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The king of Claymore country and the WWE Champion of the red brand RAW successfully defeated Goldberg making sure he was not a victim of the reign killer. Now that Goldberg is most likely in the rear view mirror for McIntyre what is next? Edge won the Royal Rumble and could choose McIntyre but they are both faces so it is unlikely. Edge can easily switch to a heel and be a great one because that is what he is best known for I think he stays a face and moves to SmackDown to challenge Reigns. Before I start there are a couple things I want to mention. First is there are three possible contenders I left off the list because they all have challenged for the title recently and because I feel like it would have been cheating to add them. The three I excluded I will say by name after I name the six so stay patient! The next thing to mention is why did I choose six contenders instead of a more usual list number? The main reason is because I thought of five current stars than wanted to add one because it is very possible McIntyre's WrestleMania opponent is a returning legend. WWE loves legend versus current champion matches as saw from Royal Rumble and I think they want as many big names as they can get for WrestleMania since it is most likely the return of crowds. I'll finish with the legend I think could return for a WrestleMania feud at some point. These challengers though aren't who is next for McIntyre necessarily but possible challengers for McIntyre during road to WrestleMania. He could only feud with one person from now to Mania or have multiple challengers. His challengers could be anywhere between 1-6 of these men but definitely at least one will face McIntyre for the championship between now and Mania. One last thing to add before I begin this is NOT in order of likelihood it is in random order with the legend being the last one.

 6. Sheamus


They have been hinting at this for a while now. Sheamus is McIntyre's best friend and all of that right now but when wrestling hypes up people being best friends it is only a matter of time for when one betrays the other. Also even if that does not happen in these next few months Sheamus could still challenge for the title regardless. Sheamus had a match not to long ago with Keith Lee to decide the challenger for McIntyre's title for legends night of RAW. Sheamus lost but he could win a match like that to decide a television title match soon or the two could have a title match for Elimination Chamber in February. or any kind of filler title match. I personally think Sheamus has earned a decent sized feud and possible WrestleMania match with McIntyre but we will see. Sheamus is a former world champion and has performed in the show of shows in title matches before. The main reason I think he would be a great choice for a major feud though is because his 2020 and 2021 so far have been full of underrated matches mainly on television but a few on ppv as well. He's not getting enough fan appreciation for how well he has been doing and that needs to change.

5. The Miz


The Miz is still in possession of the Money in the Bank contract and could cash-in at anytime. I think the A-lister might wait until the show of shows to actually cash-in but who knows. I do think when it happens though it will be during or after a Sheamus versus Drew McIntyre match. A Sheamus and McIntyre match will be portrayed as brutal if they are still friends or not during it so it provides great opportunity for The Miz. Also Sheamus has been feuding with Miz and Morrison as well too so Miz getting involved in a match with Sheamus and McIntyre would be a big screw you to two of Miz's enemies. Also if Miz cashes in on McIntyre it is unlikely the feud ends there and Miz and McIntyre will most likely have a little rivalry. 

4. Braun Strowman


The monster among men is back after a return on Friday Night SmackDown last week and an entry into the Royal Rumble match. He might have returned on Friday but he is still part of the RAW roster so he will cross paths with McIntyre eventually. A big part of McIntyre's title reign or reigns since he won at WrestleMania 37 is that he is slaying legends and the behemoths. Strowman is behemoth and would fit well into the type of character they like to put in front of McIntyre. Could the Claymore take down the monster among men? Strowman is a recent champion and he is always in the upper card title picture. It makes sense to have him in the title picture.

3. Bobby Lashley


Lashley already feuded with McIntyre over the summer at Backlash but that does not mean they can not feud again. Lashley is doing some great work with the Hurt Business and even though he is feuding with Matt Riddle and is the holder of the United States Championship. I think Lashley will drop the belt to Riddle soon and then move on to a bigger reward in the form of the WWE Championship. Even if Lashley does retain and win the feud against Riddle I could still see him challenging McIntyre for the WWE Championship in the upcoming months. One he does not have to win and I do not have him winning if he does face the champ but WWE likes the possibility of double champions so Lashley already being a champion does not hurt his chances of challenging McIntyre if anything it improves his chances. Also if Lashley won I think it would really help the Hurt Business if the Hurt Business stays together since a split up has been hinted recently which would be a huge mistake in my opinion. 

2. The Fiend Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt's dastardly Fiend character will most likely face Randy Orton at WrestleMania to continue their feud but if their feud ends before that I could see the Fiend facing McIntyre for the title at Mania. The Fiend could also face McIntyre for the title before Mania as part of the Orton feud and have Orton cost him the title but that would not be the most logical direction considering how things are going right now. The Fiend has already been champion and is always a huge threat. The entire WWE roster fears The Fiend and what he can do and Bray Wyatt is a master at building feuds so a feud between him and the champion would be a joy to watch week to week.

1. John Cena


The last time we saw Cena was when he lost to The Fiend in a whacky cinematic match at WrestleMania 36. As we know with exception of Orton well at least so far feuds with the Fiend change wrestlers. Cena lost and was trapped in the Firefly Funhouse dimension and he was a face at the time so maybe when he comes back he comes back as a heel to challenge McIntyre for the title and try to capture his 17th World Championship and try to surpass Flair for the record because that is who he is tied with. If Cena faces McIntyre it will be at Mania and only Mania unlike the above options. Cena is a high profile name and to put him in a title match like this would be just to book a high profile matchup that will draw viewers both casual and die hard alike. Cena said it would be impossible for him to be at WrestleMania because of Peacemaker filming in Canada but never say never for WWE and he has worked around filming to make appearances before!

That is it for the six contenders I think will or could challenge McIntyre from now to WrestleMania. Just a reminder I am not saying it can be only one of these guys could be multiple could be all could be these guys and one more I did not mention. For all I know McIntyre could face five of these guys in a Elimination Chamber Title Match and then face one of them or someone who was not in the chamber match at Mania. Earlier in the article I mentioned three possible contenders who I don't think will challenge for the title in the upcoming months but definitely still could and need to be mentioned. Those three are Randy Orton, Keith Lee, and AJ Styles. We can not forget these three they have a chance as well and maybe some people think all three or one of them at least has a better chance than the men I mentioned. If you have a different six please mention them in the comment section or tell me on twitter! My handle is @juicecannon1! Also do not forget to follow @wnwnews on twitter for more wrestling articles and coverage!

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