WWE Raw Supershow Rating

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Last night's WWE Raw Supershow did a 3.18 cable rating off hours of 3.19 and 3.16 with an average viewing audience of 4,617,000 viewers on the USA Network.

  • XKonn247

    Well it’s consistent. Surprised the second hour only dropped 0.03. Second half was incredibly poor last night.

  • jdl

    Nice to see them slowly starting to crawl out of the pit they had put themselves into for a few weeks, hopefully they keep focusing on building storylines properly and increase the amount of match time, and that should in turn help viewership pick up.

  • Matt

    The closer it gets to the rock and 'mania, the higher the ratings will be. Plus, if they pull any surprise entrants in the Rumble on Sunday, i expect next Monday to continue growing the ratings

  • They aren't up against Monday Night Football anymore, should see a ratings upswing gradually. Especially after the Rumble with all the Wrestlemania hype