9/10 WWE Raw Rating

Last night's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw scored a 2.88 television rating.

  • jdl

    This should be enough proof to the WWE that we don't want three hours of Raw when all that extra hour does is add fluff.

    • anti

      No. That's proof that WWE going "PG" is the stupidest thing they've ever done.

  • Dude love

    Does anyone know how it is possible that viewers decreased and the rating increased?

  • christopher525

    Take into account, they were up against the opening Monday of the NFL season and there were 2 games, not just one as there usually are. Although this should tell them, 3 hours, up against the NFL isn't going to do any better than 2 hours against that juggernaut ever did for them.

  • Jeremiah Chilcott

    This ought to be a huge wakeup call to Vince! His product is garbage and this is the second 2 plus rating he has had in the last month since going 3 hours. Vince….change ur product or your company will die a slow horrible death like WCW did. It will happen…just cuz he has all that money don't mean it can't!