For all of the serious in-ring performers WWE has had over the past couple of decades, there has also been no shortage of comedic wrestlers. We've seen our fair share of superstars who border on the absurd and also those who can flip between serious and comedy in the blink of an eye.

Even though many fans love to see high-quality matches and rivalries that will stand the test of time, there is always a place in the business for entertainment and comedy. That's been proven as recently as the last few months, with R Truth's exploits surrounding the 24/7 Championship offering light relief on television almost every week.

But R Truth is far from the only guy who has managed to make fans laugh both inside and outside of a WWE ring. Join me as I run down my personal Top 10 of the funniest superstars to make us chortle, guffaw and crease over in WWE history.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

Few performers were able to transition as seamlessly from ruthless in-ring performer to hilarious backstage comedian like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

His list of hilarious moments in WWE is almost endless. The rivalry with Mr. McMahon was legendary, but even that had its fair share of comedy including the time he attacked the boss while he was laying in a hospital bed. Even when he aligned with Vince later on and turned heel, he still managed to regularly make the fans laugh.

There was the infamous "What?" phase, and although it was irritating at first, it's one of the go-to chants for fans to use when they want to voice their displeasure or rile up their most hated heel. The What chant is up there with Daniel Bryan's Yes! and the infamous "CM Punk!" as audibles that will stand the test of time.

Who can forget Austin's fight in the grocery store with Booker T? Pouring cement into Mr McMahons limousine? The beer truck? All of these, and many more, are the moments which underline just how entertaining Austin could be without even lacing up his boots.


Would the 24/7 Championship have been anywhere near as successful as it is without R-Truth's exploits?

When WWE first introduced the belt it's fair to say that the fans weren't exactly blown away. An ugly belt with nonsensical rules, it came across as a cheap imitation of the Hardcore Championship. It was never likely to be taken seriously and we wondered how long it would even exist for.

But Truth, alongside Drake Maverick and Carmella, managed to make it the most entertaining part of WWE TV on any given week. This isn't the first time that Truth has managed to make fans laugh though, with his Little Jimmy phase a few years ago also proving to be a hit on television, and who could forget the times when he just got things monumentally wrong? Bringing a ladder into the Royal Rumble match and repeatedly declaring himself for matches that he had no part in were some of the highlights of his delusional character.

Truth is never likely to ascend to the main event scene in WWE, but he's a valuable asset in making the midcard as lively as possible. That should hopefully continue for a good while still.

Shawn Michaels

D-Generation X remains one of the best-loved stables in WWE history, and that was largely down to the entertainment factor Shawn Michaels brought to the party. All members of the faction were funny in their own way, but it was HBK who stood out above the rest and was the glue which held the group together as a unit. 

Nicknamed The Showstopper for good reason, he was always able to entertain both inside and outside of the squared circle on a regular basis. Even when DX weren't active, Michaels always managed to raise a smile from fans with his antics backstage. More importantly, he looked like a guy who was having fun doing it, which made it all the more easy for fans to be entertained by HBK whenever he appeared on screen.

One thing worth noting about Michaels, and the same can be said for compatriot HHH, is that they were both equally as funny while away from DX. They always bounced off each other beautifully but could hold their own when it came to entertaining the masses. Easily one of the best performers of his generation, Michaels was also one of the funniest. Who could ever forget him taking out Stan?

Santino Marella

When his WWE career started as a plant in the crowd during a show in Italy, nobody could have imagined Santino Marella would go down the path he did in professional wrestling.

He started out as a serious fighter but very quickly turned into one of the company's go-to acts for comedic value and backstage segments. Marella did his fair share in the ring, but with his finishing manoeuvre, The Cobra, raising more of a laugh than it did a gasp from those in attendance, it's understandable that he is remembered more for his acts of comedy than his wrestling ability.

The time he spent alongside Beth Phoenix was always a highlight, but he also had his fair share of interaction with the rest of WWE's female wrestlers, not least when he created the infamous Santina character for a match with Vickie Guerrero. Santina would, unfortunately, remain a staple of WWE in the years to come, recently appearing at the 2020 Royal Rumble.

All in all, it's safe to say that on a list of the funniest wrestlers of the past 20 years, Marella's inclusion was one that couldn't be ignored regardless of your feelings towards the Santina character.

Triple H

Undeniably one of the more versatile performers of the past 20 years, Triple H could be as serious as they come one week before switching to being a comedy performer the next. Most of The Game's funniest moments came during his alliance with Shawn Michaels in D-Generation X, and the duo had fans falling out of their seats laughing on a regular basis.

While he may have been The Cerebral Assassin as a singles competitor, cold and calculated, any time he linked up with Michaels for a run in the black and green, you were guaranteed laughs aplenty. For years, it looked as though fans would never see a different side to Triple H and he was destined to be a one dimensional grunt. But whenever he was seen during backstage segments with guys such as JBL and Michaels that prompted fans to laugh uncontrollably, it was clear just how adaptable he could be.

The New Day

When Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E - three extremely undervalued guys - formed The New Day, nobody could have expected that the trio would soon become one of the most successful teams and biggest merch movers in WWE history. We knew they were great wrestlers, but it turns out that, as a trio, they have an electric chemistry - and they’re hilarious.

There are SO many funny New Day moments that I could literally spend days listing them. From imitating The Wyatt Family to Francesca and Francesca 2. From the time machine skit to the infamous rap battle with The Uso's and literally anything that Big E does... the list is practically never ending.

The close friendship that the trio have is wonderful to see and shines through the TV screen. Similar to HBK and HHH, you can see how much unsolicited fun they are having while performing together. The best part is that nobody outshines the others - they all bring something to the very funny table. Woods with his scathing putdowns, Kofi with his over the top energy and Big E... well he's just freaky! 


Like many people on this list, Goldust started out as a serious, albeit completely bizarre character before turning into someone perhaps more remembered for his comedic value. Despite a moderately successful run around the turn of the millennium, it was only when the company turned his character into a figure of fun that he started to raise his profile.

From the electrocution he suffered at the hands of Evolution which led to him developing a stutter, to his unforgettable alliances with both Booker T and R Truth, Goldust was one of the most entertaining acts on Raw and SmackDown each week. He would step away from the company in between those tag team tenures, but when he returned he picked up exactly where he left off, clearly never losing the ability to entertain. The months that he spent ducking R Truth, insisting he didn't want to be his tag team partner, were some of the televisual highlights in all of WWE over the last few years.

In 2019, Goldust finally managed to break free from the shackles that had inhibited him for so many years and joined his younger brother Cody in upstart promotion All Elite Wrestling. His role with AEW has seen him take on more of a serious persona as well as working behind the scenes as a trainer. However the vast majority of fans will fondly remember The Bizarre One for his unforgettable WWE career.

The Rock

The undisputed king of all WWE comedy. Whether it was a backstage interview segment doing hilarious impersonations of his opponents, cutting someone down in the ring like only he could do, making interviewers lives miserable or the infamous This Is Your Life segment, Rocky was known for being just as memorable outside the ring as he was in it.

During his first run with the company between 1996 and 2003, nobody was as charismatic in the flesh or as entertaining on the mic as Rocky. I could've written a top 10 list dedicated to Rock's most entertaining moments to showcase what an all-time great he really is, but then I would have to do that list ten times over and still there would be moments that unfairly missed out.

It was his uncanny ability to entertain which saw Johnson head for the Hollywood Hills and become the biggest star in the entire world, but he has never forgotten where he came from. It was only as recently as 2019 that he returned to WWE for the very first episode of Smackdown on FOX to help Becky Lynch tear apart King Corbin in yet another unforgettable moment.

Honourable Mentions

I would be remiss if I didn't mention some of the hilarious superstars who missed out on this list. Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian, Chris Jericho, Breezango and Kevin Owens all failed to make the grade, albeit extremely narrowly. All very funny in their own rights, but the names I went for stood out as having more memorably funny moments.

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