WWE Smackdown Audience Lowest Of 2016

Last week’s episode of WWE Smackdown garnered 1,996,000 viewers on the USA Network. That was down from the 2,169,000 viewers the show did the week prior. Below is the updated 2016 Smackdown viewership archive:

January 7, 2016 – 2,757,000 viewers (USA Network premiere)
January 14, 2016 – 2,332,000 viewers
January 21, 2016 – 2,757,000 viewers
January 28, 2016 – 2,720,000 viewers
February 4, 2016 – 2,664,000 viewers
February 11, 2016 – 2,414,000 viewers
February 18, 2016 – 2,458,000 viewers
February 25, 2016 – 2,395,000 viewers
March 3, 2016 – 2,491,000 viewers
March 10, 2016 – 2,186,000 viewers
March 17, 2016 – 2,260,000 viewers
March 24, 2016 – 2,501,000 viewers
March 31, 2016 – 2,328,000 viewers
April 7, 2016 – 2,444,000 viewers
April 14, 2016 – 2,355,000 viewers
April 21, 2016 – 2,431,000 viewers
April 28, 2016 – 2,109,000 viewers
Mary 5, 2016 – 2,346,000 viewers
May 12, 2016 – 2,262,000 viewers
May 19, 2016 – 2,295,000 viewers
May 26, 2016 – 2,112,000 viewers
June 2, 2016 – 2,169,000 viewers
June 9, 2016 - 1,996,000 viewers

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  • ldb

    I would have guessed all wwe audiences were at the lowest, with the exception of nxt. Creative sucks on level that is killing the product. I know they re huge and make money blah blah blah,but the crap they keep churning out is gonna back up like a bad septic tank one day. Cenas getting old and is as stale as as 2005 pack of saltines. Aj is great, ambrose, the club new day. So much amzain talent being squandered to push people no one literally gives a crap about. Seth is the only hope of saving us from the boring reign og reigns. They release the guys we beg for push the ones we dont care about and woner why less an less people watch, attend, and buy. Vince built an empire but needs to let go. Hhh does as much harm as he does good. His idea of who deserves what isnt much better than vince ( sheamus). Now del rio is getting pushed again….what kind of twight zone from hell are e trapped in with WWE? To me wrestling suffered a massive stroke the day wcw ruined itself, and has been on the down hillslide there after with brief moments of hope appearing only to be snuffed out..

    Sorry off my soap box now

    • Red

      And they just signed HHH to another three year active wrestling contract. Joy. He needs to start helping to put people over and spend less time making himself look good. According to rumor, it’s now him who’s pushing to keep Reigns where he is and not Vince, who’s souring on him.

  • Red

    Maybe start treating Smackdown like its own show and less of a rehash of Raw and people will start getting interested again. No one wants to see a recap of Reigns beating his Raw opponent five or six times before he beats somebody else on Smackdown.

    To save the product, WWE needs to overhaul that creative team. None of them, especially Kevin Dunn have shown that they can make and carry new storylines which is why its all getting so boring and repetitive. It’s the fault of one Vince McMahon and his blindness to the fact that the show cannot be carried by one individual, and not the fault of any of the roster. The attitude era had 4-6 top level stars all at once which was most of the reason it was so great.