Whether it's Money In The Bank, The Elimination Chamber, or Hell in a Cell stipulation, matches can turn a run-of-the-mill wrestling pay-per-view into a must-watch event. Year after year, people will tune in to watch their favorite stipulations play out even if they don't care about the matchups.  This really makes me wonder why NXT doesn't focus more TakeOver events around these kinds of matches? 

Now, NXT TakeOvers are consistently some of the best shows of the year, and most would argue that they do not need stipulation or gimmick matches to draw eyes, but that doesn't mean that these matches aren't a ton of fun. For the last few years, the WarGames TakeOver has been a highlight for fans of the brand, with fans predicting which competitors will find themselves in the massive double cage. So what are some other stipulation matches that could headline future NXT TakeOvers? 

5. Last Man/Woman Standing

Ciampa Gargano Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing matches are guaranteed brutality but still offer the kind of physical wrestling that NXT fans have come to expect from TakeOver. While we have seen Last Man Standing matches featured at TakeOver (such as TakeOver: Brooklyn 4), the match has yet to be the focus of the entire event. Just imagine a TakeOver that opened with a Last Man Standing match and closed with another one. 

I wouldn't expect this one to become an annual event, but a memorable one-off event is just as good. 

4. NXT Money In The Bank

Money in the Bank logo

Money In The Bank is one of the best reoccurring matches currently in WWE. Not only do we get a fantastic ladder match, but the outcome of the match has a long last effect on the booking for the rest of the year. The NXT version would serve the same purpose as the original concept, help elevate upper-mid card talent and establish the winner as an heir to the title belt. 

Not only would the TakeOver be a lot of fun, the build to the event would also be great. Various qualifying matches and drama would provide weeks of content leading up to the actual match. NXT has proven multiple times that they could make this work but most recently pulled it off with the build to the North American Championship ladder match for TakeOver XXX. 

The appeal of this also comes down to whoever wins the briefcase at the end of the night. Imagine a guy like  Cameron Grimes walking around with a guaranteed title shot whenever he wants it or a monster like Raquel Gonzalez lurking around the corner waiting for her opportunity to strike. 

3. Fatal 4 Way 

takeover fatal 4 way

Now you might remember that back in 2014, NXT did have an event called TakeOver Fatal 4 Way, but that isn't quite what I want this to be. Instead, I would like to see an event closer to a cross between Clash of Champions and the 2010 main roster event "Fatal 4-Way". I want every possible championship that can be defended at TakeOver defended in a fatal 4-way match. 

The biggest risk here is that four-person matches can sometimes get a little out of hand and devolve into major spot fests that don't feature much storytelling, but when they are done right, the match can really highlight the strengths of all four competitors while hiding their individual weaknesses. I believe that the NXT roster is not only deep enough but also talented enough to pull off this kind of event. 

2. Fight Pit

fight pit

The Fight Pit has been one of the most exciting innovations on the NXT  over the last year, and even though we have only seen the pit pulled out for two matches, the potential is very clear to anyone who has watched either bought. Even though heavily featuring the Fight Pit in a potentially yearly event runs the risk of overexposure, I really would give an arm and a leg to see more of it on my television screen. 

I honestly spend time thinking about who I would want to see take on who in the fight pit, and that list could be its own article, but imagine seeing someone like WALTER just tossing someone from the top platforms down to the mat below. I get chills just thinking about the different possibilities. I don't care if we end up with Fight Pit fatigue. The first few times we see it happen will be worth it. 

1. The Elimination Chamber


NXT needs to use the Elimination Chamber, but I do not want to see it as a part of a yearly event. I want the chamber to headline a TakeOver but only as a last resort kayfabe wise. I want to see six guys who can't stand each other so much all going after the title that the only fair way to settle the feud is to put them in the chamber. 

I know that we all want to see more of the elimination chamber around this time of year, and maybe I am clouded by my bias, but I think with the right feud and the right wrestlers, you could justify an NXT variant on the Elimination Chamber. 

So there you have it, five stipulation matches that could definitely headline their own special TakeOver events. Did I miss one? What kind of match do you want to see at the next TakeOver? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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