WWE Turns The Page On Raw, Cesaro's Push, Paige Gets Major Rub, NXT Call-Ups Coming

The objective of this week's episode of Monday Night Raw was to "turn the page" following Wrestlemania XXX, which was why a heavy push was put behind new talent. For those that missed it, below is a quick recap:

* Cesaro aligned with Paul Heyman and is set to receive a singles push based on his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He'll face Big Show in a match that will be taped for Smackdown on Tuesday night.

* Paige got a tremendous rub by beating the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion in company history in AJ Lee. Lee held the title for 295 days and now Paige holds both the WWE Divas Championship and NXT Women's Championship.

* Alexander Rusev made his in-ring debut, squashing Zack Ryder.

* WWE began airing vignettes for Adam Rose and Bo Dallas as you can watch them at this link.

  • Patrick

    Impressive and about time. they started pushing the younger talent.

    • Stephen

      About time? Where have you been this past year and a half??? The roster has been constantly getting younger..

      • Ricky

        Yet they keep giving part timers like Bootista and Lesnar top feuds whiles guys like Cesaro lingered in a tag team with a heat magnet like Thagger.

        • Luke Trewarne

          Batista is NOT part time, he’s returned to a full time contract

  • magruber

    and dont forget, Bad News Barrett finally returned to action. They push him right, he could be the British Stone Cold. He has that kind of gimmick and attitude

  • joey

    I was really glad to see it happen!!

  • Jaryd

    I’m still totally marking out for Bad News and especially Paige! British Invasion, brother! Heck, Adam Rose does a pretty good fake British rocker accent!

    Only things that I wasn’t really into were the whole “boliever” vignettes, too corny and Justin Bieberish for me. Also, Rusev seems to be a great athlete but I think I’m a bit wary of the intense, Eastern-European monster gimmick since Vladimir Kozlov.

    • Ben

      If you haven’t watched NXT, check out the recent episodes on the Network with Bo’s heel work. It’s exactly like that vignette. I might be one of the few but I’ve been way into it, my personal favorite was him turning “boring” chants during his match: “Yes, this IS Bo’s ring!”

      • Jaryd

        “Bo’s ring” that is pretty funny in a dumb kind of way haha

      • Ultimate WWE Fan

        So will Bo be face or heel on Raw

        • Ben

          Definitely heel. The over-the-top cheesiness smacked of his NXT character. Expect plenty of “Bocahontas” chants.

    • Nick k

      Adam rose is from south africa, not a fake accent.

      • Mysterion

        “Fake British rocker accent”. -_-

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Paige must be real impressive if Vince gave her the title over AJ Lee’s backside.

    Still waiting on that Ziggler push…

  • Venom

    My only concern is that being a Paul Heyman guy in storyline and behind the scenes are 2 different things. Now Cesaro is no Ryback or Heidenreich. But do far the only successful people that Heyman managed were Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. Again, Cesaro is talented on his own I just hope they don’t have him feud with a top star and then have him team up with Paul Heyman in handicap matches with that top star. I see it way too often and helps nobody.

  • Mike Brailsford

    Cole will annoy me with his pronounciation of Norwich. Adam Rose trying to badly hid his South African accent with a bad ‘Austin Powers’. Cesaro from the frying pan in to the furnace by swapping Colter for Heyman.

  • My question is though, with nearly every audience cheering Cesaro…are they gonna push him as a heel or face? IMO, it’d be kinda hard to push him as face since Hayman is so fresh out of a full on heel gloating escapade last night.

  • Ultimate WWE Fan

    So we saw new tag team champions new divas champion and new wwe world heavyweight champion recently now its time for new us and ic champions i suggest ADR for ic and Dolph for us

    • Mysterion

      ADR shouldn’t even be with that company. Overrated sack of horse sh*t.

      • Ultimate WWE Fan

        I know but i was reading that ADR VS BIG E at Extreme Rules

    • Luke Trewarne

      Nothing wrong with the current IC and US champions… Just need to defend them more