awesome match at HIAC. Cena vs Punk inside a cell will be awesome.

      You would think that for people to go out of their way to get onto a wrestling website (the best in the world i might add) they would be a little bit more aware of a storyline scenario and where things could eventually lead. just saying

  • Ken

    Best PPV I've seen in ages. If the WWE pulled out shows like that on a regular basis I'd not complain about their product nearly as much.

    I had the Orton/Ziggler match down as the show-stealer, until I saw Punk/Cena.
    So glad Punk'sstill got the strap. They've made such a big deal about how long he's had the belt in comparison to other reigns I hope he keeps it until he tops the list. That would be respect.

    A great show all around, to the point where I'm actually looking forward to tonight's Raw.
    The cynical side of me is still expecting them to screw something up though. Time will tell…

    • Steven

      Seven years of Punk as Champ? Hell no.

  • Herman Tank

    I actually don't really care for Orton especially because he was making Christian look like a chump during his lackluster title reigns, but I DO like his "attitude". It's like he's so sick of being PG that he really doesn't care. Suspended twice, whatever. Flipping kids off in the crowd…yeah, I can respect that.

    • Joe

      Amen punk and ortan both look like they don’t belong in this era they look more like a ruthless era

  • AntGilroy

    I hope they do at survivor series lesnar and punk with heyman vs cena and rock this way they can further build the rock punk at rumble and cena rock at mania and then they don’t have to have punk put his title on the line

  • Sjenttivensventa

    Best 50 dollars I saved

  • Gurinder

    Randy has buried kofiii
    Now he gonna burry zigglerrr
    I hope ziggler will become world heavywieght champion soon

    • seakc87

      And I hope that you learn how to spell.

  • akash

    the champion belt can be with cm punk but the real champ is john cena

  • akash

    cm punk sucks