Tonight AEW will host the second edition of "Double or Nothing" on PPV. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there was concern that this wouldn't occur. Although it will not be in Las Vegas as originally planned, expect a showdown in a litany of matches taking place, some for titles, others for pride. Below are the five most important results that must take place when the clock strikes midnight on Saturday:

1) Lance Archer must win the title. One of AEW's biggest flaws is that they do not have an established monster at the top of the card. The lethal combination of Archer and his handler Jake the Snake Roberts has been booked correctly since their debut, and it has to result in him defeating Cody for the inaugural TNT Championship. 

Can Cody afford to take another loss? Not really, but AEW has a chance to make a new star and the person who eventually beats Lance for the title becomes an even bigger star. Losing here derails their momentum after such a strong start. 

2) The Women's Match must go on early and go at least 15 minutes. Now that there's a chance that Double or Nothing may only have one women's match on the card, they have to allow this match to go on second and NOT as the "cool-down" spot between main events. Rose and Shida are the standard bearers of the division, and with the added No DQ stipulation, they should take full advantage of the weapons available. Most importantly, allow the competitors to go long enough to build anticipation of a possible upset. If AEW wants people to take their Women's Division seriously, this is a great opportunity to do so. 

3) The surprise entrance must be a big one at the Casino Ladder Match. We don't know if the rumors are true that the ninth member will be Brian Cage, but whomever it is, there has to be a debut that will create buzz. Even if that surprise entrance doesn't win the chip for a World Title Match, AEW can't risk losing goodwill by having the ninth participant be a total dud. 

4) The Inner Circle has to win the Stadium Stampede match. This feud has legs, and ultimately the point has been the chemistry of the Inner Circle being way more cohesive than the Elite. With the potential for a Blood 'N Guts match later this summer, they can keep this going with a Cody return for the final payoff, perhaps at the Hardy Compound. On another note, if AEW has the production crew to make a cinematic match, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so due to the potential for sheer madness. 

5) Moxley/Lee must put on a clinic Saturday night. Let's be honest, the World Championship reign of Jon Moxley has generated a collective "Meh." Granted that part of it is bad timing due to the pandemic stunting momentum, but his empty arena match with Hager did not live up to the hype, and the feud with the Exalted One has not drawn interest. That said, these two have the ability to let it all hang out like their days in CZW and WWE. It may not be MOTN, but Moxley has to show that he can raise his game against an opponent that has been the biggest threat to date. 

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