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SmackDown is the BEST thing going for WWE right now in almost every way. If you’re anything like me you look forward to SmackDown for a big list of reasons. I love Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair, Big E, and others.  That said, lately I have been absolutely won over by a certain sommelier…

Sidney Bateman aka Akeem Young aka Reginald “Reggie” Thomas is admittedly my new little man crush. It’s okay guys, this is a safe place to admit you have one too! No? Just me? Well, keep reading! Ever since his debut where I just rolled my eyes at the absurdity, he has come out each week and endeared himself more and more to me and the audience. I think it’s safe to say he’s one of 2021’s breakout characters at this point too.

So, full stop, I love the guy, and here are 10 reasons why and why you should too!

1. Performance Center Class of 2020


Reginald was recruited to be a WWE Superstar and his signing was announced in January 2020. I'm not going to lie, from this class I only knew Mercedes Martinez at the time and thought very little of the rest of the recruits. I’ve been digging through the internet and I’m not finding anything about Reginald wrestling before his time in WWE so he must have seriously impressed at a try-out and have a true passion for this business to have ascended so fast! It's always great to have a talent that can be labeled as "homegrown" though WWE is far from his first rodeo circus...

2. Cirque du Soleil

Reginald didn’t just come ‘from outta nowhere’ he was an acrobat for Cirque Du Soleil before joining WWE. He was a part of their show “Luzia.” His Cirque profile lists him as a “Chinese Hoop Diving Diablo” and that’s pretty freaking awesome! 

In the videos I've seen he moves with such grace and seems to float through the air. Seeing someone have the kind of control over their body and space as he does is always awe-inspiring for me, especially because I get winded standing up. I don't want to gloss over this, but I also cannot really do his work justice, I don't know much about acrobatics or Cirque du Soleil but I know athleticism when I see it!

You can see more about him as an acrobat here...

3. Athletic Freak

You obviously need to be a tremendous athlete to cut it with Cirque du Soleil, but look at some of these clips and tell me that Reginald is not the kind of person that deserves to be called an Ath-uh-lete to give him an extra syllable out of respect! Remember these moves from his match with Sasha!? "Cirque du Sommelier" indeed. 

Just do me a favor and ignore the result of the match, please?

4. Dude is a Smooooth Talker!


It may be his velvety smooth voice, it may be the sophisticated way he melds French(ish) into his vocabulary, it may be the cache that comes with the territory of being a sommelier, but I could listen to Reginald talk all damn day. Like...can a brother get some audiobooks narrated by him? 

I long for the day I can sip a beautiful and full-bodied Bourdeaux Superieur, whose luscious notes of black currant. plum, and cedar dance on my palate while I listen to the dulcet tones of Reginald's voice as he recites works by Charles Baudelaire or Victor Hugo.

5. This Absolute VIBE

We’ve only gotten a small taste of Reginald’s entrance music, but I’m sure we’ll see him entering on his own quite a bit more in the future and we’ll get a true chance to hear the whole thing! This little snippet is a total vibe though.

6. Carmella Who? 


Reginald was brought onto SmackDown with the positively eye-rolling label of being Carmella’s sommelier. I thought he had two weeks, three if he was lucky. But the dude is too good to deny! He’s been living it up and killing it on SmackDown to the point where he’s having matches with Sasha Banks! 

I still don't quite understand the dynamic but somehow he's pouring wine for and hyping up Carmella as well as Sasha Banks. I wonder what the payoff for that will be? 

Carmella wasn't on TV last week but like...we still got our dose of Reggie and I love that. They've sown some conflict with Carmella and we had to know they would split eventually but because this guy generally holds his own and I can’t wait for him to show us what he's got on his own!

7. Fits like these

Reginald has some SERIOUS style, just look at these fits! *Chef’s kiss*

                                      FINALLY someone can match Sonya's suit game!

                                      FINALLY someone can match Sonya's suit game!

8. Big time growth!

Reginald posted this inspirational picture to his Instagram. It’s a #10YearChallenge that shows him as a teenager when he was in a gang in St. Louis. It takes a tremendous amount of maturity, growth, and self respect to be able to pick yourself up and create a new life for yourself on your terms and our man Reginald has done just that!

9. Father to a beautiful little girl

File_000 (1)

 Just look at this picture. See how happy he is holding his baby girl? That’s some serious love right there. 

If you can't read the caption..."Yesterday was national daughter day, well everyday for me is national daughter day. My love, my motivation, my inspiration, my everything. 

Dad. Goals. 

10. Both Inspirational and Hilarious! 

Here is his work "This Thing Called Life." My words can do no justice to his, so please take a moment and check it out for yourself. There is a tab on his Instagram page with more!

He's also a great new follow on TikTok, and his antics with @LeBois_ (Himself, Ezra Judge and Ricochet) 

Those are just 10 reasons why you should be crushin' on Reginald! Get on his socials and show him some love on Twitter @ReginaldWWE on Instagram @reginald.wwe and on TikTok @LeBois_ Tell him I sent you! 

Find me on Twitter @KeepUpWithKFabe and catch me tweeting about Reggie on SmackDown tonight! 

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