WWE No Way Out Results (6/17/12) - Sheamus & CM Punk Retain, John Laurinaitis "Fired" After Big Show Loses To Cena

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Steel Cage Match
If Big Show loses, John Laurinaitis is "fired." If Cena loses, he is "fired."
- John Cena vs. Big Show

The entrances:

The first man to make his way out is John Laurinaitis, who makes his way out on the single crutch, wearing a hideous red suit. It's more of an eyesore than Santino's prom-ready tux from earlier.

The Big Show is the first actual competitor to make his way out to the ring. Ace looks happy to see his guy make his way down into the cage.

Vince McMahon is the third man to make his way out to the ringside area. McMahon swagger's down, and Ace doesn't look quite as happy to see Vince. Vince walks down to the ring and blows off a handshake from Johnny before the two men sit down in front of the announcer's table for the match. Finally, John Cena makes his way out to the ring, and it looks like we're ready to kick off out main event.

The start:

The door is locked and the bell rings. Cena ducks a charging Show, but ends up grabbed by the throat. Cena fights off a chokeslam, but Show takes him right down to the mat. Show picks up Cena and throws him into the cage wall. Cena struggles to get to his feet, and Show throws him into the cage wall again. Show walks over top of Cena, putting all of his weight on Cena's midsection.

Mid-match notes:

Show goes for the WMD, but Cena ducks and Show hits the cage wall. Cena tries to climb to the top of the cage, but Show is quick to pull him down. Show takes Cena to the corner and chops him across the chest hard. Show takes Cena into another corner and uses his boot to choke Cena while still standing. Cena is able to come up with a big dropkick, and he tries to go out the door, but Show pulls him back into the ring. Show pulls Cena up and slams him back down to the mat.

Show picks Cena up and Cena fights back, but Show hits Cena with a big clothesline that lays Cena on the mat. Cena struggles to get up and Show helps him, throwing him hard into the cage wall. Show takes another step across Cena's chest, then smiles down at Ace and Mr. McMahon. Show blasts Cena with a right hand to the ribs. Show yells at Cena that the fans don't care so he should quit. Show hits Cena with a huge running back splash in the corner.

Cena crawls toward the door, but Show stops him by stomping on his head and pressing down. Show whips Cena across the ring, and he charges in again, but runs into Cena's feet. Cena hits a bulldog from the middle rope and goes for a pin, but Show kicks out. Cena jumps up to the top rope, then the rope of the cage, but Show heads up to the top rope quickly and pulls Cena back into the ring. Cena pulls Show down and crotches him, then hits a big shoulder block, pushing Show up against the cage wall. Cena begins the climb to the top, but Show stops him and powerbombs him into the cage wall before tossing him over his head to the mat.

Show covers Cena for two. Show drags Cena over to the corner. He begins the slow climb to the second rope. Show hits a giant Vader bomb out of the corner, but still only gets a two count. Show stares down at Cena before picking him up. He takes Cena into the corner and Show climbs up to the top. Show pulls Cena up to the top with him by the throat. Cena tries to fight back, but Show sends him to the mat. Show, standing on the top, looks down at Cena. Show walks across the top rope, and tries for an elbow drop, but Cena moves and Show crashes and burns on the mat.

Show crawls to the door while Cena pulls himself up to his feet. Show tries to pull himself out of the cage while Cena tries to pull Show back into the ring. Show uses the steps for leverage, but Cena pushes against the ropes to pull Show back in. Cena gets to his feet and forces Show back into the ring, pulling him in and leaping over him, trying to escape. Show pulls him into the ring and grabs him by the throat. Cena fights him off and hits a big running shoulderblock. Cena covers Show, but Show kicks out at two. Cena struggles to the door, but Laurinaitis closes the door and locks it. Vince opens the door, but Johnny pushes McMahon and sends him into the door, sending the door crashing into Cena's head. Cena's chokeslammed by Show and pinned, but he wont stay down.

Show goes for the WMD, but he KO's the ref. Cena tries for the AA, but Show fights out and hits Cena with a KO punch. Show looks around, then heads for the door. Brodus Clay comes down with a chair in hand and he opens the door for Show, telling him to come right out. Show goes to climb over the top, but Brodus waits for him wherever he goes. Clay motions to the back. Santino and Alex Riley run to the ring and climb up the cage wall, but Show runs into the wall and knocks him back. Zack Ryder comes down and Show blasts him with a punch through the cage wall. Kofi Kingston heads down, and Show catches him at the top of the cage. Kofi catches Show with repeated boots that send him crashing down to the mat.

Cena pulls himself to the door by the ropes. Show pulls himself toward Cena. Show pulls Cena into the middle of the ring. Cena shoulders Show and hits the AA. Both men are down.

The finish:

Cena covers Show but there's no referee. Cena begins the climb to the top. Cena makes it to the top of the cage. Laurinaitis uses the crutch to hold Cena back. Brodus catches Ace. Show crawls out the door, but Cena drops to the floor before Show makes it out of the cage.

Winner: John Cena

Cena sees Laurinaitis, who is still being held by Clay. Clay lets him go and Ace swings for Cena with his crutch. Cena ducks it and shoulders Ace. McMahon has the mic, and he lets Johnny know that he's fired. Cena hits the AA, sending Johnny through the announcer's table. Cena celebrates, hugging Clay, and tossing out his wrist bands to his fans.

The show ends with Cena celebrating in the middle of the ring, and the announcers wondering about who will be running Raw tomorrow night.

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  • Anand

    Thank god Laurinitis is fired 🙂 hopefully this guy will never show his face on TV again 🙂

  • Ricky Valdez

    TNA has to be loving the fact that directv had technical problems with wwe ppv.

  • I’m really interested with the tag team division for the first time in a long time

  • jdl

    Now Way Out… of boring match results.

  • Kate

    Good PPV I have to say

  • Mr.Love

    Who cares who runs raw. It’s not Johnny ace or mike adamle so I am happy

  • Adam

    This is awesome:D

  • hurrigame

    Super Cena wins again? How predictable and lame.

    • You are not satisfied again. How predictable and lame

  • Ben

    all titles retained and Cena wins, incredible stuff there creative team…

  • Ego Trip

    A WWE main event that was actually enjoyable to watch. Having the lower card guys come down and get some payback/face time was nice to see for a change. The AJ character has actually started growing on me as well. Management has put her in a role that as of right now has more TV and PVP time than the Womens Champ.

  • Robin Quivers

    This was Ziggler's time. So disappointed.

  • David

    seen Christian on TNA show ppv last week and he said he was going to tna. how can he go there when he woks for WWE?

    • Alex

      The same way Ric Flair went to the WWE hall of fame show.

  • Ivan

    I wonder if Primo & Epico are ever going to get a rematch for the tag titles.

  • bob

    wot im so surprised about was that at the beggining of the show, they reffered to the wwe as "world WRESTLING entertainment". I thought they were a "sports entertainment company" now.

  • gage

    wot im so surprised about was that at the beggining of the show, they reffered to the wwe as "world WRESTLING entertainment". I thought they were a "sports entertainment company" now.

  • lou v 3

    wow thAt SUCKED