WWE US Championship To Be Defended On SummerSlam Pre-Show

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WWE United States Champion Santino Marella will defend against Antonio Cesaro in the SummerSlam pre-show prior to the pay-per-view on Sunday night.

The pre-show will be streamed live here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com at 7:30 PM EDT.

  • Austin

    It’s just a belt now. It hasn’t been a true championship in a while.

  • true wrestling fan

    Let’s go Cesaro!!

  • Wwe should just drop the US Title. It’s turned into a joke

  • Blake

    Wait there is going to be a US title defense whoah that’s a shock literally

  • christopher525

    Maybe we can finally get a US champ who's actually worth paying attention to, not too likely, I know, but what the hell.

  • Wwe4L76

    The belt is a joke, wwe is a joke. Stop beeing a kids show

  • StephenSnel23


  • Chapinb0yy

    Finally something new with the us title. I think santino is just making that title more of a joke then it already was. Hopefully cesaro goes somewhere with this.

  • JasonGaza

    i rather give the belt to JTG or Khali than santino, idk what wwe see in him, he’s going over in toooo many matches and his jokes are stale. He’s a total joke and needs to stick to prancing around with Hornswoggle and give that title to someone who can put it into good use.