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To the average casual wrestling fan there really is no reason to have any interest in intergender wrestling matches. They aren't really ever a part of the output of the mainstream promotions such as AEW or WWE, and there is always going to be a stigma surrounding men and women squaring up in the ring. But hardcore wrestling fans have been enjoying incredible matches featuring mixed tag teams or men and women facing off in singles action. Sooner or later WWE will need to embrace the concept and start promoting matches in which their already incredible women's division steps up to the men. 

NXT is already the WWE product known for being the closest to the pulse of what is happening on the independent scene and so many of their talents already have experience in intergender wrestling, so this makes it the obvious choice for testing the waters here. So here are 5 wrestlers in NXT who could bring intergender wrestling to the mainstream. 

Shotzi Blackheart


Shotzi Blackheart is already known as a major badass to NXT fans, but she is also the perfect fit for working intergender matches on NXT. Her over-the-top and aggressive in-ring style could work really well with some of the best brawlers the men's division has to offer. 

The secret to making this work is to plan out those big moments and make sure that the match is safe while still keeping it interesting. WWE is going to want to stay away from putting anyone at risk of a major injury while they try out going all the way with intergender matches. Putting Shotzi in a street fight with someone like Cameron Grimes or LA Knight can allow for interesting story beats with as many huge spots as possible to get people talking. 

Pete Dunne 

pete dunne

The Bruiserweight is an excellent choice for someone to work intergender matches. His version of British strong style feels legitimate and would be a great asset to him in selling him as the heel against a babyface competitor from the NXT Women's Division. For a great example of his ability to work intergender look no further than when British Strong Style took on Sendai Girls in the 2017 Chikara King of Trios tournament. That match also features current NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura so there is proof that she might be a great option for this as well. 

If NXT is going to sell intergender wrestling to their fans it will likely fall on the male in the match, Dunne is a great guy to take that spot and work hard to make the match as great as possible. The biggest question for Dunne is whether or not there is a woman who really matches up to him on a star power level that makes a feud with him make sense. 

Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox has been sorely missed from our tv screens for almost a year now, but her background in intergender wrestling makes her a top candidate for kicking off this style of match in NXT. Nox also has the opportunity here to shock the world when she comes back by going after a male superstar instead of setting her sights on one of the women's titles. 

Tegan Nox has also been vocal about hoping that WWE brings back intergender wrestling saying that she and Candice LeRae often discuss their desire to step into the ring with male competitors again. 

Tegan Nox would make a fantastic North American Champion and that is all I have to say about that, please make this one happen WWE.

Johnny Gargano

candice and johnny

Johhny Gargano is another member of the roster with relevant experience working intergender matches. Gargano has worked many independent matches against his wife Candice LeRae and having the Garganos step back into the ring really might be the best way to get these matchups going in NXT. 

Another great thing about Johnny is that he is currently a very character-driven wrestler meaning that he can work well up and down the card against a variety of talents. So unlike Pete Dunne, I don't have a hard time seeing Gargano go up against a Dakota Kai or a Tegan Nox on the mid-card or working with Raquel Gonzalez or Io Shirai at the top of the card. Johnny is such a versatile and safe worker that he really does make a lot of sense as one of the best options on the men's roster. 

Candice LeRae

candice lerae 2020

Look, I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to tell you all how great Candice LeRae is. If there is one person in WWE to lead the charge on intergender wrestling it is Candice. 

Go ahead and just check out some of her past matches against fan favorites such as The Young Bucks, Adam Cole, Trent?, Johnny Gargano the list goes on and on. These matches all show you that Candice goes hard in the ring and that she is able to get a great match out of anyone. Yes her partners have always been great, but NXT has no lack of great talent on either roster to put up against LeRae. 

It really is a downright shame that she didn't get her first title in WWE until this year, but lets be honest wouldn't we all love to see Candice LeRae jump from the women's tag division and just go ahead and be the first woman to hold the NXT championship? Yes. We all want it and if you say otherwise you need to go watch some more Candice LeRae matches. 

So there you have it, 5 wrestlers that could bring intergender wrestling to NXT. What do you think? Should NXT introduce intergender in a more permanent fashion? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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