Smackdown Results - The Viper Slithers Out Of His Hole

Smackdown Results August 23, 2013
From Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Smackdown Starts


Recap of SummerSlam. Bryan beat Cena cleanly for the WWE Championship. Orton came out with his MITB case. Triple H hit the pedigree on Bryan and Orton cashed in his MITB case to win the WWE Championship from Bryan. On RAW Trip, Steph, McMahon and Orton were in the ring showing their power and ego. Bryan out, but The Shield, outside the ring, took out Bryan. Finally Bryan made it to the ring only to eat an RKO. McMahon, Orton, Trip and Steph stood over Bryan, arms raised. Trip said he did it to ensure the future of the WWE.

In Ring Segment

Vickie – Welcome to Friday night Smackdown! On behalf of the entired McMahon Family as I've cleared the air with Trip since leaving RAW, I'm excited to introduce your new WWE Champion, Randy Orton!

Orton out, moving more slowly and arrogantly than when he was face. Vickie meets him on the ramp, shakes his hands with a big smile. Orton heads to the ring. Orton up on the corner, poses with the strap and looks a bit pissy. His music ends to mostly heat, and a lot of noise.

Orton – As your new WWE Champion I promise to give you what you want and what you deserve as Champion. I promise that you will want to be me. I also promise to be a role model. What does a role model do? A role model tells the truth. I did, I told the truth. I told everyone, especially Bryan, that when I cashed in, none of you would see it coming.


Orton – None of you, including Bryan, should be surprised at what happened. You know who should be surprised? I should be surprised. I didn't know Trip was going to pedigree Bryan. What would you have done? I'm not one to pass up an opportunity lying in front of me. I didn't need Trip's help, like I didn't need The Shield's help on RAW. Although I greatly appreciate the support from the McMahon family, I'd like to ask each of you for your support as well.


Orton – After all, I'm not only the WWE Champion, but this (his face) is also the face of the WWE.

Bryan's music hits and he comes stomping out in his ring gard, his 'respect the beard' t-shirt and his "YES!" towel. Bryan looks pissed. They stare at each other.

Bryan – Before I address the face of the WWE, I just like to say what I was going to say on RAW before I was rudely interrupted by Steph. This is just a short message to Cena. John, thank you. (pop) Thank you for giving me the opportunity to wrestle you at SummerSlam. Thank you for being brave and courageous enough to wrestle with a torn triceps, because even if I was only better than you for one day, that gave me the opportunity to feel what it's like to be the WWE Champion. As far as the face of the WWE goes, it's time for that face to change.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – You guys have to understand, I don't look like Orton. Look at him! He's chiseled, he's tall. He's pretty! He's so pretty, look at him. I can see why Trip likes him so much, he's just so, so pretty! And not to mention arrogant. Why wouldn't he be? He's been handed every opportunity in the WWE. He's created his own success. But your opportunities came because of your father, your grandfather, and you got the genetic golden ticket to be in the WWE. I just can't get over how pretty you are. Let's give it up for how pretty Orton is. So pretty it makes me just want to kick you in the face!

Orton laughs and smiles. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – I had to scratch and claw for every opportunity. I had to wrestle in every dirty gym across the world, on staff infested mats all over the place, sleeping in my car to get an ounce of respect. I climbed the ladder to get any success. I'm not tall, and I'm certainly not pretty! But I can wrestle. And I can beat you. And Randy, I can beat you, for that (WWE Championship) I'm entitled a rematch for the WWE Championship, and I don't know what you think, but I want that rematch to happen tonight.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton – Sorry short stuff, you're going to have to wait for NoC.

Orton drps the mic, gets right in Bryan's face talking off mic, then raises the belt high as he glares down on Bryan. Orton turns to leave, but then reaches back for an RKO. Bryan is ready and pushes Orton off. Bryan then hits a drop kick to knock Orton out over the top. Bryan yells for Orton to come on, but Orton just stares. Bryan gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants going louder than ever.

Backstage Segment

Heyman and Axel head to the ring so Axel can face Cody Rhodes.


Backstage Segment

Vickie – Bryan had no reason to be out there, this was Orton's moment. Someone needs to treat that troll a reason.
Barrett – It would seem you, the McMahons and I all have something in common, our dislike of Bryan. Put me in a match with Bryan tonight and I'll guarantee it's the last anyone will see of Bryan.
Vickie – How about a No Holds Barred Match? What about an Extreme Rules Match? No, a Steel Cage Match!

Cody Rhodes vs Axel w/ Heyman

Cody to the ring. Axel out with Heyman, arm in sling, in tow. Video recap of Axel facing Punk on RAW. Heyman glares at the tron playing the video.

Axel on Cody with a blow, then kicks. Cody comes back with an elbow, then behind Axel. Axel reverses, but Cody gets free. Cody into a lovely drop kick from clothesline. Axel elevated Cody, but he holds on. Cody with a springboard drop kick on Axel for two. Axel out. Cody on the apron and Axel trips him. Axel sends Cody back first into the apron.


Axel drops elbows, then pins for two. Snap mare on Cody for two. Chinlock on Cody. Cody up and elbows free. Axel comes back with a clothesline, then climbs. Cody rolls and Axel's elbow hits the mat. Cody comes back and hits an upper cut on Axel from below. Axel ducks the disaster kick, then whips Cody. Cody reverses and rolls Axel up for two. "CM Punk!" chants. Axel up, Heyman distracts, Axel knocks the top rope and Cody lands. Axel takes Cody down face first for three.

Winner – Axel (7:08)

Heyman – I stand before you tonight a man, not just in pain, but I'm in agony, and that agony is a direct result of the actions of CM Punk.

"CM Punk!"

Heyman – You know you're about to choke on those cheers. I'm not talking about the physical pain, but emotional distress, but my best friend, and athlete that I guided, the best in the world is now a sad, pathetic loser. You know, Axel, at SummerSlam, Punk was pinned by Brock Lesnar. Instead of accepting defeat like a man and acknowledging his loss, as I would have fathered him to do, Punk went off the rails. Punk is on a downward spiral. His actions on RAW befitting a mad man. Come on, let's be honest, without Heyman in his corner, Punk never stood a chance against Brock. Because without Heyman, Punk is lost. While with Heyman, Axel has found himself. My client is filled with confidence. With Heyman my client has notched victory, after victory, after victory, after victory, which is why no one can defeat Axel for the IC Championship.

Axel – You know what the problem is Paul, Punk doesn't deserve an IC Championship Match. The man is so jealous that you've been paying more attention to me that he assaulted me with a chair Monday night. Punk, I'm going to finish the job that Lesnar gave you at SummerSlam. (sic) I challenge you to a match, live on Monday night RAW. Punk, my future is better that yours, I'm more athletic than you, and I have someone in my corner named Paul Heyman.

Backstage Segment

Split screen – Ziggler on the left, and Big E led by AJ on the right.


Big E w/ AJ vs Ziggler

AJ skips down and around the ring. Big E's music hits and he comes out slapping chalk looking a bit lost. Ziggler comes out wiggling his bum with a shirt hanging back there, even though he's wearing another shirt. Video of Ziggler facing The Shield on RAW and getting abused.

Big E attacks Ziggler as he gets into the ring. Big E tosses Ziggler around, tossed him badly into a corner like a doll. The ref gets in Big E's face, yelling and screaming at Big E, stopping him. Big E back on Ziggler until the ref makes him back off so he can check on Ziggler. Bell. Ziggler side steps Big E, but then elevated and dropped for two. Ziggler splashed for two, but then is able to come back after jaw jacking Big E, then sending Big E shoulder first, then slamming Big E. Ziggler reverses on Big E in a huge way for two. The ref checks on Big E as AJ pokes Ziggler in the eye from outside! Big E on Ziggler for two. Big E scoops Ziggler, but Ziggler reverses on Big E with a zig-zag for three.

Winner – Ziggler (2:00)

AJ screeches in rage outside the ring. Ziggler leans on the barricade trying to recover as AJ throws a bit of a fit.


Christian vs ADR

Christian to the ring. ADR out, white scarf on his neck that he whips off and wings around before throwing off.

They lock up, dance around. Christian backed into a corner and ADR without a clean break. ADR all over Christian. Christian elevated ADR up and out to the floor. Christian with a low drop kick on ADR through the ropes. Christian out and on ADR with a blow. Christian rolls ADR in, then himself, ADR rolls out, then heads up the ramp. ADR taps his own head and smiles.


ADR has Christian on the ropes. Christian comes back with blows. Christian sits up top, but ADR knocks him down and out. ADR out and on Christian shoulder. Back in the ring ADR gets two. Christian comes back with blows, then kicks a telegraphing ADR. Christian back with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Christian hangs ADR into the ropes and lands ADR outside. ADR back in, but Christian ducks. Christian backs ADR into a corner with blows. Body drop on ADR. Christian up top, but ADR side steps. Drop kick on Christian for two.

ADR frustrated and head butts Christian over and over in a corner. ADR rushed Christian, but he ducks the enziguri. Sunset on ADR for a long two. Upper cut on ADR, then climbs. ADR ducks. ADR sets up for his finisher, but Christian reverses free. Christian with a tornado DDT for a long two. Video recap of the almost ending. Christian sets up, but ADR rolls to avoid the spear. Christian follows with an upper cut through the ropes. Back in and Christian climbs. ADR with his lovely enziguri for two. ADR is really looking annoyed. Christian catches ADR's foot, sets up, but ADR pushes free. Christian into the corner shoulder first. ADR on Christian's arm in the corner, then rolls Christian to the mat with his finishing hold on. Christian holds on, won't tap out, tries to muscle out, but finally has to tap out.

Winner – ADR (13:23)

Video recap of the highlights of the match.
ADR- Thank you Latinos! Now I know you look up to me, all you Mexicans, Latinos. I know you want to be the next ADR. But come on, there's only one ADR. You cannot be like ADR because, because you're peasants! Relax, that doesn't mean that just because you're the son or daughter of a peasant that you have to be. You can be something else, follow me, your leader, the great ADR!

Ricardo – No more, just stop. I have a little bit of a problem. Follow you to greatness. Nah, not me, not these fine people tonight. Especially not this guy who exemplifies greatness every single night. Monday night, Friday night, Sunday night, every chance he gets, because he doesn't look down on people, he stands up for them. Rob Van Dam!

Out comes RVD to solid pop. Ricardo puts down his mic and follows RVD to the ring. ADR is ready for RVD, but takes a missile drop kick from behind from Christian. RVD then hits rolling thunder and ADR flees. RVD taunts ADR from the ring, then celebrate in the ring together, with ADR's belt.


Recap of the opening segment of the show.


Handicap Match – Big Show & Mark Henry vs 3MB

Big Show out, getting great pop. Big Show waits on the ramp for Henry to walk to the ring together. 3MB in the ring. Big Show hands out their shirt to fans, then they get in the ring. 3MB leave the big guys to the ring in awe.

Rock/paper/scissors to see who starts. Slater loses. Big Show works Slater, then tags out. Henry in and Slater kicks and flails, but slammed to the mat. Slater tossed in a corner, then eats a big boot. Henry stands over Slater, but Slater flees the bum drop. McIntyre tags in and on Henry with blows. Mahal tags in and they double team, then Mahal on Henry with blows. Slater tags in and on Henry with stomps. Slater poses and mocks Henry, but Henry to his knee, then up to a shoulder block that turns Slater inside-out! Big Show and McIntyre tag in. Body drop on McIntyre, then Big Show back splashes him in a corner. Big Show sets up and hits his chokeslam, but Slater breaks up the count. Big Show tosses Slater to Henry for a WSS. Mahal tossed from the ring by his throat. KO on McIntyre and it's over.

Winners – Big Strong (3:18)

Video recap as Cole narrates with laughter in his voice as they destroy 3MB. Someone is on the tron yelling at them.

Reigns – Hey! Hey! Big Show, Mark Henry. We told you step up and you beat up 3MB? You didn't understand?
Rollins – Clearly you didn't get the message on Monday night when we dropped you from the sky. I'm shocked you got back up, but I'm glad you did, we're going to have a lot of fun knocking you down again. The clock is ticking on you time here.
Reigns – We're the wake up call. Henry, you've been here for a decade and half and expect us to respect you. We'll never respect you.
Rollins – Two former champions have come together to form the most imposing team in the history in the WWE and want a shot at our TTCs? There's one problem with that, we're better than you. The era has dawned and the two of you have got to go. Believe that.
Reigns - And believe in The Shield!

Backstage Segment

Prime Time Players being goofy and heading for the ring.


WWE Rewind

Last Monday Prime Time Players beat The Real Americans.

Young vs Cesaro

Zeb – Please rise, put your hand over your heart, and with a clear voice say, "We, the people!"
Obviously The Real Americans are in the ring. Prime Time Players head down together.

Big drop kick on Young, then Cesaro with big blows. Cesaro on Young with blows. Gut wrench on Young. Cesaro whips Young. Young gets a foot up, but then Cesaro with a sleeper on Young. Short clothesline on Young for two. Young comes back with a huge clothesline. Young with blows on Cesaro. Cesaro whipped, then out to a big belly-to-belly. Northern light lights for two. Swagger on the apron, O'Neil takes Swagger down. Cesaro tries to steal it, but Young comes back. Young with his Gut Check for three.

Winner – Young (2:44)

Young's mouth is full of blood, but he's pumped from his big win.


Backstage Segment

A fan asks Ryback for an autograph for his son, Billy. Ryback says that's a stupid name. Ryback acts all nice and signs it. But then the guy doesn't know who Ryback is. He doesn't watch, but his son never misses it. Ryback gets really pissy. The guy doesn't want to disrespect him, but his son will be thrilled. Ryback rips it up and throws it at the guy.

In Ring Segment

The cage is lowered around the ring as Cole talks about how King says Ryback isn't an ambassadorial for B.A.Star.



Los Matadors

Steel Cage Match – Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett

Bryan to the ring. He grabs the cage and pulls on it a bit to get a feel for it, then more "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" before removing his shirt and handing it to a fan in the front row. Wade out to face him. Video of Bryan shaving Wade.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants. They lock up, Wade on Bryan in a corner with blows. Bryan reverses on Wade with kicks. Bryan continues to work over Wade with blows, but then runs into a big boot. Wade on Bryan with blows. Wade picks Bryan up and lawn darts him into the side of the cage for two. Bryan comes back sending Wade into the side of the cage. Bryan back on Wade with kicks in a corner. Wade reverses a whip, but Bryan runs up and over Wade. Wade comes back with a swinging slam on Bryan.


Wade slammed back into the cage over and over while Bryan and the fans yell "YES!" "YES!" "YES!", into a huge drop kick, and then another. The third drop kick was on a crumbled Bryan. Bryan to the opposite corner and starts to climb. Wade stops Bryan, but Bryan kicks away on Wade. Bryan then with a huge missile drop kick on Wade for two. Bryan with kicks on a kneeling Wade. Wade ducks the big kick and sends Bryan into the cage, then hits a huge clothesline that lands on Bryan badly and give Wade two for it.

Wade gets Bryan up, but Bryan gets free and up on the top rope. Wade gets Bryan on his shoulders and slams back to the mat. Wade pins Bryan for two. With Bryan down, Wade starts to climb. Wade to the top, but Bryan up, pulls Wade down to the corner, then grabs Wade and leans back hard. Wade hangs on tightly. Wade elbows back on Bryan. Bryan on the mat and Wade climbs. Wade up to the top, sits up there, but Bryan grabs his ankle and pulls. Blows on Wade who ends up back down on the corner. Bryan standing on the top rope and kicks at Wade. Bryan dives from beside Wade and ends up executing a perfect powerbomb on Wade onto the mat! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" as Bryan runs his knee at Wade and pins for three.

Winner – Bryan (11:58)

Video recap of the high points. Bryan outside the ring, by the bottom of the ramp yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!", but suddenly Orton is there with an RKO. The announcers don't know where Orton came from, but he had to be under the ring. Orton poses over Bryan with his belt held high.

Biggest pop
Ricardo & RVD
Big Show & Henry

Biggest heat
The Shield

  • Okay everyone, I’m stepping on for SD Results for tonight. I know it’s a Friday night, and beautiful out, but this is the WWE! What do you think about the direction things have been going? Things have been too quiet lately, so let’s get chatty!

  • David

    I know some people have compared the Bryan vs. HHH as possiby being this generation Austin vs. McMahon. But isn’t HHH kind of like Shane. Shane brought back Austin after he was fired, but then screwed him at Survior Series Deadly Games.

    • It’s the boss versus the underdog, that’s why they say it’s like McMahon / Austin. I see it going in that direction, and I’m excited.

      • David

        I get why they say it, but Shane acted like he supported Austin, the same way Triple H was supported Bryan. Then both turned on them. Which of course led to a third generation superstar becoming the corporate champion. There’s alot of similarities between this past Summer Slam and Survivor Series: Deadly Games.

        • Honestly, at this point I’m just thrilled Bryan is doing so well, and that the shows are more than just watchable, they;re actually interesting!

          • David

            Hey if you’re going to rehash a story line, why not rehash one of the best. Austin vs. McMahon.

          • That’s kind of what they’re doing with Bry and Trip. They will get there. Bry and Trip will face off in the ring.

          • David

            That’s what I meant. Also, I think a Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan match would be way better than Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold was.

          • Hoping Bry has to go through Trip to get into the Rumble. I love that idea.

          • David

            Or he puts up his Wrestlemania Title Match (after he wins the Royal Rumble) to get his hands on Tripe H at Elimination Chamber. Kind of like Austin did with Vince McMahon at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. (I know Austin didn’t win the Royal Rumble, but he did have the title shot).

          • I’d even be willing to see Bry face Trip at WM, if it’s set up to right and makes sense.

          • David

            I am torn, who should main event Wrestlemania 30, Daniel Bryan rise has been unbelievable. But doesn’t CM Punk deserve a chance to Main Event Wrestlemania, too. I mean he’s probably has had 3 of the best matches in the WWE this year, vs. Cena, vs. Undertaker and vs. Lesnar.

          • Punk deserves the main event, but I worry Taker and Brock will get it. Bryan has more time, and Punk has been at the top longer.

          • David

            I wouldn’t mind seeing CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan main event Wrestlemania.

          • I think it’s too early for that yet, but it will be happening in a huge way at some point.

          • Danny Boy

            It’ll never happen at any point. Punk isn’t a draw.

          • Danny_Boy

            Never gonna happen. Fans outside the IWC could care less about that match up.

          • David

            I’m going to have to disagree, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are over with more than just the IWC now.

          • Danny_Boy

            “Punk deserves the main event”. That’s laughable. All Punk does is cry & complain. He’ll never be good enough to headline WM Punk’s time at the top is done. CM Punk fans need to accept that.

          • David

            I love that Bryan’s getting the opportunity, I just hate how now Michael Cole is so pro Bryan, as his hatred for Bryan was what gave us Heel Cole in the first place.

          • At least Cole is evolving and changing – happened with King’s heart attack – unlike some we know!

          • David

            I would just like him to say that he was wrong about Daniel Bryan.

          • He has.

          • David

            Oh I must have missed it, and I take back what I said about him.

  • David

    Anybody realize that WWE’s three World Champions, all of their father’s wrestled.

    • But you could say that before the SMS too. Cena Sr, takes some bumps, even though he’s not really a wrestler.

      • David

        Ok also the three World Champions had other family members wrestle too. WWE Champion’s grandfather, World Heavyweight Champion’s Uncle and NXT Champion’s brother.

        • Oh yeah, Bo is champ, right?

          • David

            Yes, Bo Dallas is NXT Champion, who’s brother is Bray Wyatt.

          • Right, I’m behind on my NXT, but I’ve heard they had some sick matches. I need to catch up on Hulu.

          • David

            I’ve never seen NXT, but I do check out the results of the show.

          • Ah, yeah, I’m starting really early and working my way through them all.

          • David

            If I had the time, I’d love to watch NXT.

          • Time is the big thing for me too. The kids will only put up with so much wrestling each day, so I understand that. I wish the little one understood the same thing about Sabrina!

          • David

            I just realize, that I watch 8 1/2 (9, soon) hours of wrestling program a week.

          • Yeah, and I try to pick up more where I can – DVDs, NXT and other things.

          • David

            Ironically, of all the wrestling I watch right now, the show I enjoy the most, is rated TV-G.

          • I like each company for what it is. I understand that each show is very different, and I try to appreciate it for that. But right now, I loves me some Bryan, and I’m a huge Trip fan, and Bray is off the hizzy, and… Yeah, you’re very right.

          • David

            I don’t think you understood, which show I like the best.

          • The E?

          • David

            My favorite wrestling show on right now is Saturday Morning Slam. There’s a guy who runs another wrestling site (a totally different site than this) who does a great job reviewing the show.

          • Oh, SMS. Honestly, I have barely seen it. I thought it was cute, but I’m never up by that hour, and I haven’t hit it up on the DVR.

          • David

            I like the over the topness of it. Daniel Bryan and Bears was one of the funniest things on television this year.

  • David

    Has Bryan been more of bigger surprise (always been a great wrestler, but he’s more than that now) or Has Barrett been more of a disapointment. He seemed to be a can’t miss prospect, but now I’m not so sure.

    • Hard to say. Both are pretty huge in their own direction. I’ve never liked Wade, so I think Bryan is a bigger surprise.

      • David

        When Brian Danielson made his debut in the WWE as Daniel Bryan, I’d think at the best he could possibly be Bret Hart. Got over on his wrestling ability. But Bryan’s got over on more than that.

        • Bryan has continued to shock me. I watched him in ROH and I didn’t think he had any charisma or mic skills. He was getting much better on his own, but I think it was working with Kane that really helped him the most.

          • David

            I agree.

          • I hope Kane sticks around to help younger guys when he finally stops wrestling.

          • David

            Not many has had a career like Kane.

          • Not many (Dreamer) can say he doesn’t have any big injuries under his belt! And his career has been huge in so many neat ways.

          • David

            The many story lines he’s been through like Katie Vick and still be where he is now, shows to me he’s extremely underrated.

          • He truly is, even though his ‘brother’ is one of the best of all times. I know that the true fans will remember Kane and always celebrate him for who he truly is/was, one of the best.

            He’s on my top five list of people I’d love to hang out and have a drink/dinner with.

          • David

            Yes that’s the problem, people will always compare him to the Undertaker, and the Undertaker is one of, if not the greatest of all time.

          • Yes, but I’m comforted by knowing that people like us will trully appreciate him.

          • David

            I love reading wrestling autobiographies, and if I had to pick the top 3 guys I love to read about Kane would be one. (Undertaker and Vince McMahon are the other 2)

    • JJ

      Never bought into Barrett being this next allstar name; he’s a nice addition for cultural appeal, but I think he’s a upper midcard life worker. IC, US, Tags, with a few top title pictures.WWE has tried to downgrade how great of a worker Bryan is because their ego’s of “we made them”. Bryan now that he’s being popped even bigger and bigger wwe can’t really hold him back anymore. I’ve noticed him bringing more and more out of his arsenal that he used to use on the Indy circuit it’s great.

  • Valfar1984

    Darren Young beat Cesaro? Oh how politically correct. By years end half the under card is going to come out so they can get a push to the moon. Darren Young shouldn’t get special treatment because of his sexual orientation. Nobody can dispute what’s going on here. He was floundering before he came out and now he’s being featured for no other reason than being gay.

    • JJ

      he was in the fizzle or pop time and the “coming out” keeps him on that bubble, but now he’ll be the gay pride rep and he’ll put out lots of commercials for acceptance, just like they did with bullying a few years back. I don’t doubt his skill, but pretty blatant like you said.