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7 Takeaways From WrestleMania Night One

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WrestleMania night one has concluded and it appears the show over delivered on many people's expectations of the show. Without a crowd, pyro, or massive set would WrestleMania still FEEL important? The answer last night was an emphatic yes. The show was stripped down to the bare bones and it still felt like the biggest event of the year. Let's take a look at the 10 things I took away from the show last night. 

WWE is the absolute best with video packages:
Over the years we have been amazed with the video packages produced by the WWE. Whether it's Austin and Rock, Daniel Bryan, the Boyhood Dream or tributes the WWE always shows how great they are drawing emotion out of us with video packages. Last night was no different they began the show with a tribute of past National Anthems and then the promotional video for the show it set the tone for the night and was awesome to see.

A New Addition To "Great WrestleMania Ladder Match" Lists 
Last night the tag titles were being defending in a match without tag teams. The Miz was unable to record due to being ill and so the change was made for Jimmy Usos, John Morrison and Kofi to take the stage. Many people were down on this match due to the change however the three men delivered. They strayed from the traditional ladder match format and it had an incredible conclusion. Even without the crowd going crazy over this match, it still felt huge. 

Mojo Is Still A Heel
Ever since Rob Gronkowski was announced to join WWE, they immediately put Mojo with him. Had him in ring for Gronk's first moment in the ring and even had them together last night during the show. It appeared WWE abandoned everything they had been building with heel Mojo. That was until the 24/7 title stood between them. Mojo pulled Gronk off Truth and pinned Truth for the title and then trash talking the two men. You have to wonder if this will carry on into night two of WrestleMania.

Braun Strowman Is Finally Universal Champion
The Monster Among Men has been so close to this title for nearly two years. After his great rivalry with Roman Reigns it felt inevitable that Strowman would be champion. He had an opportunity against Lesnar and lost, he has won Money In The Bank and lost the title match. He finally found some of his magic back winning the Intercontinental Championship and then he dropped it to Zayn. Roman pulled out of WrestleMania and suddenly Strowman had another opportunity against one of the biggest stars in Wrestling history. Four powerslams later he finally has the gold.     

Kevin Owens Cements A Moment In History
Kevin Owens has had his fair share of WrestleMania spotlight matches. He was in Daniel Bryan's return match and had a US title match with Chris Jericho that was built up spectacularly. However last night is the night he cemented a moment into future video packages. Owens leapt off the WrestleMania sign onto Rollins through a table and would then hit a stunner and defeat the Monday Night Messiah. Owens has once again climbed to the glass ceiling with his character and you have to wonder if that leap will help break it.  

Becky Lynch Is Still "The Man"
Once Shayna Baszler burst onto the scene on Monday Night Raw it felt like a changing of the guard for the Women's Division. She had an excellent showing at the Royal Rumble and then dominated the Elimination Chamber. It felt like it was a foregone conclusion that Lynch's reign as champion would be over. However last night The Man was savvy and defeated Shayna when it looked like the match would be over. Add that to Lynch cracking the Forbes top 10 WWE salaries and his semi truck entrance and it's clear Becky Lynch is still The Man of Women's Wrestling.  However this feud is far from over.

The Undertaker May Have Had His Last Ride
You could feel the sighs and eye rolls on social media once another Undertaker match was announced for WrestleMania. Many felt that the Deadman should have retired six years ago after losing to Brock Lesnar. Since then many feel that the Phenom has been a shell of himself. Last night the Undertaker had another all time WrestleMania classic that will be remembered as one of Taker's best matches ever. It was a cinematic masterpiece that showcased the entirety of his career and it was different and special just like his character has been. The Undertaker and A.J. Styles Main Evented WrestleMania 36 in 2020 and gave a masterpiece performance. There may not be a better way for Undertaker to walk away than last night's match.

Vince McMahon Still Has It
Vince has always made his product shine and look special. Whether it's tens of thousands of fans, amazing amounts of pyro, over the top sets or celebrities cameos, WrestleMania has always been glamourous. Last night Vince didn't have those options to make this show memorable or special, last night Vince had an investment building for training his future stars, a plot of land, some camera men and the best wrestlers in the business. Last night still gave us those memorable moments, John Morrison walking the length of the ropes, Kevin Owens jumping off the sign, AJ Styles being buried alive, Strowman beating Goldberg in under 3 minutes, Lynches semi and Rollins entrance. WWE still found a way to deliver us a special show that we will talk about forever in the midst of a pandemic. So for that I applaud Vince McMahon and the WWE as they delivered a show well beyond my expectations.

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