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205 Live Results (05/01/18)

205 Live

Full results:

  • Brian Kendrick/Jack Gallagher def. Akira Tozawa/Hideo Itami by pinfall Miscommunication between Tozawa and Itami permeated the finish. After the match, Itami shoved Tozawa down and left the ring.
  • Buddy Murphy makes weight this week and demands his title match before walking away without a handshake for Drake Maverick.
  • Buddy Murphy def. Liam Louie by ref stoppage Cedric Alexander runs down to get a piece of Murphy and they swing away at each other for a bit but ultimately, Buddy escapes to the back.
  • Cedric Alexander cut a promo and says if Buddy wants a title shot, he knows where to find him.
  • Drew Gulak def. Kalisto by submission

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