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The announcement that this years Money In The Bank Ladder Match would take place at the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut acted as further evidence that Vince McMahon is willing to think outside the box during this worldwide pandemic.

It follows recent efforts to create a spectacle without a crowd and the success of the Boneyard Match, Firefly Fun House match and Black Heart versus Rebel Heart 'One Final Beat' should give fans huge hope that the Money In The Bank Ladder Match could be something special.

This first time match which includes both the men and women vying for their respective contracts will no doubt be chaotic and I honestly don't know what to expect. With the match likely pre-recorded the creative teams options are wide open and one question I have is will we see any cameo appearances during the show which will be fitting of this unique event?

WWE Corporate


What would the first ever Corporate Money In The Bank Ladder Match be with the WWE hierarchy playing their part?

I'm picturing Shane McMahon admiring the trophy cabinet when all of a sudden a superstar is hurled through the glass as his 'Best In The World' trophy becomes collateral damage. This may even set up a future angle for Shane's return to WWE television.

With Stephanie McMahon I would like to see a segment which brings out classic Steph. What if Angel Garza is in the building on business only to cross paths with the bosses daughter and attempt to turn on the Latino charm, only to be rebuffed with a famous slap that is heard around the world.

Vince McMahon and Triple H could be filmed having a business meeting with one of the Ladder Match participants with the meeting ending in hand shakes and smiles all around to insinuate that there could be a potential screw job on the cards in the main event. A meeting with King Corbin would probably get the most heat from fans who would begin to fear the worst and a second Money In The Bank briefcase for the King.

Attitude Era Legends


When this match was first announced nostalgia hit hard as I was taken back to the Attitude Era and the memorable WWE commercial shot at WWE HQ. Any reference to this commercial will be welcomed and I will never get bored of seeing legends such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley on my television screen.

As the ladder match winners are crowned on the roof of the building it would be great to see the camera pan to the ground floor to see Vince recreate the ending to the commercial with a simple "Get It!". 

The Firefly Fun House Puppets


Since the repackage of Bray Wyatt and the introduction of The Fiend much of his success has been down to the Firefly Fun House and its residents.

Huskus the Pigboy, Abbey the Witch, Mercy the Buzzard and Ramblin' Rabbit could all make an impact however the biggest impact in this corporate setting could be made by Fun House Vince hyping up the match with his "It's such good s**t!" line. 

The Hacker


As they continue to tease their identity and next victim a fleeting appearance from the Hacker would get the WWE Universe talking. Their latest social media post hints at something big happening at Money In The Bank with a Scottish star possibly in their sights.

A hooded individual in dark clothing filmed exiting an office at WWE HQ would be enough of a cameo to build intrigue and excitement ahead of the main events. Love what they have done so far with this storyline. 

Roman Reigns

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Some reports surfaced recently that Roman Reigns may have backstage heat with the WWE following his decision to take time off due to health concerns. The fact that there has been little mention of the Big Dog on Smackdown in recent weeks has fueled these rumours however it seems some are putting two and two together and coming up with five. 

Roman himself recently recovered from Leukemia and his wife is expecting twins so to put his health and family first is understandable and the absolute right thing to do.

A quick segment showing him and Vince McMahon embracing in the bosses office could be a great way to put these rumours to bed while giving the fans their first glimpse of Reigns in weeks. 

Randy Orton


RKO outta nowhere anyone?

Randy Orton hasn't been seen since his defeat to Edge at Wrestlemania so what better way to make his return than hitting a future target with his famous finishing move to begin his next meaningful storyline on Monday Night RAW. 

John Cena


Following defeat at the hands of The Fiend the sixteen time champion could be attending the WWE HQ to discuss creative plans for the future.

As the Ladder Match escalates up from the ground floor Cena could be seen through an office window going over his options with the WWE creative, the visible displays and storyboards could hint towards an nWo angle. I discussed John Cena's potential return in my latest article for Wrestling New World which can be found by clicking here.

James Ellsworth


Best known for getting beat up by Braun Strowman, defeating AJ Styles and helping Carmella to win the women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match back in 2017 could the former WWE superstar be set for a cameo appearance after Carmella confirmed her participation last Friday on Smackdown?

Dexter Lumis


An extremely random possibility but a possibility all the same. Dexter Lumis has gained some momentum in recent weeks on NXT and after some creepy moments where he has just appeared however he has also impressed in the ring.

Lumis appearing in an elevator and blocking the competitors attempt to hitch a ride to the roof could be a simple but effective segment and would also give this rising stars character some additional exposure.



When you are looking for someone to pull off a memorable, comedic moment, who else but WWE veteran R-Truth.

Truth plus comedy equals comedy gold and I can just visualise the Ladder Match competitors bursting through to the roof of WWE HQ only to find R-Truth half way up the ladder attempting to retrieve the briefcase.

Another possibility with Truth is to have him spend the entire show searching for Rob Gronkowski as he looks to regain the WWE 24/7 Championship.

Whatever happens on Sunday this years Money In The Bank PPV promises to be one of the most memorable in recent history. With a stacked card and the unique ladder match the WWE and their creative team are looking to execute another outside the box idea with roaring success.

Would love to hear your thoughts and what you expect in terms of possible cameo appearances this Sunday, let us know on Twitter @CresswellDJ and @wnwnews. 

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