New WWE World Heavyweight Champion Crowned At Wrestlemania 30

Daniel Bryan made Batista tap out to the Yes Lock to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

This match was full of controversy as WWE refs Mike Chioda and Scott Armstrong were both involved. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out at one point. Triple H pulled out a sledge hammer, and Bryan turned things around and hit him with it. Batista and Randy Orton teamed up for a huge spot where Batista put Bryan up for the Batista Bomb on the regular commentary booth, and Orton RKO'ed Bryan through Spanish Announce table. EMT's showed up to check on Bryan.

Bryan got off the stretcher and started to fight again. Bryan hit Batista with the running knee and followed it up by locking in the Yes Lock to win the match. The fans exploded in a "YES!" chant. Pyro went off and confetti fell.

  • Whammaster

    Very happy with this ending, everyone called it but it still made you think that their was no way he was gonna do it with all the crap he was put through. Really solid match to end the night of a mediocre WM.

  • Bill Krow

    Enjoy it, brock is coming bryan!!!

  • Paul

    Mediocre Wrestlemania? The streak ending was a huge letdown, but every other match on the card delivered. Even the Divas match served its purpose to recover from the streak ending.

    • Whammaster

      Tag Match was good, Bryan v HHH started sloppy but ended very good, Shield match as almost non-existant, Battle Royal was a time killer but it gave Cesaro a nice nod, Bray match was okay at best it gave bray a nice way to express his character but felt clumsy with cena, Taker match was a shocker (finally wwe), Divas match showed that only 3-4 “Divas” could actually wrestle out of the roster, and end match was great.

      yeah, a mediocre WM, the mid card sucked in its build time so it gave nothing of flavor for the match itself. I might be to hard on the Cean v Wyatt match, but i wanted more of a showcase out of that match. The Shield match was a MASSIVE let down for me, though that was a cool double powerbomb spot.

  • BIG M

    I feel really sorry for Bryan Orton and Batista having to follow Taker’s match.

    • vickie’s lover

      yeah .. i feel like the crowd was dead through the rest of the night after taker’s match … me 2!!!

  • Paul

    I don’t see it… Bryan vs. Triple H was great. Hunter was great and brought out some moves we haven’t seen in a while. (Cross face chicken wing, and tiger suplex) okay maybe that was a double cw suplex. Bryan took some brutal bumps and his work was stellar. Andre battle royal put over Cesaro. Cena vs. Wyatt told a great story and had some nice spots like the spider walk 5-knuckle shuffle counter. Even Taker vs. Brock had some nice false finishes. Like the Old school to – F5. The pace was just really slow which took the crowd out. Divas match let everyone pick there mouths off the ground from the streak ending. And the triple threat delivered not only in work rate but with the right ending. And Batista didn’t get gassed in the first 5 minutes.

  • Lebron James

    I couldn’t enjoy the win after what I had witness with Taker. Still, congrats to Bryan. What a story! From Indy King to Mainstream King.

  • Philip Dickens

    daniel bryan has 2 words for triple h suck it