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The time has arrived! In just a few hours, AEW will be giving fans the long awaited Blood and Guts special episode of Dynamite. Even though it isn't the event we were originally promised in early 2020, The Inner Circle and Pinnacle are set to put on one of the most anticipated matches in Dynamite history, and everyone is rightfully hyped. 

No one is ever going to blame a promotion for hyping up their upcoming card, but if you promise a great night of wrestling you better deliver it and Blood and Guts is no exception. So here are 5 ways that Blood and Guts can live up to the hype! 

5. Big Moment For Santana & Ortiz 


There are a lot of smaller individual stories going into this Blood and Guts match, but one of the most compelling coming out of last week's parlay between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle was the interaction between FTR and Santana & Ortiz. I think I am far from the first person to say that Santana & Ortiz are due for a push, but this really could be a huge turning point for these guys. 

The team has already shown us how brutal they can be with that fantastic parking lot brawl against Best Friends last fall, but once again Santana & Ortiz have an opportunity to show off. With The Inner Circle being set as the babyface underdogs in this feud the stage is set for huge run for the former Impact Tag Team Champions. 

4. An Exciting (But Well-Paced) First Hour

Blood and Guts undercard

At one point Blood and Guts was on the schedule as a one match event, but AEW has announced a number of matches to take up (presumably) the first hour of the show. Some of these matches should be a lot of fun, Cody Rhodes will be taking on QT Marshall, Jurassic Express, SCU, Varsity Blondes, and The Acclaimed will be facing each other in a tag team eliminator match, and I am looking forward to everything on the card. 

That  being said, I don't want to see these matches distract from the main event. AEW has done a great job recently of giving important matches the time that they need to show off the talent in those matches, but even the biggest matches on the card run the risk of overshadowing the major main event. 

I admire AEW for recognizing how Blood and Guts cannot be a one match show, but it will be a shame if they overbook the first hour and the titular match isn't given the time it needs. 

3. Give Shawn Spears A Star Making Moment


One of the biggest unknowns going into Blood and Guts is "The Chairman" Shawn Spears. We haven't seen too much action from Spears on Dynamite, but his partnership with Tully Blanchard has clearly worked in his favor. This match is an opportunity to reintroduce the wrestling world to Shawn Spears in an exciting way. 

Spears cut a solid promo last week which should be a good sign that AEW is ready to give the former Tye Dillinger more substantial screen time. Blood and Guts is the kind of match that can make a star and Spears has been looking for a moment like this since he debuted in AEW. 

2. A Good Throwback To The Original WarGames 

WarGames The Match Beyond

It is no secret that the AEW crew are big fans of the days of wrestling territories, in fact Blood and Guts is modeled after the original WarGames and is less like the more modern NXT variant. With Four Horseman Tully Blanchard involved with the Pinnacle and Cody Rhodes influence behind the scenes it is a safe bet to say that we will see more than one reference to the original run of WarGames matches NWA. 

Perhaps FTR or Santana and Ortiz will have gear reminiscent of one of the early WarGames competitors like The Road Warriors or The Midnight Express. There are lots of ways to pay homage to the innovators of this match type while not distracting from what makes it unique to AEW. 

1. A Big Upset


The story leading up to this has been pretty clear. The Inner Circle "needs" to win this match to prove that they are still the greatest faction in AEW, and I predict that is the story we will end up seeing in the main event. However, if AEW wants to end the night on a shocking note, I think we need to see The Pinnacle take this one home. 

The Pinnacle is a new group that should become the new big bad group of guys on AEW and they need to prove to the world why they deserve that spot. No, it isn't the feel good story that would wrap up this feud in a nice tight little bow, but it is certain to get people talking. 

The Inner Circle has had their time to shine, but it is time to let the group fade and let guys like Sammy Guevara and Santana & Ortiz move on to championship opportunities. Blood and Guts needs to be shocking in order to live up to the hype and seeing The Inner Circle ended by MJF once and for all is the kind of thing that will send shockwaves throughout the wrestling world. 

What is your hype level for Blood and Guts? Who are you rooting for? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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