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2021 WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

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The Royal Rumble returns this Sunday and of course the WNW staff have already been arguing within the DM's on who will win each match. Luckily for you, each of us are going to tell you exactly who we think will win and why. You can play along as well, go ahead and drop your predictions below along with your Twitter handle and you will be invited to a WNW Royal Rumble Group Chat with myself, the WNW staff and other people who give their predictions. 

You will see us throw around ideas that you might not see on the timeline. It'll be a great time so all you have to do is drop YOUR predictions below along with your Twitter handle to be invited into the group. Also each person that is in the group chat will be assigned a number for the Men's or Women's Royal Rumble. If you will you will have ultimate bragging rights over the entire chat.

**At the time of this writing Carmella vs. Sasha Banks nor Riddle vs. Lashley has been announced for the shows. If they are announced the staff will give their predictions in the exclusive WNW Twitter Rumble Chat**


Women's Tag Title Match

Stephen- Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler It's very clear that WWE doesn't know how to book the Raw women's division right now. What they need to do is separate Asuka from the tag titles or the women's title. The quickest way to do this is to move those tag titles and have Alexa, Charlotte and maybe Ripley gunning for her title. While Nia and Shayna can defend those titles against some other women's teams. 

Robby DeShazer- Asuka and Charlotte Flair The current women's tag champions aren't done with their reign just yet. Based on current storylines I say we see Shayna and Nia breaking up and persuing singles gold while Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce take up the tag-title hunt.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler As much as I hate to see Nia Jax with any more gold on her until she learns to stop murdering her opponents, I honestly feel like this match is more a way to set up one of two things. Either Lacey Evans is going to cost them the match, further setting up her feud with Charlotte. That, or it's setting up a WrestleMania rematch for the Raw Women's championship. Besides, Shanya Baszler should have all the gold, to be honest.

John Reid - Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler There is no cohesion in story with the current champions, and since they each have their own battles to deal with, it only make sense to put the championships on the heels until someone steps up to beat them.

Ja’ Von York - Asuka and Charlotte Flair

I don’t see any reasoning to take the titles off of Asuka and Flair just yet since they won the titles at TLC. Even though they aren’t focusing on tag matches. I feel after the Rumble that they will focus on the tag division plus Royce and Evans defeated he champs so they will get their shot soon and with the Women’s Dusty Classic I see them going down to NXT to face the winners and possibly drop the titles there.

Justin "Juice" Lucciano - Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

I think the Women's Tag Titles need to be taken off Flair and Asuka. The RAW Women's Title needs attention again and I think Flair having the Titles main purpose was just to reintroduce her in a title match. I believe Lacey Evans and Ric Flair will somehow get involved in the match and cost it for Flair and Asuka.

Justin Cummings- Asuka(I'll explain) I think we're doing the classic mania arc here. Charlotte will walk out of the match leaving it a handicap that Asuka will win. Lose the titles at Fastlane, Singles match at Mania, easy peasy as Asuka would say.


WWE Title Match

Stephen- Big Daddy Cool Drew Drew McIntyre has received quite the push over the last year and while I can see any options happen, I still think WWE continues on the path. Drew has gone over Brock, Rollins, Lashley, Orton and Styles in the last year. Goldberg is just another name to add to his resume to set him up for another huge match. Maybe defending Ric Flair's record at WrestleMania vs. John Cena?

Robby DeShazer- Drew McIntyre Maybe I am being too optimistic, but the WWE seems to still be high on Drew McIntyre as their champion. If WrestleMania is going to have fans this year, Drew deserves to walk out to the ring carrying the belt.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Drew McIntyre I think you might be a little too negative there, Robby Boy. WWE is clearly setting up McIntyre as their Golden Boy, and Goldberg has shown he's not above putting over new stars. Hell, he put over Braun Strowman, of all people (no offense to Braun). Whoever Drew faces at WrestleMania, the champ will have a win over a Hall of Famer to carry into that match.

John Reid -The Miz McIntyre deserves the opportunity to be basking in the glow of the fans for carrying RAW as its champion BUT, it won't happen, because I believe that the MIZ will cash in his MITB and walk out as the new champion.

Ja’ Von York - The Miz

Hear me out with this one. Drew McIntyre has been a dominant champion and has run through pretty much everyone and I think it’s time for the MITB briefcase to get involved. Yes, we saw a cash in at TLC but Miz is the owner of the case but didn’t cash in. Drew will still come out looking strong as he will be beating a legend in Goldberg but be protected as he will drop the title to The Miz via cash in. Plus Miz and Morrison have been killing it lately on TV and it’s time for them to get serious and for Miz to be champion again.

Justin "Juice" Lucciano- Drew McIntyre

I think the champion retains. I think Vince McMahon wants to make Drew's run as champion a legendary one and beating Goldberg would definitely be iconic. I also think WWE wants McIntyre in a title match in WrestleMania.

Justin Cummings- Goldberg WWE is convinced that Goldberg is best for business. If they put the belt on him at Rumble they can cut the thunderdome feed so no one hears the boos. Makes sense to set up a big money match and have Drew win at mania round 2 with a crowd this time.


Universal Title Match

Stephen- Roman Reigns Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns have had one of my favorite feuds in years over on Smackdown. Reigns is establishing himself as a generational character bringing Tony Saprano to our wrestling screens and Kevin Owens maybe doing his best work ever in WWE. Much like Drew, we are establishing Reigns as the final boss on the way to WrestleMania.

Robby DeShazer- Roman Reigns Reigns is unstoppable right now. Even though his feud with Kevin Owens has been fantastic there is no one at the moment who will take Roman's seat at the head of the table.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Roman Reigns Kevin Owens is probably my favorite wrestler on the WWE roster right now - and I could think of half a dozen reasons how and why he could win. But, at the end of the day, they're not taking this title off of Reigns before WrestleMania. It should be a great match, though.

John Reid - Roman Reigns Should it be anyone else? He is the best thing going in all of wrestling and it will stay that way in a brutal match against a game Kevin Owens.

Ja’ Von York - Roman Reigns

I like Kevin Owens as much as the next guy or girl but I just don’t see him as the one to dethrone my Tribal Chief. This will be the final chapter in their rivalry and with it being a last man standing match I see The Usos getting involved to help Roman retain the gold plus we get a returning Jimmy Uso.

Justin "Juice" Lucciano- Roman Reigns

I wanted to pick Owens just to go against the grain and to speak it into existence but I can't. Reigns will retain and it won't be a clean win. If Reigns does lose though I think he will enter the Rumble and win and face Owens again at WrestleMania but this is a stretch.

Justin Cummings- Roman Reigns Roman is not losing to anyone not related to him. Honestly I think it's more likely that Tamina beats him. This is a story about family, and as great as Owens has been, he's not even at the table to take Roman's spot at the head.


Women's Rumble Winner

Stephen- Rhea Ripley The WWE right now is having some issues over on the Raw side of things and honestly I'm not sure they have enough talent to even give a proper Elimination Chamber match for the ladies. However over on Smackdown you have quite a few talents that you can put inside the chamber to create the number one contender for Sasha Banks. I think Ripley officially comes to the Raw roster and is established from night 1 as a top star.

Robby DeShazer- Bayley Ding dong! Hello? It's Bayley and she's going to WrestleMania to face Sasha Banks on the grandest stage of them all! WWE has done a good job of keeping Bayley and Sasha separate for now, but this guaranteed banger of a match is too much of an opportunity to miss out on.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Bayley Dang. I actually had Alexa Bliss picked for this match, and then Robby reminded me about the Bayley/Sasha dynamic and now I feel underqualified to do my job. I bet, however, the final two will be her and Bianca Belair - and I wouldn't be shocked if Belair won, either.

John Reid - Bianca Belair That's why Kevin I believe we are in for a major surprise here. The WWE has done an incredible job of keeping her in our psyche with great vignettes and inspirational stories. Her star shone even brighter in last year's Rumble and this year she takes it home.

Ja’ Von York - Bianca BelAir

Bianca BelAir had a breakout year last year as she lasted over 33 minutes in the rumble and even set a new record with eight eliminations. Since then her stock has risen with standout performances at TakeOver: Portland and most recently at Survivor Series. Time for the EST to win the Rumble.

Justin "Juice" Lucciano- Bianca Belair

She had performance of the night last year and this year she will too but this time she will win. Her and Sasha Banks would be a money match and Banks right now is written as a face like Belair but I say Banks can easily go between face and heel.

Justin Cummings- Alexa Bliss I was so torn on this one between Belair, Rousey, Rhea, even Toni, but I think it has to be Bliss. We saw the rumor about a terrifying end, and Bliss winning in full fiend regalia is the way to go as far as terrifying. Bliss has had the best few months of her career, and deserves this win so much.


Men's Rumble Winner

Stephen- John Cena The chase for number 17 for John Cena is a monster story that can be told on the road to WrestleMania. Also Cena could appear on both Raw and Smackdown before officially making a choice on who to challenge at WrestleMania. Edge made a very compelling case on Monday, however it feels like the type of promo where Edge snaps after getting eliminated by his upcoming WrestleMania opponent.... AJ Styles?

Robby DeShazer- Shinsuke Nakamura Nakamura is up there as one of the great missed opportunities of NXT call-ups. But WWE has the chance to right the wrongs of 2018 here and finally build up Nakamura to the star he was in Japan (and also NXT). Also wouldn't it be great to watch Roman take a massive kinshasa at 'Mania?

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Edge How does the story of Edge's comeback not end like this? I know, I know, this is WWE, but even a broken clock is right when you lead it to water... er... hang on... Anyway, Edge with his second Rumble win, goes to Mania and faces McIntyre or Reigns (probably McIntyre) and a chance for one more World Championship before hanging his boots where the home is. I really need to get a proverb book or something...

John Reid - Keith Lee, as much as I wanted to go with the returning Edge, I just believe that someone (who won't be named here) will interfere and give him a WrestleMania feud. While Lee has been on the booking seesaw, I gotta believe that he will get the win over Randy Orton in the end and set up a huge WM match with Roman Reigns.

Ja’ Von York - Daniel Bryan

I think that this year both Rumble winners will come from the blue brand. The narrative for Daniel Bryan right now is that he lasted over an hour in the Greatest Royal Rumble Match but has never won a Rumble match before. Plus with him slowly becoming a part timer I think now is the time to give him the Rumble win. Plus who wouldn’t want to see the leader of the Yes Movement vs The Tribal Chief.

Justin "Juice" Lucciano- Edge

If a SmackDown superstar wins the Women's Rumble I think a RAW superstar will most likely win the Men's. Edge is back and he needs to be in a high profile WrestleMania match and not with Orton. Orton and Edge will need to have part three but not yet. Edge facing someone new and still a big name is what Mania needs in my opinion.

Justin Cummings- Jimmy Uso Look, I feel like it could be Edge, or Wyatt, or Bryan even, but Jimmy makes the most sense. What are things we like in a rumble? Midcard or tag star getting main event push? Check. Returning from injury? Check. Setting up must see mania match? Check. It's gotta be Uso.

Remember drop YOUR predictions below along with your Twitter handle and get invited to an exclusive WNW Group Chat where you can shoot the breeze with other readers and the staff of WNW. Thank you for your times and let us all know your thoughts on our predictions @WNWNews.

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