WWE No Way Out Results (6/17/12) - Sheamus & CM Punk Retain, John Laurinaitis "Fired" After Big Show Loses To Cena

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In-ring Segment
- Triple H discusses Brock Lesnar's lawsuit

We get a video package that details the recent events between Hunter and Brock Lesnar, including Lesnar's people 'suing' Triple H and quitting the company.

Hunter makes his way out to the arena, not wearing the brace on his arm that he'd been sporting recently. HHH makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation from the crowd. Michael Cole runs down a bit of Hunter's history at No Way Out events in the past.

Hunter grabs a mic. He says he's spent over half of his life in the ring. He did it because for the most part it's the only thing he ever wanted to do. Also because he never wanted to get a real job. Ironically, here he is all these years later with a real job. A corporate job on top of it. In that job for the last five weeks since Paul Heymen brought two lawsuits against the company, he's had to deal with a lot of crap because he's not a corporate kind of guy. He says he's an a**kicker, it's what he does. So he came up with an idea. Paul Heymen said Brock wants to fight. And Brock says he's not an entertainer, and he's not a lawyer, but he's a fighter, and he's an a**kicker.

Hunter says the last time he saw Lesner in the ring, he jumped him from behind and broke him arm, but his arm is feeling a lot better, and in a couple more weeks, it'll be 100%, and then he'll be back in fighting shape. Hunter says that'll bring them to right in the middle of Summer. He's proposing they get rid of the lawyers, lawsuits, and legal junk. They get rid of the fat, balding manager. This is about Hunter and Brock doing what they do. They're fighters, and Hunter wants to fight him. He wants to fight Brock bad. He lays out the challenge for Lesnar vs. HHH at SummerSlam. He says let's do this.

Hunter says let's fight, or he can be happy with being a quitter. Whatever works for Brock, but he'll be waiting. Hunter drops the mic and heads to the back.

Daniel Bryan is shown warming up backstage. AJ walks in. Bryan says now is not the time. AJ says she's not trying to distract him, she just needs to tell him that after everything they've been through, there's still a part of her that hasn't gotten over him, and she wanted to wish him good luck. She kisses Bryan on the cheek and walks away. Bryan smiles and goes back to warming up.

WWE Divas Championship Match
- Layla Β© vs. Beth Phoenix

The entrances:

Beth makes her way out to the ring first to a bit of a non-reaction from the crowd.

Layla is out next, and the whole crowd seems to be sitting on their hands, not looking forward to this one at all.

The start:

The bell rings and Layla goes behind Beth. They trade positions a couple of times before Beth goes into the ropes to force a break. Beth comes up with a huge kick, before chopping Layla hard in the chest. Beth says Layla couldn't lace her boots, and that's why she'll take the championship tonight. Layla catches Beth with a boot, but she ends up caught on Beth's shoulder. She fights out, then hits a low dropkick to Beth's knee. Layla grabs Beth's tiara and puts it on, taunting Beth.

Mid-match notes:

Beth looks furious. Layla runs around the ring and teases throwing it. She heads back into the ring and hits Beth with a facebuster. She taunts Beth a bit more before psyching her out a couple of times and then hitting a big dropkick.

Layla ends up back dropped to the apron, but she slaps Beth hard. Beth sends her out to the floor hard in return. Beth follows to the outside and slams Layla into the guardrail. Beth brings things back in the ring and goes for the pin, but she only gets two. Beth locks in a submission, focusing on the arms, but also getting Layla in position for the glam slam. Layla fights to her feet, but she's sent back to the mat by Beth. Beth sends Layla into the ropes, and tries to launch herself in afterwards, but Layla moves, and Beth crashes into the ropes. Beth recovers quickly and stretches Layla across her knee after a backbreaker.

Layla gets out of the hold with a series of knees. Beth tries for the glam slam, but Layla counters into a roll up for two. Layla goes for another roll up for two before blasting Beth with a kick to the side of the face and launching herself out of the corner. Beth comes right back, planting Layla on the mat with a huge powerslam. Beth pulls Layla up and shoulders her, pressing her above her head. Layla counters with a DDT, but a pin only gets her two.

The finish:

Beth takes Layla into the corner and buries her shoulder in Layla's midsection. Layla is able to come up with a neckbreaker out of nowhere, and a pin for three.

Winner and STILL WWE Diva's Champion: Layla

AJ is shown wandering backstage and she walks up to Kane. She says she can't really explain, then trails off. She says she just wanted to wish Kane good luck tonight. She kisses him on the cheek. He grabs her, and pulls her back in to make out. She obliges. Kane walks off, and AJ looks a bit shocked.

Singles Match
- Hunico w/Camacho vs. Sin Cara

The entrances:

Hunico makes his way out to the ring, of course being ferried to the ring by his buddy Camacho on the low-rider bike. Sin Cara is out to the ring next, and he gets an OK reaction on his return to PPV.

The start:

The bell rings and the lights dim. Hunico attacks, laying in with clubbing blows and a big dropkick. Hunico goes to work on the arm, but Cara gets out with an arm drag. Hunico heads to the outside and catches Cara with a high knee. Hunico brings himself back into the ring with a slingshot senton. Hunico takes Cara into the corner and slams him in repeatedly. Hunico chops Cara hard before heading to the apron and bringing him back into the ring with a slingshot dropkick. Hunico locks in a rear chin lock.

Mid-match notes:

Cara fights up, but Hunico slams him back down to the mat. Hunico tries for the Gory special, but Cara fights out, only to run into a big tilt a whirl backbreaker, and another rear chin lock. Cara is able to fight up to his feet, but Hunico takes him down to the mat with a crazy slam, that's good for a near fall. Hunico goes right back to the rear chin lock.

Cara fights out and tries for a roll up, but Hunico comes right back with a low dropkick to the face. Hunico goes back to the well, going right back into the rear chin lock. Cara fights out and tries for a hurricanrana, but it's countered with a quick powerbomb. Hunico blasts Cara with kicks to the chest. Cara is able to connect with a headscissors to take Hunico off of his feet. Cara avoids a splash and blasts Hunico with an enzugiri. Cara hits a springboard hurricanrana, a couple of dropkicks, a series of kicks, but then he runs into boots from Hunico.

The finish:

Cara is quick to recover with a huge headscissors, spinning Hunico around before driving his head into the mat. Cara pins Hunico for three.

Winner: Sin Cara

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  • Anand

    Thank god Laurinitis is fired πŸ™‚ hopefully this guy will never show his face on TV again πŸ™‚

  • Ricky Valdez

    TNA has to be loving the fact that directv had technical problems with wwe ppv.

  • I’m really interested with the tag team division for the first time in a long time

  • jdl

    Now Way Out… of boring match results.

  • Kate

    Good PPV I have to say

  • Mr.Love

    Who cares who runs raw. It’s not Johnny ace or mike adamle so I am happy

  • Adam

    This is awesome:D

  • hurrigame

    Super Cena wins again? How predictable and lame.

    • You are not satisfied again. How predictable and lame

  • Ben

    all titles retained and Cena wins, incredible stuff there creative team…

  • Ego Trip

    A WWE main event that was actually enjoyable to watch. Having the lower card guys come down and get some payback/face time was nice to see for a change. The AJ character has actually started growing on me as well. Management has put her in a role that as of right now has more TV and PVP time than the Womens Champ.

  • Robin Quivers

    This was Ziggler's time. So disappointed.

  • David

    seen Christian on TNA show ppv last week and he said he was going to tna. how can he go there when he woks for WWE?

    • Alex

      The same way Ric Flair went to the WWE hall of fame show.

  • Ivan

    I wonder if Primo & Epico are ever going to get a rematch for the tag titles.

  • bob

    wot im so surprised about was that at the beggining of the show, they reffered to the wwe as "world WRESTLING entertainment". I thought they were a "sports entertainment company" now.

  • gage

    wot im so surprised about was that at the beggining of the show, they reffered to the wwe as "world WRESTLING entertainment". I thought they were a "sports entertainment company" now.

  • lou v 3

    wow thAt SUCKED