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RAW Results 5/13/13 - Trip Gives Heyman Flying Lessons

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RAW results – Monday May 13, 2013
From the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon for Wrestling News World
Pre-RAW Commercial

Brock and Trip face to face. And a first, RAW start with a Dance-Off between Fandango and Jericho!

Show Starts


After Ryback took out Kane, The Shield came out. Bryan to Kane's rescue, as does Cena. Ryback leaves the ring, but comes back in and takes out Cena with a chair. What will happen tonight. And, Heyman and Brock trashed Trip's office, sending an extreme message to the Game. Trip to the ring and says he's standing in his other office, but unfortunately for Brock, he fights back in this office.


King is in the ring to good pop. At Extreme Rules, Jericho will face Fandango. Fandango in his first WrestleMania, in his first match, managed the impossible. Video of Fandango defeating Jericho at WrestleMania. There's been a lot of animosity since that night. Fandango has been showing off his dance moves, but Jericho is no slouch and was on DWTS. Who is better at tripping the light fantastic. Jericho and Fandango will face off in a Dance-Off tonight on RAW.

King announce Fandango with Summer Rae. SR out in hot pink, Fandango out to join her in all sorts of shimmery colors, his flaming Fandango above the ring. There's a dance floor in the ring, and it's no where near as bouncy as usual.

Jericho is announced with Edyta Sliwinska in quite the skin baring outfit. King says each contestant will have 90 seconds to dance. After both perform, the winners will be chosen by the fans. This is not a popularity contest, judge on their ability and dance moves. Fandango lost a dance contest to Khali a few weeks ago.

Fandango says he was not defeated by that clumsy monstrosity of a man. They didn't know talent. These fans might not like him, but they have to respect his performance as an artist.

Do you think you will beat Jericho?

I don't think, I know I will beat Jericho. As long as there's Jericho, there will be a better man, and his name is Fandango!

King asks Jericho how he responds.

Jericho soaks up the love, then the "Y2J!" chants. This might be be a Dance-Off to kick off, but it's still, Welcome to RAW is Jericho! I've had a lot of impressive victories, but none more impressive than when I beat four other Superstars, King, you included, to become the first Musical Chairs Champ in history! And then I went on to outsmart Bob Barker to be the first Price if Raw Champ in WWE. There's no question that I'm going to win in front of you, and every Jerichaholic here tonight! Even better, this Sunday at Extreme Rules, Fandunghole, I'm going to create a new dance sensation that will sweep the nation. Fans will be jumping out of their seats following along, the song will go to #1 on iTunes, and the dance will be called, I Just Kicked Your Jackass All Over This Ring! This Sunday at Extreme Rules, I'm going to dance all over your face baby, and you never, never, eeeeeevvverrrr, be the same a-gain!

King says there was a coin toss earlier and Fandango with SR starts first.

Fandango's music starts, but neither Fandango or his partner move from their starting pose. He calls for them to cut the music and gets serious heat and big "You suck!" chants! Ssssshhhhh! Hush, hush, hush! I'm trying to create a masterpiece, I need silence! Focus! Fandango poses and his music starts again. A leg taps a bit, then he pulls SR and she drops holding her ankle. He leans down and tells her through clenched teeth to stop messing around. Edyta went to her and Fandango says that this has nothing to do with her. Edyta checks on her and the trainer in. Fandango leaves the ring, but comes back in as Jericho steps toward SR. a big boot to a turning Jericho, then Fandango on him with blows. A big kick to Jericho who rolls from the ring. What's my name? yells Fandango as he slams Jericho on announce. Jericho sent into the stairs shoulder/back first. "You can't dance!" chants. Jericho then into the barricade back first. Fandango takes a piece of the parquet flooring off the ring, then slams it into Jericho's face as Jericho gets to his feet.

Fandango into the ring, pulls SR to her feet, and she bounces up and into his arms with a big smiles as everyone learns she was in on it. They leave the ring together as they replay SR's fake ankle injury, then the attack on Jericho.

Backstage Segment

Ryback heading for the ring.



Shell shocked on Kane. The Shield's music hits and out they come. Bryan to Kane's side, then Cena out, but Ryback attacks with a chair.

Ryder vs Ryback

Ryder in the ring waiting. Ryback out to feed.

Kicks and blows from Ryback takes and keeps Ryder down. Ryder ducks Ryback, then with a cross body that is tossed off. Ryder with blows, but then into a clothesline. Ryder up, Ryback marches, shell shocked.

Winner – Ryback (1:03)

The ref to Ryder's side and Ryback leaves. Video recap of the high points of the match. Ryback Rules on the ramp. Cole talks about all Ryback has been through, but he thinks his bestie will win. King is going with Ryback on this one. Cole talks about how personal this rivalry is...


Brock attacking Trip way back and originally 'broke' Trip's arm.


Prime Time Players vs Tons of Funk

Tons of Funk in the ring dancing with the Dactyls. Prime Time Players are ringside.

Young whipped and eats a rolling senton from Sweet T. Sweet T sends Young out as he tags out. A bit boot on the apron from O'Neil, then he splashes Sweet T in a corner. O'Neil goes for it again and is shoulder first. Clay tags in with clotheslines, then a rough looking suplex on O'Neil. Splash in a corner, then Young takes a cheap pop. Clay on O'Neil, but then back to Young with a cheap shot on Clay with his pick in hand. O'Neil rolls Clay up for three.

Winners – Prime Time Players (1:37)

Video recap showing Young had his pick in his hand when he hit Clay.


Recap of Swagger with the ladder last week on RAW, then the kick to Ziggler that concussed him. Long will be on next to talk about what's going on with that match.


Stage Segment

Striker announces Long. says Ziggler won't be cleared for Extreme Rules.

That's true, and Vickie gave me the authority to make a decision for Extreme Rules, so since Ziggler can't compete at Extreme Rules...

Zeb and Swagger are out and Zeb, after stumbling over his words, says if Ziggler can't compete at Extreme Rules, then Ziggler should be stripped of the Title and put it on the man who put him down in the first place.

Big E and AJ out. Big E says the Title isn't going anywhere. AJ says that first you kick my boyfriend in his beautiful face, then you try to take the easy way to his Title? Classic Swaggs! For what you did, you should be suspended, not rewarded. You should never get another shot at the Title Swagger! You should be fired Swagger, you should be fired! Teddy, fire him now!

They all start arguing.

Long steps up, shuts them down and says he's going to make himself clear. Ziggler will not be stripped of his WHC. At Extreme Rules Swagger will face ADR in a #1 Contender I Quit Match. Big E will face either Swagger or ADR tonight.

What do you mean or? Who is it?

That's up to the WWE 'Universe'. Anyone who has downloaded the WWE App can vote.

In Ring Segment

Kofi out to the ring.


Kofi vs Sandow

Kofi is bouncing in the ring. Video of Kofi getting pinned by Ambrose. Kofi will defend his US Title against Ambrose. Sandow says contrary to popular demand, I won't be singing a song tonight, because your song, like your reign, is foolish. Silence! Our founding fathers are all men of their words, so mark my words, your reign as Champ will soon come to an end. You're welcome!

Kofi rolls Sandow up for two. Knee to Kofi's gut, then Sandow pulls Kofi arm up and drops knees into Kofi's ribs. Elbow of disdain on Kofi for two. Abdominal stretch on Kofi. "Kofi!" chants. Kofi reverses the hold. Sandow flips Kofi over. Sandow rushes Kofi and eats corner. Double hand clotheslines on Sandow, then a big flying clothesline on Sandow. Boom drop on Sandow. Kofi tries to splash, Sandow moves, Kofi lands well and flies back into a cross body that Sandow ducks. Sandow gets two, but then reversals lead to a big TIP for three.

Winner – Kofi (2:30)

Kofi poses and celebrates.

Backstage Segment

Henry to the ring, he's going to call Sheamus to the ring.



Great American Bash, June 2004 – JBL vs Eddie in a Strap Match!

In Ring Segment

Josh with Henry. Video of Henry beating Sheamus with a belt last week on RAW. Henry says you think that whoopin' was somethin', wait for Extreme Rules. If you don't think I'll drag his carcass around that ring, look what I did. Video of Henry pulling the trucks on Smackdown.

Josh asks how that power will help him at Extreme Rules?

I'm gonna do better than that. I'll show you. Put this strap on. I SAID PUT IT ON! (From announce, you idiot, run!) Henry pushes Josh down. Henry says you walk around and touch the corner consecutively (dragging Josh) and that's how you win. Henry over, pulls the strap off Josh who then flees. Henry says, like a rat! I'm feeling awfully generous. Why wait for Extreme Rules? Sheamus, come out here and let me finish what I started last week. Come on! See, that's what I thought. Sheamus know when his bread is buttud (sic). You don't face the world's strongest man...

Sheamus' music and out he comes looking rather pissed. You might be the strongest man in the world, but you're not the brightest. You think what you did to me last week willkeep me from Extreme Rules, you're wrong!

You doin' a lot of talkin' an not enough walkin' because I standin' right here. So come get you some!

Holding that strap, you think that's a fair fight?

So now the tough guy's scared. Trade your green for yellow?

You think I'm scared? You don't know me well. You just talked me into it. Sheamus head to the ring, up the stairs. Hey, lumpy, back up so I can get it. Back that big arse of yours up. I totally forgot I was down here earlier and left a present for you under the ring. Sheamus grabs a strap and into the ring. The two of them just start swinging! Sheamus gets the upper hand and Henry flees, dropping his. Henry comes back for his, but Sheamus swings and Henry flees again. Much heat for Henry's running away. Sheamus is left holding both straps and smiling. Sheamus from the ring, strap in each hand.


Brock hitting the F5 on McMahon.


Trailer for Orton's newest 12 Rounds 2 Reloaded.



Recap of the Dance-Off.

Cesaro vs Orton

Cesaro in the ring. Orton out to face him.

They lock up. Cesaro backed into the corner, Orton pulled off. Side headlock on Orton. Orton pushes off and eats a shoulder block. Clothesline to Cesaro. Orton stomps his way around Cesaro. Orton backed into a corner, then, with the ref between them, takes a head butt to the face! Cesaro stomps Orton, then whips him. A running upper cut in the corner on Orton for two. Chinlock on Orton. Cesaro tucks Orton's arm behind his leg to keep control. Orton up and free, then stutter steps a rather rough looking suplex. Cesaro telegraphs and is kicked. Clothesline to Cesaro, but Cesaro with an upper cut. Orton back with his power slam. Cesaro rolls to the apron, Orton set up, but Cesaro counters and rolls Orton up for three. RKO from nowhere for three.

Winner – Orton (3:09)

Orton broods over his win, then slowly climbs and poses for the fans.


Miz vs Slater

3MB in the ring playing their fake instruments. Miz to the ring.

They lockup. Arm bar on Slater. Slater elbows free, but then takes a high knee. Kick to Slater face. Slater whipped, elevates Miz, but Miz slides in and takes Slater down. Miz with his back and neck breakers. Slater telegraphs and is kicked, but then runs into Slater's back boot for two.

Slater on Miz with blows, then a sick neck breaker for two. Headlock on Miz. Miz free and takes Slater down. Slater eats corner, then a big knee! Miz really works the fans before hitting his running corner clothesline. Miz off the top with a double ax handle. Miz grabs Slater who gets to the ropes. Slater climbs, but Miz climbs and on him with blows – the tenth for Mahal on the apron. Miz then tosses Slater out onto Mahal and McIntyre! Slater in and Miz takes him down. Miz sets up and locks on the fig 4! Slater taps out.

Winner – Miz (4:25)

Miz celebrates. Video recap of the high points.


Susan G Komen Race For the Cure. Fox and Layla were there.



Trip attacking Brock and busting him wide open.

6 Man Tag Team Elimination Match – The Shield vs Team Hell No & Cena

Fire erupts and out comes Team Hell No. Kane calls fire from all four. Cena comes out and says, and the band is back together! The Shield out to face them.

Ambrose and Kane circle. Arm bar on Ambrose, then side headlock. Ambrose pushes off and Kane takes him down. Side headlock on Ambrose takes him down. Ambrose into a corner and takes blows. Ambrose into the face corner, Bryan tags in. "YES!" kicks to Ambrose in the corner. Bryan with a sick arm submission on Ambrose on the mat. Ambrose back elbows to gets free. Rollins tags in, as does Cena with blows. Running bulldog on Rollins for one.


Bryan with a surf board on Ambrose! Bryan reaches back and tags in Kane who comes in with a big drop kick on Ambrose still being held. Kane gets two on Ambrose. Bryan tags back in with blows, but is backed into the heel corner. Rollins in with blows and kicks. Ambrose with a few cheap shots. Reigns with some cheap shots. Reigns tags in and slams Bryan face first to the mat. Chinlock on Bryan on the mat. Bryan runs the ropes into a big clothesline for two.

Ambrose tags in, then Rollins tags in. Ambrose with a drop kick, then Rollins with one of his own. Rollins taunts the faces. Chinlock on Bryan. Bryan free, then Ambrose tags in. Ambrose taunts Bryan, then beaten down for two. Ambrose stomps Bryan's gut, then grinds his foot in as the fans chant for Bryan. Chinlock on Bryan who starts fighting back. Bryan up and elbows free, but then right into a high knee. Bryan with a knee of his own, then tags out. Kane in with his big whip and corner clotheslines, followed by a sidewalk slam. Ambrose taken down for two.

Kane climbs. Flying clothesline on Ambrose. Ambrose caught for a chokeslam, then Rollins caught, but Kane sends them both out over the top. Kane out sends Ambrose into the barricade, then takes Rollins out. Kane bounces Reigns off announce. Kane won't listen to the ref.

Eliminated – Kane by Count Out


Big DDT on Cena from Ambrose for two. Ambrose talks smack down at Cena, then stomps his hand. Reigns tags in, goes to a three point through "Cena!" chants, and throws a HUGE punch that drops Cena, but only for two. Reigns pulls Cena up in a headlock, forearm to his back, but then Cena blocks and hits his own suplex. Rollins tags in with a huge knee to Cena's head for two. Then another two. Rollins screams in rage and stomps Cena. Chinlock on Cena. Cena to his feet, Rollins on his back. Cena starts walking toward Bryan. Cena stops, then steps again. Another step. Cena reaches, then his arm drops. Cena again reaches. One more step and Cena tags out.

Bryan in with a blow to Rollins, then a drop kick – one foot to each Ambrose and Reigns. Bryan whipped, runs the corner, flips up over Rollins, then a suicide dive on Reigns, then punches Rollins in the face through the ropes. Climbs and double boots to Rollins face, but only for two! "YES!" kicks to Rollins. Arm bar on Rollins. Ambrose with a blind tag. Bryan on Ambrose, but then into a drop kick from Rollins. Ambrose takes Bryan down for three.

Eliminated – Bryan

Cena pulls himself up to the apron by the ropes. Ambrose with a huge smile and he talks smack. The fans cheer for Cena. Cena in tackls Ambrose into the heel corner. Reigns tags in and stomps. Rollins tags in and stomps. Cena up, cheap shots on Ambrose and Reigns, shoulder blocks to Rollins, then back slam. 5 knuckle shuffle on Rollins. Starts to go for the AA, but then takes out Ambrose and Reigns. AA on Rollins for three.

Eliminated – Rollins

Cena gets Ambrose up for an AA. The ref stops Reigns from coming in. Ambrose grabs the ropes top stop Cena hitting the move. Reigns pushes the ref aside and tackles Cena out from under Ambrose! The ref eliminates Reigns for pushing him.

Eliminated – Reigns

Ambrose in and pins Cena for two. Ambrose slaps Cena's head, taunting Cena, then Cena grabs Ambrose and locks on the STF. The other two in and attack.

Winner – Cena via DQ

Triple bomb on Cena, then The Shield stands over him, hands in. The Shield leaves the ring together. Video recap of the end of the match. Cena is left prone on the mat. Ryback to the ring, the ref leaves. Ryback looks down at the belt. "Goldberg!" chants. Ryback leaves the ring. Stops on the bottom of the ramp, then returns to grab a chair. Ryback in, puts a foot on Cena's thigh/groin to hold Cena's leg down, then slams the chair down on Cena's 'foot' (the chair mostly hit the mat). Ryback to the stage. My life, my rules. Ryback rules!


WrestleMania – stills of Brock and Trip beating on each other in the ring.


Backstage Segment

Ryback stomping backstage. Striker asks about what Ryback did. Ryback says he played by the rules, where did it get him? Screwed out of the WWE Title. Sunday everyone will know, Cena will know, Ryback rules.


Recap of Swagger with the ladder being reckless last Monday.

Big E vs Swagger

AJ skips out, leading Big E to the ring. Video of Ziggler's concussion on Smackdown. King has a mic and says Big E will face – ADR 35%, Swagger 65%

They lock up, muscle around, then break. They lock up. Muscle around the ring. Side headlock takeover on Big E. Swagger can't shoulder block Big E, though tries three times. Swagger backed into a corner, then splashed. Swagger whipped, but moves and Big E eats corner. Swagger flips Big E to the mat. Blows on Big E on the mat.


Big E holds Swagger and drops him in two back breakers. Shoulder blocks on Swagger in the corner. Running shoulder block on Swagger in a corner! Swagger drops like a rock. Swagger whipped, but moves and Big E shoulder first. Ziggler is talking on the App about his concussion. Swagger takes Big E down and hits his Swagger bomb. Blows on Big E's head, but Big E up and on Swagger with blows. AJ smiles outside. Swagger raised up to sit up top. Big E up, sets up Swagger, hits a superplex for two.

Big E's straps come down. Big E gets Swagger up, but Swagger free and takes his leg out from under him. Patriot lock on Big E. Big E gets to the ropes. Swagger elevated over the top and out. Swagger tossed into the barricade. AJ giggles. Big E rushes Swagger, Swagger ducks and Big E goes over the barricade.

Winner – Swagger via Count Out (7:18)

ADR rushed down and into the ring, but Swagger takes ADR down and locks on the patriot act. Ricardo in and hits Swagger with the bucket. Swagger takes Ricardo down. ADR wit the cross arm breaker on Swagger. Big E on ADR to release Swagger, then Big E on Swagger, but eats an upper cut. Enziguri on Big E from ADR. ADR then takes Swagger out of the ring.


AJ vs Natalya

Kaitlyn and Bellas on announce. AJ and Natalya in the ring.

AJ gets off the ropes and acts like she's ready, then skips around Natalya. Natalya takes her down. Kaitlyn gets a mystery box on announce. AJ slammed down by her hair. Natalya rushes AJ who hides in the ropes. AJ drops to the floor, then slaps Natalya as she leans out. AJ runs, then into the ring and back out with Natalya on her tail. A big kick to Natalya, then blows a kiss at Kaitlyn. Natalya knocks AJ from the apron. Natalya with AJ over her shoulders, then rolls AJ in. AJ is playing rag doll as Natalya lifts her, then AJ locks on her new (and lovely) black widow hold. Natalya taps out.

Winner – AJ (3:21)

Kaitlyn to help Natalya, along with Khali and Hornswoggle. AJ leaves laughing.

WWE Extreme Moment

Another recap of Heyman and Brock going to and trashing Trip's office.


Announce Segment

King talking about JR Hogan hunting with HBK tonight. They then go to a video recap of the Dance-Off.

Backstage Segment

Striker asks Jericho if he felt foolish that Fandango and SR got one over on him?

What happened tonight was my fault and the reason is this. I'm trying to play by other people's rules, other people's games. No more laughing, joking, holding up scorecards. I know who Fandango is, I can pronounce his name just fine. But let me tell Fandango who I am. I am a six time World Champion who has done it all, seen it all, and beaten them all, and my name is Chris Jericho! And this Sunday at Extreme Rules, Fandango if you want to dance. I will show you how to dance. I will teach you how to dance, Jericho style. See you Sunday!

In Ring Segment

Trip to the ring. Poses as the cage drops around him.


Brock and I have been at war for a year now. We've bled, bones have been broken, until Sunday when it all gets settled. I said last week this ring is my home. I grew up, learned to be a man, learned to fight here. A man I really respect told me early on that to really be good at this, you have to learn to hate! As the years went by, as the stakes increased, as consequences grew, as things got extreme, I learned to hate and thrive on that hate. Nowhere did I feel more at home than in this ring, and when this ring was surrounded by steel.

Steel that can rip your flesh and break your bones. What I'm trying to say is, Brock you're here, I'm here, they're here (fans), more importantly, the steel is here. I'm at home, why don't you come and try to take it?

Brock's music. Henry stops Brock on the ramp and starts to introduce himself and Brock, but...

Shut your pie hole Heyman! Just shut it. Zip it Tubby Gutman, no one wants to hear it. We know who you are, who he is. Brock, just get your ass in the ring, and let's do this.

Yes, you know who I am, you know who my client is, but do you truly know what we're all about? Because what we're about is those little perverse pleasures in life, like the fact that you were driven to use the word hate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't hate that big taboo list around here? You're not supposed to use the word hate? A globally branded sports entertainment conglomerate and we're not supposed to use unsophisticated words like hate around here. But I get my perverse pleasure, because you know that you and my client hate each other. This Sunday my client, Brock Lesnar, will treat you the true meaning of the word hate. Brock Lesnar is a true cage fighting carnivore, and you're the biggest slab of meat in the WWE 'Universe'. Sunday, after Brock Lesnar is done with you, you're going to hate facing your family after Brock leaves you beaten, and battered and disfigured in the cage. You're going to hate facing your father-in-law, because you let down the WWE 'Universe'. You're going to hate the fact that one man will emerge, from what you called the war, the winner. One man will have to face that he will go down in history as the loser. And you, Triple H will go down as the loser, and can't imagine how much you will hate that. My client, Brock Lesnar is here on Monday Night RAW and he's ready for a fight! A fight you're going to have to wait until Sunday to experience, because you, as the COO of the WWE know better than anybody else that my client, Brock Lesnar does not fight for free.

Heyman and Brock turn to leave, but Trip tells them to cut the music. I don't know why I didn't see this before, why didn't I see it at the time. I kept asking why Brock didn't just come face me like a man. Why Brock Lesnar, the 320lbs destroyer can't stand face to face with me and fight me like a man. The truth is it has nothing to do with Brock, does it? You can't afford to let him do that, can you Paul? I did the unthinkable in your eyes. At WrestleMania I knocked Brock Lesnar out cold, and Paul, I beat him. And you know if Brock walks down that ramp right now, and steps into this cage, and maybe, just maybe, I kick his ass one more time... That doesn't bode too well for you, does it Heyman. If this Sunday if Brock steps in this cage and I beat him, again, then the sound you will hear at the moment won't just be the roar of the crowd, but also Brock Lesnar's mystique flying out that window, along with your meal ticket. See I can look at Brock and tell that Brock Lesnar still believes he's the baddest man standing in this room. The problem is Paul, you don't that's true anymore, do ya? That's why, as of this moment, I'm no longer talking to you Paul, I'm talking to you Brock.

What are you going to do Brock? Are you going to walk down that aisle, and get into this ring, and try to prove to the world that you are Brock Lesnar the Beast, or you just going to stand up there and do what Paul Heyman tells you what to do, and prove that you are Brock Lesnar, the Bitch!

Heyman talks to Brock, telling Brock to not listen to him – off mic – but Brock lightly pushes Heyman aside and walks down the ramp. Heyman tells him it's not worth it. The door is open, Trip can be seen in there, and the refs tell Brock not to do it. Brock climbs the stairs slowly, looks in at Trip. Top step, then Brock steps onto the apron. One leg in. The other leg in. Brock is fully in the ring.

The two step up, about three feet between them. They start fighting. Shoulder blocks on Trip in a corner, then Trip comes back. Brock grabs Trip and throws him in a way too hard German. Then Brock struggles to take his shirt off. Brock rushes Trip, but Trip sends Brock head first into the cage. Blows to Brock, then Trip grabs Brock and throws him into the door. Heyman, on the outside, is sent flying. Brock rolls out and crumbles to the floor. Trip up on the ropes, looking down at Brock, yells at Brock to get in there. Brock looks a bit unnerved. Brock to his feet, gathers up Heyman, and drags him up the ramp.

Trip's music plays as he climbs and sits at the top of the cage. Brock and Heyman stop on the stage and look back at Trip.

Biggest pop
Triple H

Biggest heat
The Shield

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