WWE Officials Not Happy With The Rock

As many of you saw in Kendra's post yesterday, The Rock came back out to the ring after RAW went off the air and proceeded to make a phone call to CM Punk. The off-air segment also featured some filming for the "Fighting With My Family" movie and included a fake AJ Lee and Paige.

The big takeaway from this now is the reaction from WWE officials regarding Rock's decision to call CM Punk in the middle of the ring. Apparently, no one was aware that he was going to do that and Rock had just decided to do it so that the crowd would pop and enjoy the moment. According to PWInsider, one official even tried to tell Rock to "go in a different direction" in the middle of the promo and Rock responded to one fan in the crowd later on, telling him "They better not cut my microphone off!" Suffice to say, officials are not happy at the mention of CM Punk.


  • Stoney

    Vince will get over it, he needs The Rock more than The Rock needs him

    • Shadowfox

      Exactly, if they want to continue to have some mainstream sources then it’s best not to make The Rock upset.

      • Stoney

        That’s true, other than Cena there isn’t any other full time superstar that is widely known with the casual fans.

  • Splat

    The Rock can do pretty much whatever The Rock wants at this point.

  • AB

    It’s their right to be upset, I suppose, but I’m sure as far as The Rock is concerned, I’m sure that IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THEY THINK!

    Seriously though, it’s off-air. If he’d gone way off script and out of bounds during a televised appearance, that’s a bigger deal. Even so, he’s a bigger draw than anyone on the roster right now, has way more mainstream appeal, and probably knows more about working a crowd these days than anyone who’s upset with him. If anyone should be given some leeway in these matters, it’s The Rock.

  • Scott

    They seem upset that The Rock, who works 2 or 3 days a year, is more in touch with wrestling fans than the guys who are there every day.

  • kingdook24

    Umm… he’s The Rock.

    They’ll get over it.

    • TheJrockfreak .

      exactly lol im sure he really cares that they are mad, he doesnt need them now they need him

  • Jason

    Dwayne is not a WWE star anymore. He’s not under contract. When they invite him to appear, They know what they’re in for.

    They were upset when Rock went over to ringside and made mention and actually spoke to the fans that were cosplaying former talent of the past.

    and now this. WWE should know by now, that when it comes to Dwayne nothing is off limits.