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Batista Explains Why He Thinks Titus O'Neil Should Leave WWE

Batista & Titus O'Neil

Batista told TMZSports that Vince McMahon should have had a one on one conversation with Titus O’Neil and not suspended him following the incident at Raw a couple weeks ago. He explained Titus was just being playful with Vince [when he during the Daniel Bryan segment href=">grabbed"] because Vince is a very physical guy. Batista said regardless if it was at the wrong time, it should have been a conversation and not a suspension.

Batista said Vince “f—ked Titus” by not only suspending him but by taking


away from him as well. He explained Titus is with WWE because he wants to be and he’s a talented and educated person that could make money doing a million other things. That’s why he felt like Titus should just leave WWE after being suspended for 60 days.

Below is video of Batista speaking with



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