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NXT consistently puts on one of the most entertaining shows in wrestling week after week, and that is a fact. WWE's Tuesday night offer, despite "losing" to AEW in the Wednesday night war, has developed quite the devoted fanbase and some of NXT's biggest stars could be considered some of the biggest names in wrestling today. 

While NXT is no longer wrestling's best-kept secret there is still some seriously underrated talent on the black and gold brand. With only two hours of weekly television to work with, some of NXT's best performers don't get the time that they deserve, while others, unfortunately, get relegated to taking losses for new up and comers. 

Let's go ahead and take a look at 5 of those superstars who are legitimately great but don't always get to show it off. 

5. Zack Gibson

zack gibson gyv

The Grizzled Young Veterans are not anywhere close to underrated, but we don't always talk about why these guys work so well and that is Zack Gibson's incredible skill on the mic. 

There is a reason why Gibson gets a chance to run his opponents down verbally before stepping into the ring in almost every match, and that is because he is absolutely fire. His fantastic promo ability is only made better by his and James Drake's fantastic in-ring chemistry. 

The Grizzled Young Veterans are legitimately one of the best teams in wrestling right now, but sometimes their ability as a team can overshadow Gibson as an individual. 

4. Dakota Kai


It is honestly disappointing to have to continue putting Dakota Kai over as underrated and that is because she has been incredible for years and still hasn't gotten the recognition she deserves. Most recently Kai has been used to help get her partner Raquel Gonzalez over as the new NXT Women's Champion, but I mostly hope that it leads to a run with the belt for Kai in the near future. 

Dakota Kai is a pillar of the NXT women's division but so often she is forced to take the pin in her match so that her opponents or teammates can be protected. We can only hope that NXT sets up a push for Dakota in the near future so we can all begin to truly appreciate her fantastic work. 

3. Timothy Thatcher


Timothy Thatcher was my guy this last summer. I hadn't seen his older matches on the independent circuit, but as soon as he stepped in for Pete Dunne as Matt Riddle's partner last year I knew that he was money. 

Despite his two wins in NXT's only Fight Pit matches, Thatcher seems to end up relegated to the role of a fantastic technical wrestler who can elevate other talents. His most recent run with Tomasso Ciampa in the tag-team division has given us glimpses of what Thatcher could do in a high-profile spot on a weekly basis. 

Seriously, if you aren't on board the Thatcher bandwagon, just go back and watch his matches on NXT last summer or his work with Progress and WXW, and I'll save you a seat for when you're ready. 

2. Scarlett 


As a recent convert to the world of Impact Wrestling, I was not aware of the work of Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux prior to their debut on NXT as Karrion Kross and Scarlett. But Scarlett has honestly been one of my favorite parts of NXT recently and not just for her incredible looks. 

Scarlett is a perfect example of someone who doesn't have the step into the ring to be considered underrated. She adds to every match that Karrion Kross is a part of without ever interfering, and has done a fantastic job of helping to establish Kross on NXT. 

One of the major criticisms of Karrion Kross is that he doesn't have much of a character for himself, but Scarlett really does most of the heavy lifting there. If NXT was willing to just let Scarlett go, the pair could really make themselves into the next big thing in all of wrestling. 

1. Cameron Grimes


Cameron Grimes has been a joy to watch since he debuted on the black and gold brand, but most recently he's been doing some great work. 

He is the perfect kind of obnoxious heel that will annoy most fans but excited the weirdos like me who love great character work. His most recent gimmick has been a lot of fun, and he's even been able to start a feud with The Million Dollar Man without Ted DeBiase ever showing his face on NXT. 

Unfortunately for Grimes, he falls into a similar place as Dakota Kai where he is saddled with being the first obstacle for up and comers on their way to a title shot. But I hope that we see Grimes on his way to a run with the North American Championship or maybe in a tag team with another NXT superstar. 

So there are five of underrated starts from WWE's black and gold brand. Who do you think deserves more love than they get from the fans? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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