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Nothing is worse than a guest that hangs around a little too long, even if it is a friend that you were excited to see in the first place. Sometimes, enough is enough, and it is time to take a little break from the typical. Well, NXT is no exception to this rule. WWE's developmental brand is home to some of the best wrestling on television, but sometimes viewers end up seeing the same matchups until they aren't even that fun to watch anymore. Now, I am not saying that the following feuds need to be dropped immediately, but I think it might be time to start tying up the last few loose ends and letting the wrestlers and the fans move along. 

Here are 5 feuds (in no particular order) that need to see their conclusion sooner rather than later. 

Raquel Gonzalez and Rhea Ripley

RG and Rhea Ripley

This feud was an exciting prospect in the beginning. Two of NXT's most intimidating women's wrestlers stepping into the ring with each other is a huge no-brainer, and the fans online were eating the concept up. Now that we are a few weeks into this feud, it has become pretty clear that NXT didn't have much of a plan beyond the initial idea. 

I see two big issues with this feud as it continues to go on. The first is that Raquel Gonzalez is still developing as an in-ring performer and as a character. She doesn't have a firm grasp on who she is other than Dakota Kai's bodyguard. Obviously, the only thing that can fix this issue is time and hard work, both of which make me excited to see what becomes of Gonzalez as she continues to develop, but it is time for her to move on to start working on these things. The second issue is that NXT hasn't been sure of what to do with Ripley following her loss of the NXT Women's Championship. I don't know if perhaps Rhea is waiting for a call up to the main roster or if creative really just has no big plans for her, but at this point, almost everything she is involved in feels like they are just trying to keep her involved without putting her in a place that is too important. 

Kushida and The Velveteen Dream

kushida and dream

In my opinion, this could get extended to any feud involving Dream, who I think should've been released following the number of allegations against him. That being said, this particular feud doesn't do anything for me. 

Being totally honest, I could watch The Velveteen Dream and Kushida fight each other over and over again. They put on fantastic matches, and both of these fighters are incredibly talented, and I would be happy seeing what they could pull out of each other week after week. That being said, this feud stopped doing anything to develop the characters or the stories of both Dream and Kushida a few matches ago. Kushida has a new attitude, and the Dream has a cast. I don't foresee anything new happening in this feud anytime soon, so it is time to let Kushida go on and have good matches with other members of the roster, and maybe time to let The Velveteen Dream fade out.  

Tommaso Ciampa and Jake Atlas


This is very similar to the Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez feud. I really like it in theory, but in practice, it hasn't done much for me. Ciampa and Atlas have put on a few good bouts together, and I think that Jake Atlas has a lot to offer NXT in the future, but it seems like NXT isn't sure what they want to do with Ciampa. 

This feud seems to have been dropped recently, but in NXT, just because a feud takes a break doesn't mean it is dead for good. I can't claim that I have any idea what is or was in Ciampa's plans, but I really hope that they find something he can sink his teeth into soon. 

Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest 

Damian Priest and Johnny Gargano

Gargano and Priest have put on some exciting matches and have made the North American Championship scene feel like the most important thing on NXT recently. This is a good thing. But the big issue with this feud is that it is too straight forward. 

Johnny Gargano is only fighting Damian Priest because he wants the North American Championship. Damian Priest is only fighting Johnny Gargano because he is the North American Champion. This feud has no layers, there is nothing personal about it, and it doesn't seem like Gargano will be getting one over on Priest anytime soon, so I doubt we will be getting a title change out of it. 

It is time for this feud to get something else added to it or Gargano to move on and Priest to find a new challenger. 

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott and Santos Escobar/Legado Del Fantasma 

Swerve and Santos

Don't get me wrong, and I think that Escobar and Scott are actually two of the most talented guys on the NXT roster, and they have brought importance to a title that has desperately needed some mainstream attention, but it is time for this to end. 

If you include their first time meeting in the ring, These guys have been going back and forth for sixth months, and while it has been a lot of fun, there have been plenty of chances for this feud to end, yet NXT has extended it several times. I understand that there are several practical reasons why this feud has gone on for as long as it has, including the fact that Escobar is the only interim Champion and that there is an expected unification match that needs to happen between Escobar and Jordan Devlin. 

That being said, I am ready to see Swerve move onto something else (perhaps the North American Title), and Escobar needs a new challenger to go up against. This has been fun, but it is time to move on. 

What do you think? Which feuds in wrestling do you think have gone on for too long? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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