WWE Referee Off Television For At Least The Next Two Weeks

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WWE referee Charles Robinson wrote tonight on Twitter he won't be featured on this week's WWE TVs or next week's TVs. However, he noted he will "return shortly." You can read his Tweet embedded below:

  • He’s bluffing! He is the one behind the 1.2.12 videos!

    • Guest

      Yeah…I'd like to see that happen! When have you ever seen a ref have that BIG of a roll?

      • inyene

        hahahahaha lmfao

      • inyene

        i would die laughing if he was the one who returned

  • Nick

    It Begins!

  • ease9310

    Charles Robinson isn't going to be a referee for two weeks,no one really cares,because it's just for two short wekks.And than he will return,it isn't that bad.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    OOOOHHHH!!!!! "Little Naitch" is in troubllllllllllle!!! lol