One of the best parts of AEW's Full Gear pay per view was seeing Darby Allin come out on top over Cody Rhodes to become TNT Champion. This really feels like it has been a long time coming, Darby is an immensely talented wrestler and one of AEW's greatest independent finds. People were calling Allin to be TNT Champion since he was announced as a part of the inaugural championship tournament, and finally, they got their wish. 

The best part about Darby Allin being the champion is that we will get to see him defend that championship, which means that we can finally see some dream matches. I want to be clear these are matches I want to see Darby take on as TNT Champion, but they are not necessarily who I think should be TNT Champion. There is a fine distinction here, but I think it is important that I make that clear. 

5. Sammy Guevara 

Sammy Guevara

This wouldn't be the first time that Sammy and Darby have gotten in the ring together, they had a match at Revolution and a number of tag matches against each other. That being said, I think the TNT title is the right kind of stakes to get two of AEW's homegrown stars back in the ring together. This match would end up being a lot of fun, but because it is a little basic and very likely to happen it does end up at the bottom of my wishlist. 

4. Scorpio Sky 

scorpio sky

The TNT title seems like the perfect spot for Scorpio Sky right now. He is a workhorse and is so much fun to watch in the ring. AEW isn't always sure what they want to do with him, but that could all change quickly. A great way to kick off a major push for Scorpio Sky would be to let him have a banger of a match with TNT Champion Darby Allin. As far as I can tell these guys have only been one on one in the ring once and that was before AEW really even existed. So the opportunity is ripe to see something we haven't really seen before and really help explode both of these guys' profiles. 

Scorpio Sky is one of the few guys on this list that I think should maybe take the belt off of Darby even if Darby wins it back a few weeks later. That being said, I think Darby I have a few more dream matches that top even this one. 

3. Penta El Zero M


Penta is an incredible wrestler with a fantastic track record who will only go on to do more awesome things with the rest of his career. AEW is clearly excited to have him on their team and has been giving him a decent push and letting him and his brother have a good amount of TV time each week. Penta and Darby haven't shared the ring in AEW outside of the Casino Battle Royal at this year's All Out. However, these two did share the ring at least once in PWG. I imagine with Tony Khan's love of PWG and Excalibur's input this match will likely be happening sooner rather than later. 

This will be a banger of a match and could likely main event whatever Dynamite it happens on or even make it to next year's Revolution pay per view. The options are pretty endless but I really want this one to happen. 

2. Rey Fenix


You can pretty much copy and paste what I said about Fenix's brother Penta and apply it here as well. I want this match to happen so badly and I really think this could be one that gets talked about for years to come. Rey Fenix is a king of the Lucha Libre style and it would pair beautifully with Darby Allin's all-in daredevil style. The match could get hyped up for weeks leading to some kind of brutal no-holds-barred match for the title. The other great thing about Rey Fenix (as well as Penta) is the addition of Eddie Kingston as their mouth piece. With Eddie on the mic and Fenix on the ropes, Darby might be up for the biggest challenge of his career. If this is not a dream match, I am not sure what a dream match is. 

I want this match now, and I want it directly injected into my wrestling loving veins. 

1. Hangman Adam Page 


As far as I can tell, this matchup has only happened once before, and that was earlier this year on Chris Jericho's cruise but not as a part of the televised matches. Why did Jericho book this match exclusively for his cruise? Because he knows what the people want! This right here is an absolute dream match, and the only reason that it might not happen in AEW is that it would be an absolute disaster to let either of these guys lose. Adam Page is a great wrestler, and I want to see him in the ring with Darby Allin so bad that it hurts, but I do not want to see Adam Page as TNT Champion because that seems below him. 

So here is my pitch, Darby Allin and Adam Page fight for the TNT Championship; this fight is brutal, and no one ever really has the upper hand. The match goes to its time limit, and the two shake hands with an understanding that one day they will fight again. Hold off on that second match for about two years and then have their rematch for the AEW World Championship headline Double or Nothing that year. I did it; I made it work. I'll be expecting my check from Tony Khan any day now. 

Thanks for reading this article. Who are some wrestlers you want to see challenge Darby Allin for his new title? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer! 

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