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10 WWE Names To Watch Out For In 2013, Photo Of Vince McMahon Boxing

- WWE has a new feature on dot com listing 10 names to "watch out for in 2013." Their article says 10 superstars but The Shield and Team Rhodes scholars are listed in two spots, which actually makeup five stars. Below is the list:

  1. Team Rhodes Scholars
  2. Kaitlyn
  3. Antonio Cesaro
  4. Tyson Kidd
  5. Wade Barrett
  6. Ryback
  7. The Shield
  8. AJ Lee
  9. CM Punk
  10. Dolph Ziggler

Click here to view the feature in its entirety.

- We shared a photo of Vince McMahon boxing here on Facebook. Would you fight him? Tell us in the comments either here or on Facebook.

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