WWE Survivor Series Results (11/24/13) - John Cena & Randy Orton Are Champions

5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Usos and Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro

The entrances:

Michael Cole welcomes the home audience, until he's interrupted by Rey Mysterio's music, and the masked man makes his return to WWE PPV.

The Uso's are out next, doing their dance at the top of the ramp before pumping the crowd up on their way to the ring. Goldust and Cody Rhodes are out next, and the Rhodes brothers get a very warm welcome from the fans in attendance.

Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro are the first two men out for the opposing team, and of course they're accompanied by Zeb Colter. Colter has a mic and asks for the music to be cut. Zeb talks about the Boston tea party for a bit, but says looking around at the fans tonight, he can clearly see there are no revolutionaries amongst us. But if the tea party were held today, none of the fans would know it because they don't pay attention. They do stupid things like 'twerking', or talking on cell phones, or cheering some boring guy like David Ortiz. Cody has a mic and he says none of these people paid for him to talk, and none of them want to see Zeb twerk. This leads to The Shield's music hitting, and the dominant trio make their way to the ring through the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings, and it looks like Ambrose and Cody will kick things off. We get a lock up and Ambrose goes behind, then into a headlock. Cody fights him off, but falls to a shoulder block. Ambrose goes behind again, but it tripped by Cody. Cody ducks a right hand and gives one of his own to Ambrose. Ambrose backs Cody into the corner and beats on him for a bit before hitting a big chop and grinding his forearm across Cody's face. Cody fights back with a couple of rights and a clothesline before kicking Ambrose in the chest, but Ambrose comes back with a knee to the gut and series of stomps in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Ambrose gets in the ref's face and is rolled up by Rhodes for three. Dean Ambrose is eliminated

Ambrose catches a big right hand from Goldust on his way out. The rest of the Shield is in and they're clotheslined over the top by The Uso's. The Uso's knock the Real American's out on the other side of the ring, and each takes a turn diving out on an opposing tag team. Back in the ring Rhodes hits Rollins with a big front duplex for two. Rhodes tags out to Goldust who comes in and hits Rollins with a series of rights in the corner, before hitting a big backdrop for a one count. Goldust locks in a headlock, Cesaro makes the blind tag, then Swagger makes another blind tag and runs right over Goldust before trapping him in the corner with a series of knees to the gut.

Cesaro tags in and we get a bit of double team work on Goldust that's good for a two count. Swagger tags in and Cesaro catapults Goldust into a giant slam from Swagger for two. Swagger picks Goldust up and hits a big clothesline before following with a Vader bomb. Cesaro tags back in and leaps over Swagger with a HUGE double stomp on Goldust for another two count. Cesaro clamps on a rear chin lock and Goldust is quick to fight out of it. Cesaro tries for a hit toss, but he's pinned with a backslide, then hit with a DDT.

Cesaro stops Goldust from hitting a tag and picks him up with a giant gut-wrench throw. Goldust fights out of the heel corner and hits a yoshi-tonic! Swagger tags in and tries for another Swagger bomb, but Goldust gets his feet up, and Mysterio tags in. Mysterio hits a seated denton on Swagger, then an arm drag. Swagger catches Ray in a gut-wrench, but Rey counters into a big hurricanrana that sends Swagger into the ropes. Rey hits the 619 and one of the Uso's tags in. Jey hits a giant splash from the top and Swagger takes the three count. Swagger is eliminated

Cesaro hits a giant dropkick, then a beautiful pop-up European uppercut for two. Cesaro traps Uso in the giant swing and gets 15 revolutions. Jimmy is in and Cesaro stops him, hitting a 20 revolution giant swing. Cesaro looks a bit dizzy as Rhodes tags in and rolls Cesaro up for 3. Cesaro is eliminated

Reigns makes his way into the match for the first time. Rhodes ducks a clothesline and gets in a couple of shots before tagging in an Uso. the other Uso tags in and hits a flying forearm in the corner. Reigns comes right back with a charging running elbow. Rollins tags in and stomps away on Uso in the corner. Rollins peppers Uso with a couple of big rights for a two count. Reigns tags in and buries his fist in Uso's gut for another quick two. Reigns puts Uso in an arm bar, but Uso is quick to fight out. Another tag, and Rollins heads to the top with a flying fist to Uso's chest, then a quick belly to back suplex for another two count. Rollins clamps on a rear chin lock.

Reigns is back in, and Uso counters a double suplex. Rollins is back dropped over the top, and Jey makes the tag to Jimmy. Jimmy hits a big Samoan drop, then charges in, hitting a butt bump to Reign's face in the corner. Jimmy heads to the top, but he's stopped by Reigns. Reigns tries for a superplex, but Jimmy fights it off with a couple of head butts. Uso dives off, but Reigns gets his knees up. Reigns pops up in the corner, and comes out with a giant spear. Jimmy Uso is eliminated

Cody comes in with a giant springboard missile dropkick. Rollins tags in and eats a moonsault. Rollins avoids the Cross Rhodes, but eventually falls to it. Reigns makes the blind tag and hits a spear to eliminate Rhodes. Cody Rhodes is eliminated

Jey is right in and he takes the fight to the floor, throwing Reigns into the barricade hard. Jey brings things back into the ring, and goes to the top rope, but misses a dive. Rollins tags in and curb stomps Uso. He pins Jey for the three count. Jey Uso is eliminated

Mysterio is in and Rollins hits him with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Mysterio comes back with a nasty kick to the side of Rollins' head that's good for two. Rey heads out to the apron and up to the top, but Rollins stops him and Rey's trapped in the tree of woe. Rollins backs up and hits a running dropkick to Rey in the corner before tagging out to Reigns. Reigns slides Rey across the mat and out to the floor.

Mysterio makes it back into the ring at 9. Reigns misses a spear in the corner and rolls shoulder first into the ring post. Both men crawl to their corners. Rollins makes the tag and dropkicks Goldust to the floor before tossing Rey into the corner. Rey counters an electric chair drop into a roll up for three. Rollins is eliminated

Rollins and Reigns team up on Mysterio for a bit before Rolling is sent to the back. Reigns looks a bit upset at being left alone before choking Mysterio against the bottom rope. Reigns eats a kick to the chest, and Mysterio tries to dive underneath Reigns to make the tag. Reigns catches him,but eats an enzugiri, then a drop toe hold into the corner. Goldust tags in and hits a series of clotheslines, then a big throat thrust. Goldust gets a two count, then takes Reigns into the corner for a series of ten punches to the face. Goldust is tossed into the corner, but he comes right back with a huge powerslam. Reigns blocks a suplex, then backs Goldust into the corner. Goldust is able to head to the top for a cross-body, but Reigns kicks out.

Goldust tries for a bulldog, but Reigns counters and hits a giant spear for three. Goldust has been eliminated

The finish:

Reigns catches Mysterio leaping from the top, but Rey puts him into the ropes. Rey goes for the 619, but Reigns comes back with another huge spear. Reigns pins Rey for three.

Winner and SOLE SURVIVOR: Roman Reigns

Hunter, Kane, and Stephanie are backstage and Orton intrudes. Orton says he wants to make sure everyone is all on the same page about him being the face of the WWE. Stephanie says it's great to see Orton. Hunter is a bit confused as to what Orton is demanding. Hunter tells Orton he's the Viper, the WWE Champion, the face of the WWE. Stephanie tells him to go prove it.

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  • Michael McGee

    5 on 2 already smh

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    What the hell is wrong with the WWE Creative? On one day they turned Miz heel by leaving the hell out of Kofi to be stretched his ankle to pulp. The next day they made Miz extends his hand to Kofi only to be smacked in the face and make Miz looks stupid and clueless. Is that Miz’s new character? A clueless, dumbfounded tweener or something?

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      I guess the adjectives go great with creative – clueless, dumbfounded etc

    • devin steele

      crack kills….JUST SAY NO!

  • jason hu

    @Richard Gray Can you tell me,when Survivor Series 2013 begin,The narratage by the man ,what he really said?

  • What should really happen

    John cena and ADR is getting boring. they should put roman reigns to fight cena instead of probably starting a rivalry with Rey mysterio

  • Danny_Boy

    BORING, CM Punk buries another up & comer. Add Luke Harper to the list with Axel & Ryback

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      Ha ha. Do you really think Punk buried Harper? Come on dood – The Wyatt family has been brought to prominence just because they are feuding with bryan and punk. Them beating punk and bryan on their first appearance – are you kidding me??

      • Danny_Boy

        Prominence my behind! Ask Ryback & Axel what they got out of working with Punk, not a darn thing. They are worse off now then they were before Punk.

        • Justin Mayo

          Also try factoring in Ryback’s attitude and Axel’s lack of charisma, man, to be fair

          • Danny_Boy

            I’d have an attitude to if Punk was constantly burying me. Ryback was red hot this time last year. After feuding with Punk not so much. Axel never had a chance to show any charisma because Heyman & Punk made it all about themselves. Bray needs to distant himself from Punk or he’ll end up a never was like Ryback & Axel. Nothing good comes from working with Punk if you’re a rising star

          • Justin Mayo

            Give it time, man. The feud’s not even close to over. I stand by saying this wasn’t a burial, and I think it’ll only get better from here.

          • Danny_Boy

            I hope so dude but I wouldn’t bet on it

          • Justin Mayo

            Think about it though- a good worker has the ability to get themself over, and doesn’t just rely on those around him. Yeah, Axel was overshadowed, but didn’t do anything to try to break out. And Ryback, for WHATEVER REASON his attitude came from, has to learn that a bad attitude won’t get you anywhere. You almost seriously injure a top star, then try to blame it on him, isn’t exactly showing me a lot of slack for him.

          • Anand Vijayakumar

            He has to see Swagger and Learn. Swagger became world champ and went down as to job to guys like Santino and Ryder within a year… Ryback must be thankful that he isnt suffering like that

          • devin steele

            coo-coo…coo-coo….crazy…crazy lol

          • Danny_Boy

            Lay off the crack dude

          • Anand Vijayakumar

            Punk did not bury Ryback in their original feud. WWE Did. WWE Wanted a big money feud between punk and rock at royal rumble and ryback was chosen as a filler feud only. If ryback had won the title – do you think he would be hot now? With his attitude issues, he would be like what Swagger was one year ago…

            Plus – Punks red hot 400+ day reign as wwe champ and feud with rock would’ve been wasted…

        • devin steele

          stop smoking crack dude

        • Anand Vijayakumar

          Dood – Ryback & Axel got an opportunity to feud with a top guy and prove themselves in which they failed. Dont blame Punk here. This is like a fat guy sitting on his couch and blaming Mcdonalds because the burget made him fat.

          • Danny_Boy

            Ryback & Axel didn’t fail, they were the victims of Punk’s selfish attitude. What opportunity is gained from always made to look like a bum when Punk refuses to let those guys go over once.

          • Anand Vijayakumar

            Dude – You must be day dreaming. Stop blaming punk. If the WWE wants Punk to lose, Punk will lose. Remember – he lost at Wrestlemania, he lost at Summerslam. The only man I can think of who can reject WWE creatives ideas is “Undertaker”. Everyone else is fair game if Vince wants them to lose.

            Punk did not bury Ryback and Axel. Ryback buried himself when he got so ful of himself and started mouthing off to people backstage. Axel was a talented in-ring performer but never had the charisma required to be a top guy…

            Stop whining man. I guess next you will say Orton buried Big Show and The Shield buried Rey Mysterio

    • Cubed56

      Did you watch the PPV? If you did I don’t see at all how you could think punk and Bryan even remotely buried the Wyatt’s, if anything they made them look like worthy opponents and set up more chapters of this feud.

      • Justin Mayo

        I personally would have put the Wyatts over, even if it was a dirty finish involving Bray, but as I hear it (didn’t see) it was an incredible match. If you can have a great match, there’s no burial, and people need to realize this.

        • Cubed56

          I agree Justin. I actually thought the Wyatt’s were going to go over dirty. However it was a good match and Harper and Rowan looked strong even in defeat. It was far from a burial, if anything punk and Bryan furthered the maturation of the Wyatt’s and made them look stronger even in defeat.

      • Danny_Boy

        Yes I did. Did you? The Wyatts are not going anywhere anytime soon as long as they are in a feud involving Punk. Watch

        • devin steele

          what the hell do YOU have against punk?

        • GOR

          Why should Wyatts go anywhere anytime soon ? They r rookies; they r lucky they r feuding with top stars already.

          Don’t u remmember how Punk started off ? He lost thrice to John Morryson before wining ECW title n still didn’t get buried.
          That’s wat makes a guy a superstar !

          • Anand Vijayakumar

            Well said 🙂

            People these days are in a hurry. They just dont have the patience to wait for a storyline to develop… If a big star defeats a new comer – they are being buried PERIOD…

        • Cubed56

          Yes I did watch. What I saw was punk and Bryan help establish the Wyatt’s as legitimate challengers. Harper and Rowan looked good against them, and by losing left the door open for more encounters between them. Honestly even though they lost, I feel the Wyatt family came out looking better then when they came in.

      • Anand Vijayakumar

        New guys cant just come into a feud and beat established stars. It is not called burying. It is called giving a rub…

        When a new comer like the wyatts feud with guys like punk and bryan and put on good matches, the rub they get out of it helps them grow in their career. This does not amount to burying…

        • Danny_Boy

          They didn’t get anything from getting pinned by Punk last night and you know it. Harper & Rowen will be irrelevant after this feud is over due to Punk.

          • Anand Vijayakumar

            Dude – did you see RAW? They are more relevant now than they were before… Thanks to Punk and Bryan the Wyatt family is in a feud at the top of the card. Their match at survivor series was the co-main event… That is because of Punk and Bryan. Do you think the Wyatts vs 3MB will even be a part of the pre-show??

  • Cubed56

    With that ending I feel they are setting up the unification angle for the titles. Possibly a new mega powers angle. Or dare I say the unthinkable a cena heel turn.

    • Luke Steadman

      I do too.

    • GOR

      Dont dare dude its useless !

      • Cubed56

        Agreed. I have a better chance of winning the lottery twice then cena turning heel, but you never know. I’m not putting any hope in it though, as u said its useless.

  • Luke Trewarne

    I don’t like this direction. Cena aligning himself with the top heel faction, when it’s almost guaranteed he won’t turn heel, to face Orton who is also heel and not as compelling as he once
    Was. I hope they have good ideas with this, because both are so so stale right now, I don’t get how this is a good idea
    At all. It’s a
    Cluster fluff

    • Ben Fuller

      Where does it say cena aligned with authority????

      • Syed Abbas

        It was after the show.

    • devin steele

      but i thought you and the rest of the iwc want him to turn heel…no wonder they call you guys flip-floppers!

      • GOR

        Every1 wants Cena to turn heel FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNALY.
        But he never will. He’s WWE’s cash-crop for selling merchandise. They r too money-driven to try that.
        This angle will mostly lead to Mr. Mcmahon reappearing n using Cena as his choice for face of Company, faceoff between 2 champs at Rumble n maybe the Unification. Though I would hate to see WHC go as it’s the best belt N my fav.

  • BIG M

    Main event was boring but I’m glad WWE might finally be unifying both there world titles.

  • Simze

    I couldn’t watch the ppv and when I try to read about the last match it doesn’t show. Can someone please tell me what happened?

  • Ben Fuller

    The ending to wwe ppvs is getting really boring with endings alway being controversial. Show had it won until steph and hhh interupted. When is a wwe titke match going to end cleanly? . Also for the person that suggested cena has aligned with the authority where is ur proof. I didbt watch pvp just read this artivke and it doesnt say cena said he was aligning with then. He just came down stood between hhh and steph went to ring and held his titke up seemingly challenging orton. Which makes sence ceba face vs orton heal probs vs authority also thus unifying the bekts to whoever wins.

    • Ben Fuller

      Stupid phone

  • César

    Thank you !

  • Rt

    I don’t want the wwe to unify the world titles. I love having them both around on tv.

  • Siddharth Thakur

    Richard Gray can u please give the video of survivor series 2013

    • Jack ‘Tristeza’ Hughes

      Are you high? Of course he can’t. Thats copyright material and would get him sued or shut down.

  • Lebron James

    Roman Reigns was the star of the show. They flirted a Cena heel turn, but then completely murdered the chance of that happening with the off air exchange between Cena and The McMahons. The show was a D- at best.

    • Syed Abbas

      I disagree.

  • mezzmer

    Dont spilt the shield

    • Ben Fuller

      Yed split the shield they were never interesting to begin with. Without there numbers game they are nothing

  • GOR

    Main event will mostly lead to Mr. Mcmahon reappearing n using Cena as
    his choice for face of Company, faceoff between 2 champs at Rumble n
    maybe the Unification.

    & the Shield winning 5 on 2 ? r u kidding me ? wen will they stop blowing-over the shield.
    shield looks like a dark version of SuperCena(sucks !).

    • Cubed56

      I disagree. Ambrose was eliminated less then 5 mins into the match, he was actually the first one eliminated overall. Rollins looked good but didn’t do anything special. This was more of them strapping the jet pack to reigns as he looked like an absolute monster. It was more like reigns winning 5 on 1.

      • Chris b

        It’ll be the typical wwe manoeuvre, burying one to elevate the other, things do not look good for Rollins, especially as he seems to be the one playing the damsel in the tag matches he’s in (the guy can sell!)

        I would have liked to seen more from the shield, I really wanted kaitlyn to have join them to give her a stronger place in the divas division, or maybe target Cena again in pursuit of the world title. I really wanted them to turn on triple H since the three have lost much since throwing in with him.

        But for all that a year is a long time and breaking them up when there hot and people are still wanting more is always a good way to go.

  • Scott Davies

    I feel the Wyatts should have gone over at this PPV & I am not against a title unification match. The World Heavyweight Title is a useless title in 2013. There is completely no value in it. I think WWE is going to restore the IC Title. I also believe Triple H is behind the move. As he has made most of them as of late.

  • Chris B

    All that build for the big show, cast to the side so Cena can save the day. Thing is the wwe title does need saving, the champ hasn’t won one match by his own, trip pedigrees Bryan, the big show knocks him out the hbk super kicks him, now T.A. comes out for the distraction. What happens when there’s no doubt about a matches outcome because trip and steph will always ensure their horse wins, we’ll it looks like the wwe have only one man to save the day.

    Also, the main event was pretty short and sabotaged by what came before it, following on from the best and the beard, even if they haven’t said much over the last few weeks, we’ll that was just bad planning from the guys in back.

    I’m sorry live audience, who are we chanting for?

    • Danny_Boy

      CM Punk isn’t the best. Far from it actually.

    • Ben Fuller

      Agreed the wwe title pictures is to predicable and is obvious orton will win with them to ensure it And a real shams after all the build up big show just got cast aside cos ortons there guy. They need to do a proper power struggle and have superstars team up and end the tyrannical reign and bring wwe back to what it was interesting and unpredictable title matchs without interference from the suits

  • M

    I was expecting a disaster with the Divas match but it wasn’t that bad though they messed up by constantly saying Nattie was the sole survivor, a mistake they later corrected but still sloppy on their part.

    I loved the match with the Wyatts v/s Punk and Daniel, WWE made the right move starting this feud.

  • Paul

    Show vs Orton was better than I thought it would be and Im glad that there truly was NO interference least physically! Winner and STILL the WWE champ…my man! Randy Orrrrrrrton!:)

  • Paul

    This is off topic a bit but there are Truly no other better wrestlers in the world then right here in the WWE..The BIG 3 of Randy Orton CM Punk and Daniel Bryan! Id Love to see AJ Styles come and join the WWE and join them:) could it happen does Anyone have any thoughts on this!? Let the debating begin!

  • Rishi

    The PPV was great imo. Awesome matches. We saw the beast that is Roman Reigns. Great Wyatt-Punk/Bryan match and a twist at the end! Also, i marked out for the Santino and R-Truth promo when they revealed John Laurinitus!!

  • Chris b

    The secondary titles and to some extent the world title have suffered from the end of the brand extension. When the titles were exclusive to the two shows with limited competitors to chase after them things at least we’re more focused on the titles as they were the cornerstones of the two shows. Now on both and raw three hours they take up less and less time to an ever increasing roster.

    Of course this is a song I’ve song before, with my answer being the same, at least for the secondary titles, bigger names chasing the titles. Imagine if punk had gone after the intercontinental championship to spit heyman, the hype on that would have been brilliant. Of course imagine if axel had managed to retain, it would have made his title run instead of burying it.

    For the us title, we could see the shield implode and they all go after it. As for the world title, in the end that salvaging job will be with Cena, a fighting champion, opponents will be vital but sandow, ziggler, cesaro, we could see an army of young guns going for Cena’s head.

  • JJ

    Oofta…quite a lackluster PPV. Best 2 matches were Punk and DB vs Wyatts, can’t wait to see how this develops. And the opening and only real survivor series match (that women’s match was an atrocity) and loved to see Reign emerge as the clear future.