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The last time the RAW Women's Championship was defended was on RAW and the title match between Lana and Asuka ended in a disqualification. The match was nothing more than a setup for a rivalry between Lana and Asuka as a team against their rivals the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions at the time, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. The rivalry led to Lana getting hurt by Jax which led to her getting replaced by Charlotte Flair in a title match against Jax and Baszler. Asuka has been used more in the tag division since that RAW title match with Lana on the post Survivor Series RAW and has not had a rivalry for her RAW Women's Championship in quite a while. The title needs to be either defended by Asuka soon in an actual rivalry or a new champion to breathe some life into the RAW Women's Championship picture. Below I will name 5 possible contenders to challenge Asuka for her title. These are people I think are contenders or could become contenders and are not necessarily the people who I want to feud with Asuka.

5. Peyton Royce


Royce is currently in a tag team with Lacey Evans but she has made it clear she wants to separate from Evans. Also Royce was separated from long term tag team partner Billie Kay and reportedly the Iiconics ended in order to give Royce singles run. Royce has yet to do anything of the sort but it's not too late. Royce is extremely talented and could be quite the rival for Asuka and could be a very entertaining champion if she won the rivalry.

4. Naomi


Naomi has not been on television since August and fans definitely miss her because during the summer a Naomi deserves better hashtag trended on Twitter. She seemed primed and ready for a push but surgery on a massive fibroid pushed her out of action. She is supposedly cleared and if that is true it is time to give her a push. I know she is a face and so is Asuka but Asuka can switch easily and I am sure Naomi could play the pissed off heel if she needed to. Naomi definitely has reason to be pissed off in terms of storyline. If Naomi doesn't become Asuka's next rival hopefully she at least returns at the Royal Rumble. 

3. Lacey Evans


Evans is currently feuding with the Queen Charlotte Flair one half of the current WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. This feud could be to push Evans and catapult her into a rivalry with Asuka to finally get the young superstar her first title reign in the WWE. Evans has improved drastically and she carries herself like a champion. She has feuded for singles titles in WWE before but if she does become Asuka's next challenger, could this be the title feud that finally results in her winning a championship?

2. Charlotte Flair


Flair is someone who is almost always with gold around her waist and when she doesn't have a title she is either feuding for one or in a contender feud. Flair is Vince McMahon's golden girl and someone who is always a focal point of the women's division of the show she is on. She is a tag team champion with Asuka right now but she did start to say she wanted to challenge Asuka for the RAW Women's championship in a promo the night after they won the tag team championships but she was interrupted. What I think or hope will happen is Asuka and Flair lose the titles to the Women's Dusty Cup winners which leads to the pair splitting up and having a rivalry that leads to a title match at WrestleMania. These two yet again facing off just makes sense and definitely seems like a safe matchup that WWE has used many times before and will use in the future. 

1. Alexa Bliss


She has been one of the most entertaining acts in WWE to so many fans in her career and especially during this run as The Fiend's partner in crime. This sinister and playful Bliss is fun and a true threat. She beat Asuka clean last week when she had an persona change mid match so it is very possible she earns a title opportunity because of it or wins the Rumble to secure won. She is one of the better acts on a struggling RAW show and putting her in a premiere feud or just putting the title on her would help make the title feel important again. 

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are both liable options as well. I am not a fan of Jax but she is booked as a threat and is a threat since she is a powerful woman who has held title gold before. Baszler is also a real threat who has held gold before as well and is an extremely intimidating figure. A returning legend could also be in the cards to feud with Asuka as well, someone like Paige if she is cleared and able to wrestle again. We will find out sooner rather than later what the next step for the RAW Women's Championship. 

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