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Let's be honest, Jon Moxley's run with the AEW World Championship has been a lot of fun. As champion, Moxley has put on stellar matches with a variety of opponents and has really made this title feel like the most important championship in wrestling right now. However, it is clear that one day someone will have to take the belt off of Moxley, but the big question for AEW is who should be the one to do it. If AEW wants to keep their title feeling important, they will need to put the title on the right person. So here are the top five wrestlers on the AEW roster that I think should take the title off of Jon Moxley. 

5. Miro


He might be Kip Sabian's best man, but Miro isn't quite the best man to take the AEW Championship off of Jon Moxley. Don't get me wrong, the former Rusev is a fantastic wrestler who never got the love he deserved in WWE, and putting the belt on him would give AEW a huge win with the internet wrestling fans. I think that if Miro sticks around with AEW, we will see him holding up that world championship one day. I even think that if AEW wanted to put the time in and give the Bulgarian a solid run, he could be ready for a title run as soon as the Revolution Pay Per View in (presumably) February 2021. 

Miro has what it takes to be a champion and has the fan support behind him to make the title, but he isn't quite in the place I'd like him to be to warrant a higher spot on this list. 

4. MJF


MJF is one of the best heels in the business right now. The man knows how to rile up a crowd, and his character work is consistently good. I can almost guarantee that MJF will be AEW World Champion within the next two years. At only 24 years old, MJF is a wrestling prodigy and has already come a long way and developed into quite the star. AEW was right to give MJF an undefeated streak and keep him and Mox on parallel paths, but all of that changed at All Out.

MJF's loss at All Out officially ended the undefeated streak and killed some of the young star's mystique. Now, if AEW wants to give the title to MJF in the future, they need to take the time to build him back to the place that he was at before, but that will not happen overnight, and it certainly won't happen if he only faces glorified wrestling students in quick squash matches. 

MJF needs a good high profile feud or two to get him ready to take the title off of Jon Moxley. Fortunately, it doesn't seem like AEW is in any kind of rush to have Mox drop the title, so if they want to go this route, they should take their time. 

3. Lance Archer


The "Murderhawk Monster" Lance Archer is a lot of fun to watch in the ring. Archer has wrestled for many companies, including TNA, NJPW, and a brief stint in WWE, but has never captured a world title. AEW may have figured out the secret sauce to making Archer a viable world champion, and that is Jake "The Snake" Roberts. With Roberts as his mouthpiece, Archer has been allowed to be a no-nonsense monster with the fantastic "everybody dies" mantra, and honestly, it has made me believe that he could be a dominant world champion. 

As of writing, Archer currently has a shot at the title coming up on October 14th at the Dynamite Anniversary Show. Based on the build so far, I can say that I'm not confident that Archer will be taking the belt off of him that night, but we could see this as the beginning of a long-term build for an eventual title change at the hands of the Murderhawk Monster. 

2. "Hangman" Adam Page 

Hangman Page

AEW fans knew that Adam Page was a huge star last year when he went up against Chris Jericho to try and become the first-ever AEW World Champion. Since then, Page has had a massively successful run with Kenny Omega as the AEW Tag-Team Champions, participated in the stadium stampede match, and restarted his singles career after losing the tag titles to FTR. 

While Adam Page doesn't quite fit the mold to be AEW's first "homegrown" champion (seeing as he had a sizable following during his runs with ROH and NJPW), he hadn't really hit any kind of mainstream awareness until his debut with AEW last year. Putting the belt on Page would be a huge middle finger to everyone who claims AEW is nothing but "former WWE guys," as I think that Page (who has no history with WWE to my knowledge) could maintain the title's prestige during his run with it. 

The only reason that Adam Page is not my number one pick is that it doesn't seem like that would be a satisfying conclusion to his current story. Page is currently on a singles run because his former tag partner, Kenny Omega, insists that they are done as a team. I think that, in the storyline, Page is looking for respect and validation from his former partner, and the only way he is going to get that is if he beats Omega for the AEW World Championship. Which leads us directly into...

1. Kenny Omega 

Kenny Omega

There are many very valid criticisms of Kenny Omega, but if we are honest, we all know that Kenny is on a one-way collision course with Jon Moxley. To say that Kenny Omega will take the title off of Jon Moxley is not a particularly hot take, nor is it unexpected. The story is already here, Omega has never beaten Moxley in a match, and now that the title is on the line, Mox is ready to die before letting Kenny win. We should all expect a highly entertaining and violent match out of these two guys, and honestly, I hope it happens. 

If Chris Jericho gave the AEW World Championship mainstream credibility by becoming the inaugural champion, Kenny Omega would give the title the legitimacy that only a critical darling like him can give it. Despite the valid criticisms that Kenny Omega has not performed as well in AEW as he did in Japan, he is still the same guy who gave us the first (and so far only) match to get 7 stars from Dave Meltzer. Kenny Omega is a bonified wrestling legend, and if AEW continues to book Mox, the way that they have only a bonified wrestling legend will be able to pry that championship out of his hands. 

What do you think? Who should take the AEW World Championship off of Jon Moxley? What do you think is next for Mox after his title run? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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