WWE SummerSlam Results (8/19/12) - Sheamus & CM Punk Retain; Brock Lesnar Makes Triple H Tap Out

Some of the celebrities are shown in the crowd before we get a trailer for a WWE movie that premiered last night. There seem to be quite a bit of commercials on tonight's show.

Lilian Garcia introduces Kevin Rudolph who's out to sing the SummerSlam theme song 'Don't Give Up'. The crowd pretty audibly boos, and despite all the shots of ringside personalities dancing, I'm going to be using this as a bathroom break.

We get a pretty long video package, because apparently they're just trying to run out the clock for some reason tonight (seriously, what's up with all the filler?), and we're finally ready for the main event of the evening.

Singles Match
- Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. Triple H

The entrances:

Brock Lesnar is out to the ring first, and the monstrous man gets a pretty big initial pop as he makes his way into the arena.

After a long wait, Triple H makes his way out to the ring next, and The Game gets a great reaction from the fans in the Staples Center.

The bell rings and the lights dim for formal ring introductions, which we DIDN'T EVEN GET FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!

The start:

The lights come up and the bell rings. Lesnar takes Hunter right into the corner and buries his shoulder in Hunter's midsection. Hunter tries to fight out, but Lesnar backs him up again and tries for the kimura lock. Lesnar jams Hunter back into the corner and tries for the kimura again. Hunter grabs on to the ropes but Lesnar wont let go.

Mid-match notes:

Hunter backs Lesnar into the corner and hits him with knees to the gut before clotheslining him over the top and to the outside. Lesnar heads back into the ring and takes Hunter into the corner, hitting him with a big clothesline before running into a high knee and being clotheslined over the top and to the outside again.

Lesnar takes his time getting back into the ring. Lesnar takes off his gloves, exposing his bare fists. Lesnar takes Hunter down to the mat and blasts him with a fist to the back of the head. Hunter rolls to the outside and Lesnar follows. Lesnar fights off Hunter and punches away before picking him up and slamming him on the announcer's table while trapping Hunter's arm in a keylock hold. He doesn't dismantle anything though, so it doesn't break. Lesnar rolls back into the ring and hypes himself up. Hunter manages to get back to the ring and Lesnar drags him in, hitting him with a knee before hitting another keylock slam.

Lesnar goes for the kimura before simply wrapping Hunter's arm around the top rope and yanking hard. Lesnar drops Hunter to the mat and kicks away at Hunter's arm. Hunter catches Lesnar with a kick to the gut, and Lesnar again goes for the kimura. He tosses Hunter into the corner shoulder first. Lesnar picks Hunter up to his feet, shouldering him. Hunter fights out, but Brock ducks a clothesline and launches Hunter with a German suplex.

Lesnar stands on Hunter's hand and stomps down on the arm. Hunter rolls out to the apron and hangs Lesnar up throat first on the top rope. Lesnar and Hunter square off in the middle of the ring and Hunter drops Lesnar with a DDT. Lesnar goes for the kimura again, wrapping Hunter up again and dropping him down in a slam on his arm. Lesnar stands over Hunter and lays in with knees and clubbing blows. Hunter rolls to the outside and Lesnar is quick to follow. Lesnar whips Hunter into the ring steps.

Lesnar picks Hunter up and backs him up hard into the Spanish announce table. Lesnar flips the table on its side and climbs up on top of it, leaping off with a flying fist to Hunter. Lesnar picks up Hunter and brings him back into the ring. Hunter hits Lesnar with rights to the gut. Lesnar rolls up Hunter for a two count. Hunter drills Lesnar with knees to the gut, but Lesnar reverses a whip and blasts Hunter with a nasty clothesline. Lesnar picks up Hunter and tries for a suplex, but Hunter is able to counter with a suplex of his own.

Brock tries for a splash, but misses and crashes and burns in the corner. Hunter tries for the pedigree, but Lesnar fights it off and whips Hunter into the corner, over the ropes and to the outside. Lesnar heads to the outside and Hunter launches him into the announcer's table stomach first. Hunter hits Brock with a fist to the gut and Lesnar yells out about his stomach. Hunter hits Lesnar with another punch to the gut.

Lesnar struggles back into the ring and Hunter follows. Lesnar tries for the kimura, but Hunter fights it off with knees to the stomach. Hunter hits Lesnar with a running knee to the stomach that looks more like it hit the arm. Hunter keeps going after the stomach, continuing to bury his knee in Brock's gut. Lesnar drops to the mat, and gets up, walking right into a spinebuster. Hunter waits for Brock to get up and he tries for the Pedigree. Brock counters, shouldering Hunter, but Hunter fights out and hits the pedigree. Hunter pins Brock, but Lesnar is able to kick out at two.

Lesnar connects with a blatant low blow, and the ref looks conflicted, but he ultimately doesn't call for the DQ. Lesnar stands and waits for Hunter. He shoulders Hunter and hits the F5. Lesnar rolls over into the pin, but Hunter is able to kick out at two.

Lesnar locks on the kimura again, dropping to the mat and clamping on the body scissors. Hunter makes it into the ropes but Lesnar wont let go. Hunter punches at Lesnar's side and stomach to break the hold. Both men make it to their feet and Hunter is able to connect with another pedigree.

The finish:

While rolling Lesnar over, Lesnar locks in the kimura lock in the middle of the ring and locks in the body scissors as well. Hunter tries to fight, but Lesnar twists Hunter's arm at a funny angle, and Hunter is forced to tap out.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Following the match, Lesnar smiles as he makes his way to the back. A trainer checks on Hunter in the middle of the ring, examining his arm.

Hunter refuses treatment, waving the doctor off and rolling into the ropes. He looks pretty dejected. He continues to wave off treatment, shoving away the trainer. The crowd chants the Hunter tapped out. He looks at the crowd and says he's sorry. The show ends with Hunter walking sadly to the back, continuing to apologize and look like he's about to cry. Cole teases this as the end of Triple H.

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  • Daniel Lim'ass

    …and Super Sheamus retains yet again

  • Bault16

    Crowd sucked

  • Scott

    WOW! Way to take a complete dump on the ending of the PPV WWE!!!! So let me get this straight….Brock breaks HHH's arm, makes it personal with Heyman insulting HHH's family, breaks HBK's arm and wins the @#$%ing match?!?!?!?! All that build up for THAT?!?!?!?! For HHH…THE KING OF KINGS….THE CEREBRAL ASSASSIN….to walk out saying "Im sorry….Im Sorry……..complete [email protected]!!!! Even if this were his last match ever, he would deserve a better sendoff than that! WWE creative needs to get their heads out of their asses! I could book better story lines and matches while I'm asleep! The match should have had NO WINNER so that neither individual looked weak. However, match of the night hands down goes to Jericho vs. Ziggler! I thoroughly enjoyed that match! That should have been the closer because the "main event" makes me want a God damn refund!

    • Gary

      Disagree. A shit ending would have been Triple HHH winning that match.

    • StephenSnel23

      If you think WWE Creative will book HHH’s final match / send off you are wrong. Hunter will book it on how HE wants to go out. Also HHH is only a one big match a few couple months now, Brock needed the win more than Hunter especially since he lost to Cena. I also bet HHH booked that finish. So don’t bash the creative for that match. If you are going to blame someone blame HHH

    • n1ck

      what a mark

    • The Dude

      Relax. It’s just a show.

  • JasonGaza

    well next up is Sheamus or Punk, lets see how one of them does against Brock.

  • Moe

    Im glad Bryan won, I was worried they were going to stop his push.

  • [email protected]

    I was a big fan of Punk wearing the Bret Hart tights for his match

  • Gabe

    Triple h is not done yet… Wish he won

  • Thomas

    I thought the whole ppv was very dry, the Brock leaner match was one move being used over and over! And commercials WTF.. I give the ppv a F-

    • n1ck

      maybe you should not watch anymore

  • Gabe

    Another pathetic ending to a pathetic ppv

    • n1ck

      angry huh mark is angry

  • mckendo


  • Ranfery25

    The Show overall Was Awesome! Just that I had high expectations for Triple H’s match with Brock that made the ending not as great as I was hoping it to be

  • adam

    Lesnar vs HHH was pointless boring and anticlimactic! I knew it was going to be boring. I said if it was the main event then Summerslam would be over early and if you end the PPV after the triple threat match it would have been an awesome PPV
    I felt every match on the card (except for the so called "main event") was better then what i expected. This was not only one of the best summerslams in a while but one of the best PPV in a while and then were had to witness that awful excuse of entertainment involving HHH and Lesnar.

  • SRP

    A night full of surprises. Jericho wins, the WHC match wasn’t first, Cena wasn’t in the main event, and the WWE Championship actually feels like it means something again.

  • adam

    Lesnar vs HHH was pointless boring and anticlimactic! I knew it was going to be boring. I said if it was the main event then Summerslam would be over early and if you end the PPV after the triple threat match it would have been an awesome PPV

  • mm

    ablerto rematch agian and he will lose agian boring

    cena vs punk noc ends with big show

  • mm

    antanio vs christian u s champion

    • CrankyVince

      I wish I understood that.

      • Joe

        You do understand that, you’re just trying to be funny

  • Gary

    Lesnar winning, was a huge surprise to me, and I'm glad Triple HHH finally put his ego aside for the sake of the long term story. This helps re-build Brock up as a monster, after the utterly amazing bad creative idea to have him go under to Cena. With limited dates, this guy needs to win, otherwise who will care when he steps in the ring? Let him go over big names and then when he finally loses, it can elevate someone. Same for Undertaker's streak…or having Rock come back. Putting Punk over Rock would be huge! Or even to end Taker's streak. However, I'd like to see Taker beat Cena to extend the streak at Mania. That being said, I was annoyed with the short PPV (only 2:45?). That's shorter than a weekly episode of RAW and it cost me $55.00.

    • Big D

      They usually end about 15 minutes before 11 (eastern). But it is kinda funny that you may actually get more programming from RAW than a PPV.

    • Joe O.

      Completely agree on the length of the PPV. it was really short and for the money we paid, I expected a few surprise matches like Tensai v Kidd or Funkasaurus v Sandow. Even though in technicality sense this was longer than Raw because of less commercial time and more time actually spent wrestling, although I see your point. I was wondering how they’d end the PPV and it didn’t really excite me. And btw, a very under rated but I thought was a great match was Miz v Rey.

    • Your Favorite Heel

      That's how many PPVs are. Luckily I didn't order and just read the results here on WNW. RAW can usually do better than this crap!

      • n1ck

        I love how you call it crap but admit you didn’t see it. that lacks intelligence

        • KVB

          Why would u pay for something that is expected to end at 11 and they rip you off 15 mins? Just read the results and watch raw and get the recap and save money or goto the theater and pay less to watch it lol common sense people

    • Zjsb

      Wow Gary,
      In london, England, I only have to pay £15 ($23)! For PPV’s

      • Tommo

        Yeh but we only have to pay £15 ($23) because we have to watch it in the middle of the night!! They get charged more in the U.S because of the prime time slot

        • Zjsb

          Sky+ my friend, does all the hard work!

    • Nameless1

      I don’t care who Brock beats the only time I wanna see him is when he gets the crap beat out of him and maybe not even then.

    • Wes

      I agree I thought triple h would go over. It only makes sense for Lesner to go over or he’s useless. I don’t like how Brock controlled match and triple h walks out. Personally I think he should if had to been helped out to sell story better.

    • end taker's streak? the guy deserves to end unbeaten. what would be annoying is if they use some young guy to end the streak and then do the usual. de-push and then fire him. now they have undertaker streak being ended by a nobody. Never take the risk, taker to go unbeaten at wrestlemania with his last match against the biggest star still able to wrestle.

      Man it really is looking like The Rock vs Punk. at least cena didn't win again, still a few months to go though. will cm punk hold the championship for a year? will the fans see him as super punk and in turn threat him as cena? will he go over the rock with a year long title reign?

      • Phill

        The only man in my eyes he could possibly end his career against is Kane.
        A Sting – Taker Match could have been perfect. Both men have lived wrestling.

    • lloyd Clarke

      I was a bit pissed it was short too,overall enjoyed it though.good ppv

    • TheAwesome1

      It's not longer if you factor out the commercials.

    • Evon Reese

      If Cena did not have to spend his time building up other wrestlers and letting them go over to boost their image he would have lost to Brock. Cena had lost matches up to this trying to help others that still need help and can't headline a pay per view by themselves. It's WWEs fault for wasting time on people that can get to the finish line but still can't cross it by themselves

      • Gary

        Who exactly are you referring to?

        • Evon Reese

          Punk and remember Rock bought himself a win at Wrestlemania instead of passing the torch

  • john4andersen

    I was at the show and I too was disappointed. I was waiting for the be surprise, the run in with someone new, the surprise finish. None o that. Unfortunately the best match was the first one with Ziggler and Y2J. I was hoping HHH/Brock was going to give me my $$ worth but sadly no. During the match more people were trying to get a pic of Money Mayweather (arrived late and stood in the players tunnel on the floor) than watching. For this being the the #2 PPV behind Mania – not good at all.

    • TheAwesome1

      I was at the show too, and I have no clue what you are talking about.

      • john4andersen

        I was sitting next to a tunnel in the arena and Floyd poked his head out along with his possee. It distracted about 6 or 7 sections right before the HHH Lesnar match.

  • Sky

    And this is why I don’t order ppv’s pointless!!!!

  • ghodis

    At 14.95 pounds in the uk, i was peed it finished early and was a bit dissatisfied with the ppv. It was ok but not amazing. Gotta feel for people in the us cos that a con paying that amount of money for a ppv. Might as well watch it online for peanuts.

    • Hardy

      Yeah to be fair some ppvs aren’t great but you can watch them live on the Internet for free. I watched last years rumble for free.

  • paul44

    On thing for sure is Lesnar makes tensi look good he can’t wrestle a lick I though he was terrible

  • kel

    I'm just glad the Charlie Sheen angle was dropped

  • The Dude

    I enjoyed this PPV. The only complaint I have is that Jericho went over Ziggler. However, we’ll see where it goes. Going against the common opinion, I enjoyed the main event. It felt very real to me.

  • wdr31

    Hiring Lesnar was and remains a major mistake. No talent, no mike skills, no "it" factor.

    • WWEoeWWF

      That's why they have Heyman do most of the talking for Lesaner….. No Mic skills

      • Gary

        He's definitely talented and definitely has the "it" factor. The guy was a beast who could do everything. His matches are what they are b/c of how they want him portrayed…more UFC than WWE.

  • adam

    To me lesnar doesn't need to win because he shouldn't be there. There is no point in him winning anything and i dont care who he beats or fights i still am not interested in him. I heard that his match with cena (i didn't see it) was horrible and last night i unfortunately seen his match with HHH and that was horrible has well. So the way i see it, Lesnar has had 2 worthless matches that do nothing for anybody, him, the actual superstar he is fighting, the WWE and most of all the fans. Lesnar is completely pointless and a waste of money by the WWE.

  • Mike Gilreath

    I have been screaming that the WWE is full of “filler” since wrestlemania….very weak writing and booking….it is a very dry and stale product right now….I won’t scream bring back the attitude era like so many that won’t let it go. But start some kind of era and get out of bordumville!

  • Joeyfresh95

    We know lesnar cant wrestle. Hes not a wrestler, hes an asskicker 😉

  • Satan

    Hate him or love him, Brock is the best heel in WWE history. It’s time for him to take over Cenation. Life is sweeeeeet!

  • Evon Reese

    I'm glad Jericho won. I'm sick of hearing Punk cry cry and cry. I'm really starting to hate the word respect

  • TheAwesome1

    So…. That was summerslam? The second biggest ppv of the year? The 25th anniversary? I just don't even know what to say… They could have atleast tried to make an effort

    • Austin

      Ikr!! This PPV was pathetic for a SummerSlam. It was just like any other ppv and (besides Lesnar/HHH( no blow off.

  • I found the kobe bryant chants during ptp’s match more entertaining than the main event.

  • Dashing1x

    to all of you saying lesnar is pointless, he shouldnt have won, he sucks, hes this hes that….well that fact is that he still draws, he still sells merchandise, he actually was a REAL mma champion, and even kurt angle shows his respect…he may cost a lot but his gain is worth more than that, gives media attention as it is a well known name to those outside the wwe universe as well.. you could hate all you want, its still attention to him. and as it looks, he might be sticking around for another year after mania, so well see how it goes

  • Gage

    What I think (and hope) is that, bacause Dolph Ziggler lost, he will drop Vickie Guerrero and hopefully turn babyface. Lets just hope that this happens.

  • izblack

    And the lame & boring title reign of CM is a Punk continues. The I Don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke rated G era lives on

  • jeb

    2 things stuck with me from the main event:
    1. when hhh stood at the ramp during his entrance and had the staredown at lesnar who was in the ring – screenshot of the year right there.
    2. For some reason I felt touched when hhh said "sorry buddy" to the little kid on his way out after the match.
    Other than that I actually liked the ppv. Definitely some work needed here and there, but it wasnt completely terrible like everyone else is saying.

  • TheConman188

    The Only Reason They Had Brock Win was because Brock Lost against Cena at Extreme Rules and he was on a dry streak like Jericho was. So They had Jericho Win against Ziggler and Lesnar Beat Triple H that way if Lesnar does return to UFC, he will be known as the man who ended Triple H's Career. I personally don't think this is the end of Triple H because with Mick Foley, They Said he wouldn't make it pass the age 30 and now Look at Him. If Mick Foley doesn't Quit, Then Triple H won't either

  • BlazeKing

    How did I know thst PTP wouldn’t get the belts….. I seriously hope their not paying for something AW did. WWE’s “humbling” is getting out of hand imo.

  • hurrigame

    I find it truly amazing that so many people will bitch (sorry Richard) and moan about WWE no matter what, yet they continue watching. If you don't like it, you know what to do…find an alternative or watch something else entirely.